Picture Perfect

21 07 2011

I am not photogenic.

Or photographic… photographically inclined… not friends with the camera due to the manner in which it captures my physical appearance… how am I supposed to phrase it? *ponder*

I’m not saying that I’m ugly (though one would always like to be prettier). I don’t cause camera lenses to crack and accordingly blur or even distort photos that I’m on (though I’m not ruling out the possibility that this can happen outside of books, short stories and sci-fi films)… It’s just that the camera doesn’t seem to ‘love’ me.

Trust me, the feeling is mutual.

Okay, I don’t hate the camera. That’s not what I’m trying to say while busy being circumlocutory (yes, that’s a word – it pretty much means that I’m being verbose, i.e. rambling, skirting the issue).  It’s more a case of coincidental snapping. It’s as if the camera just knows in some weird, out-of-this-world manner that it has to snap away at specific moments in order to capture me (and a part of my soul…?!) when I’m pulling my face.

No foolies.

Think this can't happen? Think again... *dum dum duuuuuum* (dramatic reverb!)

[And, unfortunately, I cannot blame it on my genes. Meh.]

Note that this is not, of course, intentional on my part. It’s not like I derive any joy from pulling faces while having a camera pointed at me… unless, of course, the intention is to be silly and playful… *No I’m not being dramatic!!!*

In any case, let’s take an example:

Last night our wedding photographer came around to our apartment to bring us our photographs. The photos are stunning and he has an amazing eye for a shot, but of course, no photo album – and most certainly not when it comes to something as big, important and joyous as your very own wedding – would be complete without me making an arse of myself. I’ve never seen anyone who pulls their mouth as much as me: pouting, scowling, frowning, looking shocked/ in awe… and not because the photographer asked me to. It’s probably, unfortunately and unintentionally, the way I roll.

At least the photos will be memorable. Nothing like laughter (even when it’s at my own expense) to bring people together. So what if I’m not picture perfect? In their own way, the perfectness of the pictures lies in the fact that I’m an unwitting comedian! 😉

 Have a good Meh-day everyone!!!

[Aside: we’ll be receiving the disc with all of our photos tonight, so perhaps I’ll put up a few tonight or over the weekend to have you share in the laughter…]

Thanks, kitteh, I appreciate you laughing at me...




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