I haz… a happee!

13 04 2011

See, I told you 😉

It was amazing being back at Oxford University Press (OUP) today – it feels like I never left!

I arrived at 08:05 and worked straight through until 16:50. I didn’t even take a lunch break, I only went to the bathroom once… and I did a lot of work! You want to know what the nicest things about the day was?

Everybody was happy (or happee, if you prefer) to see me 🙂

If I were the cat in the next picture, the quantity of my fluff would probably have been the same after today:

When I woke up at 06:40 this morning (perhaps a bit earlier; I also woke up during the night once or twice), I was happy to get up early – I didn’t even feel tired. Because I was busy all day, (1) I didn’t feel sluggish, (2) my brain got some exercise [your brain only ‘works’ so much when you’re reading for enjoyment], and (3) I made an effort not to dehydrate, thus my water consumption has risen again – a definite plus! I feel good.

Oh, and apparently Smudgy was much less vocal because I wasn’t here – she spent most of the day sleeping *laugh* But the moment I walked through the door, she was meowing up a storm, wanting food and attention (mostly attention), and has again stolen my chair, which means I’m crouched in front of my laptop to finish this post.

The one thing I’ve been ‘unhappy’ about lately is the fact that I cannot seem to find a job… or rather, that nobody wants to grant me an interview or employ me. Want to know the irony? One of OUP’s competitors wants me to come in for an interview for a position with them! (It only took them holding onto my CV and sifting through candidtes for over two months to make that decision.) Working again seems to have boosted my liveliness a bit – and if a recharge in mind and ‘spirit’ isn’t something to be happy/ happee about, then I don’t know what is!!




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