Nervous? Me??

2 05 2011

Surely you would jest…

Although, yes, it is a bit ‘scary’ to think that the wedding (read: mine!) is only 5 days away.

Someone get me a brown paper bag, stat!!

Everybody keeps telling me that I’m going to be a beautiful bride – I just hope they’re right. Mother Nature seems to hate me, so it looks like my that-time-of-the-month will start just before the big day.

Oh (un)lucky, (un)lucky me… [But hey, that’s life.]

I think I’ll only start feeling ‘nervous’ or ‘stressed’ after my last working day for the week, which is Thursday. Come 5PM, the countdown – by the hour – will begin, and I just might start dehydrating or something more severe. Either way, I’ll simply take things a day at the time.

After all, it’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life; what is there to stress about? *really nervous laughter*

This just might be the ticket to staying calm... (and 'out of it')




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