Dining in Scotland (2)

15 08 2011

Good morning, everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I didn’t sleep very well, woke up at ungodly hours, and was plagued by an iffy headache most of the time.

Also, I felt extremely hungry late yesterday afternoon (a rarity in itself, as I never seem to be hungry), and immediately thought of posting more food pics on my blog from our time in Scotland.

While there, we bought a DVD that has three short ‘documentaries’ (if one can call it such) of the three castles that are a must-see when visiting Scotland:  Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and Urquhart Castle. Yesterday, just to pass a bit of lazy Sunday time, we watched the 20 minute film about Edinburgh Castle… and I found myself wishing that we could go back as soon as possible. Maybe next year…? *sigh* What a lovely place.

So, on to the second stop on our honeymoon: Glasgow!

[Incidentally, three months ago about this time, we were spending our last morning in Glasgow before heading on to Inverness.]

Elements (the Novotel's restaurant): vegetable soup

Elements (the Novotel's restaurant): Elements burger

Breakfast -- fruit salad drizzled with honey

Paperino's Ristorante Pizzeria: Papperdelle alla Carbonara

Paperino's Ristorante Pizzeria: Penne Contadina

Elements: complimentary olive bread

Elements: vegetable broth

Elements: panfried rump steak. This was quite a pricy bit of meat... and when I say 'bit', I'm not exaggerating

See, tiny! It's not even visible due to the onion rings on top of it!! My Significant Other said it was nice, so I'm not going to argue




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