The three graces [call me Joy – I dare you]

19 08 2011

This morning, while looking for photos to use in my next blog post (which I may post today, thus making two posts in one day *astonished face*), I came upon this picture and immediately wanted to caption it ‘The three graces’:

The Three Graces: Addy (youngest, in yellow), Liz (yours truly) & Libby (oldest, in black) on my wedding day

 Being interested in mythology as I am (and in this instance, we’re dealing with the Greeks/ Romans), I remembered that the Graces were three goddesses that epitomized joy, charm and beauty. While both my sisters have lots of charm and beauty, and can probably spread joy wherever they go – though whether they feel joyful at times is questionable, I think it’s genetic – I’m not exactly sure where I’d fit in.

This being the case, I decided to go use good old Google to divine which goddess/ sister was which.

It turns out that these three, from youngest to oldest, were Aglaia/ Aglaea (“Splendor” or “Radiance”, “the one who harvests”); Euphrosyne (“Mirth” or “Joy”, literally “the one who brings joy”); and Thalia (“Good Cheer” or “Flowering”, “the one who blossoms”).

And yes, incidentally, we are standing from youngest to oldest in the photo above.

If you look at the meanings further, you’ll discover that Aglaia – the youngest – was named thus for her beauty and goodness. I think that suits my younger sister.

Thalia – the oldest – was named for her continuous/ everlasting freshness… which might be suited to my older sister Libby. She may be tired at times, but she rarely allows herself to be defeated, and after a gym session she’s all guns blazing and raring to go. Of course, the Graces were also goddesses of “cheerful amusement”, which refers to “the characteristics of loveliness”, and that definitely suits Libby. “Freshness”, after all, can also refer to beauty, and both my sisters are lovely.

Although, after reading the PERCY JACKSON books and encountering their depiction of Thalia (stubborn, a go-getter, very no-nonsense), I think that suits my older sister far better!! 😉

And then there’s the middle sister, Euphrosyne. The one who brings joy. The one who’s supposed to be cheerful. Me. *exasperated look* Sure, if you like your mirth with a shot of sarcasm or silly humour (which I suppose could be seen as merriment).

That said, I think that maybe there could be a small hint of truth in that. I like making people happy/ joyful by doing special things for them, and I put in a lot of effort. I’ve become semi-‘famous’ for the hugs I give… which, maybe, isn’t so bad, though it is peculiar to be known for something like that. I just think that out of all things you could attribute to someone, ‘joy’ most likely wouldn’t be mentioned when it comes to me.

But hey, I could be wrong – if I’m able to put a smile on someone’s face, to lighten their load, to provide assistance/ listen/ help out where I can, and to bake a chocolate cake/ cookies/ cheesecake that is eagerly devoured (*nom nom nom*), then I’m definitely spreading some joy.

Just don’t bother me tomorrow morning – I could really use some sleep, and if you disturb me, I might not be all sparkly rainbows and sunshine… Or I’ll find a way to mirth you to death. Whatever that means.




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19 08 2011
Salóme van Lill

You DO bring joy – by just being you!!

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