Almost Meowloween

28 10 2011

Good morning, blog readers

I hope you’ve all been having a good week 🙂

It’s the weekend before Halloween (note: shops have had Christmas decorations out since the end of September), and although we don’t really ‘celebrate’ it here in South Africa (the trick-or-treat part, that is – lots of people hold Halloween parties), I’ve wanted to post some Meowloween LOLcats all week long. Work, however, had other plans for me…

But now it’s Friday/ Fried-day, and I don’t want to put off getting everybody in the spirit (yes, that’s intentional) of things.

I myself will be dressing up as a black cat for a Meowloween Halloween party we are attending tomorrow night (though all I want to do is get some rest 😦 At least my costume is Caturday approved!!) My Significant Other thinks that my costume idea is ‘boring’ *throws small hissy-fit* but I have the ears, tail, and attire/ cosmetics to put my ‘costume’ together. He can worry about finding himself a costume (perhaps a mafia boss/ vampire/ zombie? – zombie would be AWESOME!) while I try to come up with some creepy cookies & cupcakes.

So here, for your end-of-the-week pleasure, I present to you: kittehs ‘n pumpkins!




4 responses

28 10 2011

Aaah too cute 🙂 you must enjoy your Halloween party… And tell me all about it on Moday…

28 10 2011

Monday* Lol. It is too late on a Friday afternoon to care about spelling.

31 10 2011
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31 10 2011
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