Mood modification

4 11 2011

So the last few days my disposition has been quite on the negative (read: very angry) side. This has left me feeling a bit drained, moody, listless in the evenings, and put off when it comes to the intake of sustenance (i.e. food).

Since nobody likes a grumble buns, I’m going to get rid of this face:

…by doing the following (or at least try my very best to):

…and then attempt to feel/ look like this today:

At the moment – note the time, 10:10 in the AM – things are going rather well… Although I’m going to have to be pretty careful and watch myself, since I noted (to my despair) that I have a meeting with my manager until 5PM.

Greek Gods, this is going to be a loooong Fried-day…

So blog readers: what do YOU suggest I should do to get into a better mood?

[PS: One thing that can definitely raise my spirits is the fact that the new Stephen King novel is being released next Tuesday!!!!]




2 responses

4 11 2011

You should read: An Awesome Book 🙂 which you did. It cheered me up!

12 11 2011

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