What a wonderful weekend… (sarcasm intended)

20 06 2011

I was busy typing a lengthy blog post this morning, and I was nearing the end of it when I just thought ‘screw it, nobody wants to read about me complaining… in detail…’

So, here’s a summary of my long weekend:

Thursday – public holiday

Friday – in bed with a migraine, unable to get up until 5:30PM (which was when I took a tepid bath, and immediately got back into bed again)… which means I couldn’t go to the Department of Home Affairs to apply for a new ID. Oh, and did I mention we didn’t have any warm water?!

Saturday – stay in bed late, get up to buy warm clothes for work, see my older sister, have a quiet BBQ with my Significant Other (aka my Husband), and nearly kill myself with the big BBQ fork or whatever you call it. Head pounding. No warm water.

Sunday – prepare Father’s Day lunch, nearly fall asleep (or desperately wanted to, at least) on the way to the parentals-in-law, and only leave there late that evening. Head was killing me… though I’m not sure whether it was literally or figuratively! Still no warm water. Longing for a hot bath.

Or, in my case, sick long weekend. Joy.

My head isn’t really feeling better, although the usual daily pain I experience (which, at times, can be really bad) is a welcome reprieve from what I had to suffer through on Friday. My genetic code is pretty messed up… yet I suppose I cannot blame my genes; it’s not like anyone in my family suffers from severe (daily!!!) headaches like I do… So somehow, somewhere, my genes got spliced or wired incorrectly or something to that extent. Unfortunately I cannot return myself to the manufacturer to be fixed 😉

Guess I’ll just have to fork over the money, go for the tests with the neurologist, and if that doesn’t work, go in for a brain scan.

What lovely prospects lie ahead…

…at least our geyser has been fixed this morning, even if temporarily (this after they ‘fixed’ the problem last Wednesday, haha) – so once I get to the apartment after work, I am having a loooong bath 🙂




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