Let’s cancel today

30 03 2012

I don’t know why I bothered getting out of bed this morning.

I woke up at 05:30, decided to stay in bed until 06:00… and then realized, hey, the power’s out! Look outside – all the streetlights and traffic lights are off, as well. At least I knew that we weren’t the only ones affected. I lighted some candles, stumbled around Smudgy (who was really affection, purring, allowing me to pick her up and carry her around while petting her), got ready for work, and then spent half an hour trying to get my Significant Other out of bed.

I arrived at work at 07:30. I couldn’t disarm the section of the building I work in because it wouldn’t accept my code (again). I had to hang around in the reception area for a few minutes until someone who has the authority to disarm and enter any section was able to do it for me. Walk into our section, switch on all the lights, get my computer up and running… And the office is a ghost town. There’s nobody else but me for the next 40 minutes.

By this time I’ve sorted out my desk, gone through e-mails, checked what I need to do for the day, and still sit wishing that I could be in bed sleeping/ reading a book – we’re having such cold, rainy weather, after all, and I love it.

Our offices are closing at 12:00 today. That’s three & a half hours from now. Just enough time to start kind-of-sort-of-maybe getting into my work, not feel in the mood to do it, keep wishing I were reading instead, and sit browsing memes until it’s time to leave. This could turn out to be a highly unproductive day (which could either make me feel extremely guilty or highly indifferent).

So yes, I think it would have been a good idea to just cancel today and skip over to the weekend – a sentiment I am sure many people will agree with.

Have an amazing Fried-day, readers! xx




One response

30 03 2012

Poor thing! Hope your weekend starts soon!

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