‘Sorry’ may SEEM to be the hardest word, but in actual fact, it’s ‘goodbye’…

14 06 2011

I have been really sad the last week and a half.

If you’ve ever owned a cat, or any other pet, you know how quickly it becomes a part of the family. These furry family members enrich our lives in so many different ways… and all they need is someone to take care of them and love them.

That’s why saying ‘goodbye’ to a beloved friend, family member and pet (all wrapped into a sleek, furry bundle of joy) is so difficult. People may think it’s stupid, silly, ridiculous, pathetic, or whatever else to cry and go on about a pet, but I don’t give a d*mn.

On Saturday, I had to say goodbye to Mewsy, who’s been part of the family for fifteen and a half years… and it’s really breaking my heart. But having him put out was better for him – he’s had a good life, and there’s no need to prolong the suffering he’s been through the last few weeks. It would have been cruel to leave him to die of natural causes… seeing him struggle to walk, only wanting to sleep most days, looking skinny and worn out… Better to end it and have him know how much we love him and how much he has meant to us.

I was attending a retrospective, planning and team building workshop/ meeting until 5PM today, but Mewsy was in my thoughts the entire time. My younger sister had to take him to the vet to be put down. How I wish I could have been there, to see him one last time, to stroke his head… just to say, once more, that I love him. That he was a good cat. That I enjoyed taking care of him, loving him, and having him as a part of my life. He taught me responsibility. He showed me how others can come to depend on you, and how a bit of comfort can go a long way. How it takes so little in life to be happy, and that we take things for granted because we think life is so hard and unfair…

I think I’ll end this blog post with a picture I found on the Lolcats site I visit every day, since I’m crying so much now that I just want to sit down and have a moment to grieve my beloved, four-legged family member.




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