Back to work

21 09 2011

So I’m back in the office today *Non-committal, unenthusiastic hurray*

It doesn’t feel like I was away for two days (though I suppose it did me good, anyway). I’m still pretty much on top of things, and I’ve responded to all my e-mails. Now the wait for responses and further duties.

The joys of being a Project Manager.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. Or… at least, I think I do. I’m not really sure. Sometimes it’s a love-hate relationship. (“That’s life” – sing it with me! “That’s what all the people say…”) I’ll talk to you again when we’ve reached the end of December and I’m able to take a few days off for the holidays.

It’s not that I cannot cope with the amount of work I have or with all the extra duties you have to assume along the way. I just hate working with things I don’t feel should be MY responsibilities. Like price fixing. And raising purchase orders. And couriering things. None of these are particularly my cup of tea. It’s not like they are editorial in nature – they’re tedious and make me stress about whether or not I’m doing the bloody things correctly *sigh*

Again, the joys of being a Project Manager.

Have a good Hump-Day/ Whensday everyone – two more sleeps, then it’s the weekend!

*jumps up doing little Snoopy dances* [even if only in spirit!]




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22 09 2011
PM Hut


I think it’s a love-hate relationship for all of us project managers. On many occasions, we wish we chose another path, but the thought of doing another job scares us immediately afterwards, at this point we discover that we love our job.

In any case, check this article on why I love project management if you get the chance…

23 09 2011

It’s scary and exhilirating at the same time, having to handle so much at one time and being able to carry your projects through while you assist on other things. I think Project Managment is a wonderful occupation to have since you learn valuable skills that can be applied to life, as well. Sometimes you just cannot help but feel despondent or like you want to pull your hair out because of people that are delaying your processes, but I’m usually ahead of schedule and have been told that I manage multiple tasks and projects with great efficiency, so that recognition is a reward all itself 🙂

Thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to read the article once I have a moment to spare!

23 09 2011

hello there

Well isn’t life in general a love-hate relationship ;)… some days I find myself loving my job and some days I just wonder why I went this way in the first place. Try and enjoy the good times and look past the bad, it makes it easier 🙂

23 09 2011

You are indeed correct – everything in life is at constant war, and one cannot seem to escape the love-hate relationship that is predominant 🙂

I love my job most of the time, though there are always people you have to work with (in- and out-of-house) that make you despair a bit. I am very fortunate to be working at a big company who was willing to give me this demanding (yet fulfilling) position with an incredible amount of responsibilities at a young age… give the fact that I only had six months’ working experience at the time. So yes, most days I enjoy the good times!!

Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂

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