Time to celebrate

7 08 2012

So despite the fact that I’ve spent four hours of the working day in meetings and have been assisting on other people’s titles (can I help if I’m efficient & eager to help out? I like keeping busy), I’m feeling very much like this LOLcat:

And why might that be, you ask? Well, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I wrote my learners licence test this morning and passed with 100% 😀

Now there’s just the matter of buying myself a small car and (re-)learning how to drive… oh, and getting over my overwhelming FEAR of driving, of course. Really big hurdle, that. Just thinking about it causes my palms to sweat a little bit *nervous twitch* I would strongly advise you to reconsider ever getting into a vehicle with me when I’m the driver… unless you don’t place great value on your life/ mental health… or if you’re a thrill seeker who enjoys life-threatening events 😉

In all earnest, though, I’m rather excited at the prospect of being independent. When in the unfortunate situation of being caught in traffic, it’ll present me with a sort of ‘window of opportunity’ to channel any anger/frustration I may have experienced that day while also providing a ‘safe space’ where I can timeously contemplate my murders… There’s an upside to everything, right?! Perspective sure is a refreshing thing…


Licence to thrill

23 09 2010

While on my way to work this morning, I noticed that the car in front of us (my Significant Other and myself) had a personalized number/ licence plate, which read PEACE 1. Nice little message for people reading it – perhaps a bid to get people to believe that you are a peaceful person or believe/ hope for peace – but sometimes I wonder what’s the use of this personalized bit of plastic/ metal/ whatever number plates are made of.

Personalized plates don’t come cheap, after all, although some of them are amusing to read. It’s like that joke about the snail that got himself a car with a number plate that read S-CAR, and whenever he went speeding by people, they would say, “Wow, would you look at that S-Car go!” Corny, I know, and not necessarily amusing, but you get what I’m driving at (no pun intended).

My cousin has a sexy little black car (convertible? I know you can let the top down) with a licence plate that reads MASCARA. Suitable, since the car is such a dark black colour, almost sashaying down the road, blinking it’s headlights like a wink once those indicators come on. My cousin is an absolutely gorgeous person (physically), lovely on the inside, quite short, and just as confident as mascara makes some girls feel after application (or even the notion of ever having a car like hers).

A friend of mine’s licence plate reads PH0EN1X – a nickname/ avatar he uses whenever he’s playing games (WoW, Starcraft II, etc.) A phoenix is a quite powerful symbol – a majestic creature who, at its death, bursts into flames, only to be reborn out of the ashes. A survivor. Arguably the greatest of mythological creatures. It is a symbol of rebirth, immortality and renewal –something man can only dream of, though this does not mean that he doesn’t strive towards it. Man. A generalization for mankind, but it most cases in both history and mythology, it is men who seek out power or who hold positions of power, thus it would be man (literally) who seeks the power and companionship of the phoenix – the fire bird, the greatest and leader of other birds… Which is why I find it interesting (though I’m not saying that this is what my friend aimed it) that this friend of mine whose licence plate reads PH0EN1X is male. Ever striving towards greater (and the greatest of) things…?

You get licence plates with people’s names/ nicknames, company names, abstract things (love, peace, serenity), even stupid things that are related to sports or what I would assume to be inside-jokes. Still, it’s that person’s licence plate, so whatever puts salsa on his/ her enchilada, I so go for it – make it as spicy as you want.

This, of course, leads me to wonder what I would choose, if given the opportunity of having a personalized plates. What would best describe me? What do I want other people to think of me? Should I try to be witty, sarcastic, honest, playful… or simply opt for my name and have done with it? I absolutely love cats, yet I’m not too sure how mentioning that on the plates would really be effective/ cute/ sane.

So I think, if I had to ‘get me one of those’, I’d have to opt for my one nickname: DONSIE. For those of you who don’t understand Afrikaans, a “donsie” is like a small, soft feather – almost a bit of fluff, really, the very soft downy feathers you find blowing into your house sometimes. Apparently this nickname is to show how cute, soft, and teeny-tiny I am – so small, in fact, that the slightest breeze endangers me of being blown away. It might sound silly, but I really like it 🙂

If you had a licence to thrill (no, not that kind of licence, and nothing like James Bond), what would yours read?