Message Sessions IV

21 06 2012

Dear cell phone

I love you – I really do. I’m quite sentimental over you due to the fact that you were purchased while we were on honeymoon last year. However, you better get your act together. Yesterday you froze and didn’t allow me to use Opera Mini, and I had to resort to uninstalling and then reinstalling the application. Now, this morning, you don’t want to send and receive my e-mails! Just remember that you are easily replaceable…

Slightly frustrated,

Checking for a new phone


Dear guy who attended aqua aerobics for the first time last night

I’m very happy that you decided to do something about your excessive bulk and join the gym to better your lifestyle. Aqua aerobics (aka the splash class) is a fun workout that always leaves me feeling refreshed afterwards, and I hope that you’ll learn to enjoy it as well. BUT, nearly ramming into me and constantly getting in the way sort of ruined my evening, making the exercise feel useless and causing me to feel like an idiot when the instructor keeps looking over at us. One thing you should know about me: I looove contemplating murder. Just a thought.

Insincerely yours,

Stay out of my way


Dear Smudgy

Thanks for being my little fur-baby! I’m so glad that you’ve been more loving of late, although I’m not sure what’s so alluring about my post-workout scent that makes you want to cuddle up next to me, or the taste of chlorine water that you lick off of my foot/ankle…

Love & hugs,

Your human mommy


Dear Significant Other

Bzzz-bzzz-bzzzzzz. That is all 😉

Oodles of love,

Me xxx


Dear Mythbusters

Thank you for making my evenings sooo much better and greatly entertaining! Nothing goes better with my thoughts about murder, despair and all things macabre in general than watching you guys blowing stuff up. Nearly done with season 5 – three more seasons (and plenty of explosions) to go!

Keep blowing stuff  it up,

A big fan


Dear me

Get your rear in gear and work on your book review site!!!


No more excuses

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Headaches and cellphone-less-ness-ity

15 10 2010

Headache: day I’ve-lost-count-already.

I find it ironic that, after going to see a neurologist last Friday (just a general visit, no tests), I have had a worse-than-usual headache every day after that – a week later, and I’m worse off than I ever could have imagined – excruciating headaches that are borderline-migraines, with a migraine surfacing for most of yesterday and a great deal of this morning.

Guess I’ll have to have my head examined.

Pretty much how I feel...

When asked to describe my headaches, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it – only because it does vary according to the severity of the unwelcome daily intrusion. Mostly, I’d say that it’s a throbbing pain, accompanied with the feeling of someone pressing down harder and harder on my temples, causing bursts of agony that might be similar to having a screwdriver driven from one side of the head to the other (I wouldn’t know, as this has never literally happened to me).

You’d think after almost eight years of daily headaches I’d be used to it by now…

To top things off, I seem to be extremely unlucky when it comes to cell phones. Either they switch off of their own accord, don’t ring when there’s an incoming call or don’t receive messages, eat my airtime by checking my e-mails (but not, in fact, receiving any – I kid you not), and generally annoy me to hell and gone.

And it seems like the evil cell fairy has struck again.

Wednesday afternoon. My cell phone is in perfect working condition, actually receiving my e-mails and making the ‘noises’ it should. Not a scratch on the screen or cover. Battery half-full. All seems well, and things are peaceful in Discordia… Then, the inevitable: picking up the phone to check for text messages, the screen is blank. Oh joy.

Try to switch it on – nothing happens. Take out the battery, check for dust, reinsert it, try to switch it on again – again, a resounding nothing. Try again – the phone makes an ominous, stretched-out buzzing sound, then falls silent again. The phone remains off. So of to the Vodashop we went.

(At least we received good service)

My phone had to be checked in, after which they’ll ship it off for inspection… meaning that I’ll be phone-less for one to two weeks. Luckily, the only time I ‘really’ need my phone is when my Significant Other let’s me know that he’s waiting outside OUP to pick me up after work, so that’s all right. My parentals have been informed that they shouldn’t contact me on my cell, and to cover all bases (just in case), I even put a message up on Facebook to inform my friends of the situation.

But now the waiting and ‘worrying’ is giving me a headache. That, and the fact that their system at the Vodashop listed my phone as not being under warranty – and we only bought the thing last December! So if the phone is supposed to have a warranty of 24 months, and only 10 months have passed, does it mean that they gave me an old phone? Or is it simply, typically, my bad luck?

*breathe, breathe*

They say exercise is good for headaches, plus it can relieve tension, so maybe I should try that…

…or maybe not :-/

I can only hope that the headache will dissipate in time. It’s difficult to focus on what you’re reading with a constant pounding interrupting one’s concentration flow… and I really, really want to read – I’m busy with the last book in the DARK TOWER series. So close to completion, the tower draws ever nearer, oh Discordia! Help me on my quest – do and say thankya, I beg, big-big.