I <3 Simon’s Cat

23 02 2011

You’ve all heard of Simon’s Cat… right? I hope so!

If you’ve watched the videos and seen some of the pictures/ cartoon strips  that Simon Tofield has done, you’ll smile knowingly about the antics his cat gets up to, only to end up asking for food (that’s how the videos end, mostly). And if you’re a cat person, you’ll be nodding in agreement, understanding what Simon has drawn 150%

That said, I was delighted to learn that the great Master Tofield now does a Simon’s Cat strip for the Daily Mirror (this started on Monday, 21 February, so luckily we’re only three days in and you haven’t missed much). As such, I’ll be sharing today’s comic with you, since it reminds me a lot about my cat Smudgy. Not so much the ending, although it does happen at times, but the fact that she’s always very excited when it comes to food…

She meows me awake every morning before 6AM, after all.




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