I can has cheezburger – FAIL

6 10 2011

Sometimes it’s funny how things turn out.

On Thursday, 22 September (i.e. two weeks ago), I decided to spoil my Significant Other and take him out for supper – why? Perhaps to show some appreciation; maybe simply to have a nice meal away from home. I prefer the answer: just because (yeah – because I can!! *laugh*) You don’t always need a reason to do something nice for someone else 🙂

We decided to go to Cattle Baron, which is practically just around the corner from where we stay. Their stuffed mushrooms are getting ever smaller, and the waiters have a tendency to seat you directly under the air-conditioning in the smoking section (then disappear for extended periods of time), yet the conversation is enjoyable and the food usually nice.

My Significant Other ordered a steak, which looked juicy and tasted great (I’ll take his word for it). Against my better judgement, I decided to order a ‘Louisiana burger’ – that’s a beef burger with bacon and cheese. This was extraordinary in itself, since I (a) am not fond of red meat, and (b) hardly ever eat hamburgers. In short, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

The burger on my plate wasn’t much to look at. The bun looked like it had been sawed open and wasn’t very soft. The beef patty was tasteless.  They plopped a small piece of bacon on top of a smidgen of melted cheese… said cheese not even as much as one of those vacuumed packed slices you can purchase in grocery stores. The only way I was able to add some flavour to the d*mn thing was by putting some mushroom sauce on top of it (which my Significant Other ordered to go with his steak).

I shouldn’t be surprised. The place is a steakhouse, after all, not a burger joint. Yet given the usual standard of their food, I was hoping for something far more edible. Epic cheeseburger FAIL 😦

I wonder if LOLcats ever feel disappointed when, after asking for and dreaming about cheezburgers, they finally take that first bite and the cheezburger doesn’t live up to the built-up expectations.

Next time, kitties, we’ll go to Spur for their cheddarmelt burgers – then you can haz teh cheezburgers, and plenty of happeez!!

Branding on the place mats

A carafe of rosé, to share

My one and only 🙂

Stuffed mushrooms

The steak my Significant Other ordered

My Louisiana 'burger'...




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