Good morning, Monday

10 10 2011

Good morning, blog readers.

It’s another Monday – hurray!! *gag*

Oh, come on – it’s not so bad. I know most of you probably aren’t too fond of the sluggish get-up-and-go that accompanies the first morning of the week, what with having to go to work or school or anywhere else that is mandatory/ necessary and thus not ‘fun’… but it gets you one step closer to the weekend, so cheer up a little bit, will ‘ya? 😉

I’ll admit that I myself am not feeling all too chipper on this chilly October morning. I woke up feeling worse than usual, with a ghastly headache that has stuck with me since Friday and doesn’t seem to want to go away. Then there’s tiredness, a slight fever, and feeling sick in general. Oh, and sleep – a definite lack in quality, I-feel-rested sleep. My idea of a good night’s rest isn’t waking up in a cold sweat a few times and then being completely awake at 6 AM over the weekend.

I’m not one to take a sick day, though. The only time I won’t come to work (due to illness) is when I’m flat in bed with a migraine – unable to move without feeling nauseous, feeling like my head wants to explode and being incapable to stand even the slightest bit of daylight (even the glow from light bulbs can count as a no-no).

Let’s face it: I’m a workaholic. I cannot even not think of work or keep myself from checking my e-mails when I have a day or two off…

To all of you, I wish a very happy Monday – here’s hoping things go as smoothly as possible… and that you don’t want to kill anyone… and that you have enough coffee/ cigarettes/ painkillers to get you through the day!!

I think I just might follow Smudgy’s example and get in a few Zzz’s at my desk when it’s time for our designated lunch hour.




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