Hang in there

10 06 2011

It’s Friday again already – can you believe it?!

I started working at OUP again last Wednesday (so wonderful to receive a warm welcome!), and I have been both very happy and extremely busy this last week and a half. What with submissions, finishing books, sitting for hours checking if everything is where it should be (and printed correctly, because if it isn’t, it can be a bit of a nightmare… or day-mare… or any other horse you can saddle up; as long as you don’t get on your high horse), the hours feel both long and short simultaneously.

I love reading, but reading through hundreds of pages (in small print) to check that there are no spelling mistakes – amongst other things – is enough to make me not want to see books for the rest of the evening…

…not that I ‘give in’, of course – I just go on reading. After all, my evening reading is for enjoyment, and I need something to take my mind off the new curriculum.

That said, all of us here at work are hanging in there, despite the fact that everyone is tired, overworked, lacking in the sleep department and just want everything to be over already. But our company takes good care of us. On Tuesday our publishing manager arranged that we all had pizza for lunch. On Wednesday we had mini-muffins at 4:30PM, and yesterday afternoon we had mini frosted doughnuts. What a thoughtful way to keep our energy levels up…

…that said, however, it might just be a clever ruse to keep us all in the office and working through lunch time!! 😉

So whatever important things you need to do, stressful things that might be on your plate, or just a general overwhelming feeling that’s affecting your life: just hang in there!!

[And know that I can sympathize with you. I have an incredible headache which is making me feel far-less-than-incredible, and I’m contributing it to work, not sleeping well, some or other inexplicable cause (since neither my doctor or gynaecologist can tell me what’s wrong)… and my genes. Of course. Somewhere there’s a coding error in here.]





2 responses

11 06 2011

Like the picture – maybe I’ll steal it for my family history blog.

And I knowe the feeling about books, having just got a book ready for press that has taken ten years!

11 06 2011
Salóme van Lill

Don’t even know if this CAPS things is going to realize though. Had notification from our union that they are questioning this, because the unions and teachers were not asked for an opinion before they started changing, but only afterwards. Hope the hard work isn’t in vain….

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