“Quest for ratings” (aka Smudgy close-up with a wide-angle lens!)

2 08 2011

How many of you have seen “Quest for ratings“, an episode from the 8th season of South Park?

In it, one of the students (Craig) does a home video show for the school, a show which he calls ‘Animals Close-Up with a Wide-Angle Lens. Cartman and the rest of the gang try to come up with a new concept that will blow Craig’s show out of the water and get them the ratings they so desperately want.

That said, my Significant Other once started recording a video of Smudgy where she pokes her nose into the lens… and then sort of loses interest. Upon looking at it, my Significant Other then decided to add the music used in Craig’s animals show, thus resulting in the video I’m adding to my blog.

Didn’t I promise you something adorable yesterday? 😉 Enjoy!

[Please feel free to say things like “Cute” and “Super Cute” while watching it; it’ll add to the South Park ‘feel’ that was the inspiration for it! I love my little ball of Smudge-ness!]

This video was made at the end of October 2010.




2 responses

2 08 2011
Troy Blackford

Smudgy! Must be pet… Smudgy MUST BE PET!

3 08 2011
Salóme van Lill

So cute how Smudgy ends the song in her own way!!

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