This I DON’T need…

3 05 2011

I think I might have the flu… amongst other things.

I constantly feel like I’m burning up (this started Sunday evening) – not only in an I’m-running-a-fever kind of way, but my entire body. My hands are swollen. My nose is getting stuffy and my throat is a bit sore. I have a headache that’s bordering on a migraine (no surprise there). I just feel overall weird and ‘out of it’. I think I need some good old fashioned TLC…

I felt so absolutely guilty, mortified, and whatever else when I had to e-mail work this morning to tell them I’m sick. This after they were kind enough to give me a job for three-and-a-half weeks, trusting me and my skills to help them through a time where things need to be done professionally, albeit it quite rushed as well. And here I am, at home on my third-last day with them (for now, at least), feeling like something the cat dragged in after roughing it up outside. Luckily I’m a fast and efficient worker, so I’ll be making sure that everything that needs to be done is actually done before I leave on Thursday at 5PM.

To top off my general not-feeling-well-ness, Mother Nature also hasn’t been treating me well. In fact, I think she hates me. I’ve had so many ‘problems’ because of my messed-up ovaries (which might be genetic or not), I simply cannot stay ahead. Just when I thought things were getting back on track, I got a bladder infection in December, which messed things up all over again.

I was really hoping to start my that-time-of-the-month on Friday or Saturday, thus ensuring that it’s over and done with before the wedding, yet it was not to be. If I’m lucky, I might start today… not that it would matter, because I’m still going to have it on the Big Day.

How I hate being a woman sometimes.

I’ve had Corenza C, Nurofen Plus, some toast with oxo, and I’m about to make myself some green tea. I was considering a warm bath, but that just might make my current state of burning-up even more unbearable. Perhaps some exercise later will help… and sleep. Sleep would be nice.

Not to jinx it… but, what else could go wrong?

[Weather gods, you better make sure we have pretty darn good conditions on Saturday!!]




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