Friday, I missed you!

12 08 2011

In the words of those LOLcats I look up to so much:

I’m sure we’re all incredibly pleased that Friday has decided to come around again. It’s a pity that we only see him once a week, but at least he’s kind enough to bring along his friends Saturday and Sunday 😉

Let’s all take a moment to thank Ceiling Cat that the weekend has arrived:

Have you ever wondered why it’s called Friday? Is it because our brains feel fried (in which case we should call it Fried-day) and sizzled, that we’re feeling the burn of what usually (read: pretty much always) seems to be a long working week? Whatever the reason, at least it’s here now, so we can all take the time to get some R&R.

Hope you all have a gread Fried-day, Caturday and Sunday!

Almost, kitteh. Almost...




One response

12 08 2011
Troy Blackford

Wow, that bottom cat is intense! Yeah, we are very excited about that whatchyu call it… WEEKEND!

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