Scattered Brainings XII

24 02 2011

* Who invented the bags that flour, sugar, and other necessities/ baking materials are packaged in? How do they think we’re supposed to get it open without ripping it apart (okay, I exaggerate, let’s rather say ‘tear’) since the glue is so stubborn?

* I’ve been really lazy this last week or two when it comes to reading… and yet, when one takes into consideration that we’re nearing the end of February, is it amazing, sad or scary to think that I have already read 26 books this year?

* My Significant Other’s a programmer, while I’m pro-grammar. It works.

* I have learnt that boredom leads you to doing things that you haven’t done in a very long time: painting your toenails… then adding a top layer with golden glitter/ shimmer in *sigh*

* “For a crazy cat lady, what comes first? The cats or the crazy?”

* We had quite a fon-due (fun do, get it?) over the weekend with amazing friends of ours. Pity that I don’t eat pork – besides bacon & ham – but I’m very pleased with myself that I wasn’t nauseous… although it was close, at one point during the evening. Hurray for endurance!

* I cried while watching EAT PRAY LOVE. Not really because of the film, but because I was feeling oddly emotional at the time. It was fun watching it with two programmers/ developers, though.

* Smudgy is a real opportunist. While I was taking a shower the other day, she stole the rest of my oats cookie (she did look a little bit guilty). And if I’m sitting on her chair, she’ll meow at me to get off… and sometimes even meow some more until I put the fan on! Such a demanding little miss.

* I love buying people gifts that they love, want and appreciate 🙂

* FUTURAMA is better than I remember. Back in the day I watched the first season, found the characters annoying, then dropped it. Now I even laugh or smile in amusement at times… because yes, stupidity is funny.

* Found out that a writer friend of mine is going to name a very minor ‘character’ (who the reader only hears about) after me in his latest book. Then a lot of other people can mispronounce my name – goody! 😉

* Some Facebook games are really stupid. Take your relationship, match it to the fruit on this list and then post it on your status to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness? Uh-huh… Some people have whole fruit salads going on!!…

*…Soon (i.e. upon getting married) I’ll be going from an apple to a banana – what a transition!

* Thank you very much, Universe. You seem to want me to be jobless.

* Cats are disgusting. Then again, they probably feel the say way about humans. Smudgy is busy playing with a huge grasshopper… in. our. apartment.

* I ❤ Stephen King. You’ll be hearing it until you get sick of it (and me) – and then some!




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