Message Sessions II

27 04 2011

Dear weather

You know I love the rain – the cold bite to the air, the steady dripping rhythm against the windows, snuggling up under a blanket or in front of the heater with a good book… But, if you’re taking requests, I’d really like you to take mine as a top priority: please, don’t rain on the 7th of May. You can drown us with as much rain as you want until next Thursday, ease up for the weekend, and start pouring down to your heart’s content again come Sunday evening/ Monday. What do you say?


My wedding trumps my love of rain


Mother Nature

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve understood you at many times in my life, since you’ve chosen to put me through hell plenty of times. However, if you’re willing to be a sport, and grant your earthly daughter a wish, let it be this: make my ‘that time of the month’ start this coming Friday or Saturday, pretty please?! You only get married once, after all (that’s how the saying goes), and I can do without cramps and bloating and everything that comes along with the red sea.


Messed up ovaries


Dear wedding dress & shoes

I just want to fit into you nicely, without feeling like I’m suffocating – that’s not too much to ask, right, dress? And shoes, you know I’m not a fan of high heels, yet it would fall in nicely with the whole team spirit thing if you keep me up and about without making me look like an idiot. Play nice, all right?


Slightly nervous bride (who should probably start cutting calories)


Dear wedding vows

Please write yourselves (or should it be ‘self’?)!!!


Time is running out


Dear OUP

I love you – I most sincerely do. It would be amazing if I could continue working for such an amazing publishing house after the wedding. Just remember that I appreciate the chance(s) I have been giving, and that I feel honoured to have my name connected to such a renowned company.

With appreciation,

Intern editor turned short-term project manager turned…?


Dear Smudgy

Mommy just wants to say that she loves you J You’re probably liking the fact that your collar has been MIA for quite some time, since you’ve now become a little ninja who can follow me far more stealthily… though I know that you always follow me wherever I go.


Your human mommy


Dear eyes

What the heck is going on?! At first I thought it might be the contact lenses that are irritating you, but now it seems that you feel dry, itchy, irritable and whatever else most of the time – especially you, left eye. Knock it off; it’s time we see eye to eye (no pun intended… no, wait, I did – I so totally did).


Why the hell won’t this go away


Dear cat lovers

You need/ ought to read The Blog of Otis, which springs forth from The Cult of Otis website. The blog is written by Otis, a cat who now lives in the Promised Land with his human parents (who he refers to as the ‘Guardians of Otis’) and his two brothers, Oliver and Henry. Not only is it pretty good writing for a cat, but the photos are absolutely adorable. Go learn more about his life and his day to day activities.

So sayeth a human ‘follower’ of Otis


Dear absolutely awesome writer friend (you know who you are)

YOU rule!!!


Your #1 fan 😉


Dear Rick Riordan

I don’t care whether or not people don’t like your books, and that those who haven’t read them but only saw the movie judge you (though I myself am not very pleased with the actors chosen for the film, or how the film turned out, for that matter!), I want to tell you that I sincerely love the PERCY JACKSON series. I’ve always been interested in Greek & Roman mythology, thus it’s ‘fun’ for me to see how you’ve played around with things while adding your own personal touch (I also try to guess by description who certain characters and monsters are). I cannot wait to finish the last book, which I am currently reading.

May the gods be with you,

The Lady Hera [it’s a nickname that sort of stuck… though perhaps I’d like to be more like Athena…]




2 responses

28 04 2011
Matan Uberstein

Lame, no little paragraph made out to me 😦 I thought your MY #1 fan… 😦 meeeeeeeeeh-eeeeeeeeeeehh….

28 04 2011
Salóme van Lill

Great reading as usual!! What’s wrong with the eye though? Lovies xxxx

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