Call me Blinky

27 06 2011

It’s always interesting to find out what people who went to school with you, people who you haven’t seen or heard from in years, remember about you. Sure, sometimes it’s not flattering, and it can be quite unexpected, yet one cannot help but wonder what good, bad, funny or weird things might pop out of their mouths.

I had a chance to experience it this weekend.

And of course, I wasn’t very happy. You could go as far as to say that I was shocked.

My younger sister and her boyfriend went to an engagement party on Saturday, and it turned out that the male half of the engaged pair went to school with me. Not only were we in the same grade, but we had two classes (that I can remember, that is) together. While speaking to my sister on the phone, she let me know that someone else who went to school with me (we had History together) was there and wanted to say ‘hullo’. Naturally, I obliged, and was thrilled to hear how excited the other person was to speak with me.

This is the point where remembrances kicked in – the point where some of my characteristics/ features came into play that the person remembered clearly. The first question was whether or not my hair was still as long as it used to be. Answer: no, I had it cut, but it’s already grown again and comes down to the middle of my back. I knew I was ‘well known’ for my long hair, and everybody seemed to love it and told me not to cut it, so I suppose I was expecting that comment.

It was the next one that threw me.

The question?

“Do you still blink your eyes as much as you used to?” (which that person thought was a lot).

Just thinking about it makes me want to blink until my eyes fall out or my lashes stick together.

I mean… really? Do I blink that much??!

I know that I tend to blink a lot when someone points a camera in my face and takes a video of me – when I am aware that someone is watching and recording me. That’s been evident from a few video clips I’ve watched that my Significant Other took while we were on honeymoon. I also blink more than usual when my eyes hurt/ are tired. But all the time? So much so that someone who hasn’t seen me since the end of 2005 thought it prudent to mention? [Could it be genetic…?]

*hides face feeling very aware of self*

Now I can’t stop blinking (blame my Obsessive-Compulsive side)… it’s like this little splinter niggling my brain, and I cannot seem to get rid of it…

Oh, Life, how cruel, that I am cursed with such a thing!!

So when you see me, regardless of how much I might be blinking or not, feel free to call me Blinky, because I’ll have to live with (and accept) the fact for the rest of my life…

…unless I keep my eyes closed.

I'll have to take some lessons from Smudgy

[Aside: Instead of Binky, like in Garfield, I’ll be Blinky the Clown – because it feels like I’m making a spectacle of myself…]




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