Dining in Scotland (4)

30 08 2011

Where did August disappear to?!

It’s not that I’m complaining, it’s just… wow…two-thirds of the year seem to have vanished. And three months ago I was getting ready to go back to work after such a lovely (history enriched!) honeymoon.

We’ve reach what will be the last entry in my Dining in Scotland ‘series’. We did a lot of walking around, saw how the streets were always busy – and the bus system d*mn efficient! – and generally just relaxed… perhaps already steeling ourselves for the long flight home.

I never want to spend 13 hours (excluding delays) on an aeroplane ever again…

…unless, of course, I have the opportunity to go back to Scotland. Then we’ll have to save our pennies – or cents, here in South Africa – and book into business class. Sleeping pills/ tranquilizers/ morphine would also be welcome.

Fourth, and final, stop: Aberdeen!

[PS: what made this stop special in its own way was the fact that my Significant Other bought me the two Simon’s Cat books. Hurray for honeymooning, beautiful Scotland, nyummy treats… and, as always, cats!!! Even if it’s only the antics of a cartoon kitty.]

@ The Caledonian's restaurant: garlic bread

@ The Caledonian's restaurant: salmon fillet for my Significant Other

@ The Caledonian's restaurant: curried vegetable soup -- this was oily & disgusting. Forced down almost half, then couldn't anymore :-/


From The Caledonian's restaurant: woodfired pepperoni + salami pizza -- after lunch, my Significant Other ordered this to take up to our room...& he finished it pretty quickly!

Cappuccino at Costa

Casa Gabriele: complimentary bread -- my Significant Other was sooo happy, because he LOVES bread

Casa Gabriele: Lasagna al Forno

Casa Gabriele: Risotto ai Funghi -- this is the best risotto I have EVER had, and most definitely my food highlight while dining in Scotland ❤

The sweet treats we bought at Peckham's - a slice of lemon cheesecake, and a raspberry + white chocolate tartlet




2 responses

30 08 2011
Matan Uberstein

I’m soooo hungry right now… Guess I’ll settle for a pocket of potato chips! 😀 ❤

30 08 2011

all looks pretty good, filling?

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