Ah, Tuesday, my old friend…

2 08 2011

…you sure know how to keep a girl busy!

Once again I sat working through lunch time, taking up various tasks simultaneously, going hither and thither to check that things are being sorted out – and I’m surprised to find that it’s 4:30 PM.

And so, good friend, I think it’s time we dub you Productive Day…

Not that I’m not produtive on all the other days of the week (you ought to know that I always am!), but it does feel at times that other people are more responsive once they’ve gotten over their Moody, Melancholy Monday.

Now be a dear and tell Hump-Day to help guide what’s usually a rollercoaster of a week (every week) smoothly towards the weekend.




2 responses

2 08 2011
Troy Blackford

At least you don’t have to do a bunch of work at home today, right? I got locked out of my house last night because I left my keys at work and my landlord apparently had taken our spare in a security box outside so he could get in to fix his arcade machine in our garage and so I was stuck! I wanted to go in and pet my cats! LOL Never forget your keys!

18 10 2011
Cat Explorer « The Skinny on my Jeans (Genes)

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