Hey, it’s OK…

20 10 2010

Courtesy of the GLAMOUR magazines I have under the small table in our bedroom (December 2009 to June 2010), here are some of my favourites I thought I’d share – just the ticket to brighten up your mid-working week Wednesday. Although the magazine aims this section at women, I hope my male readers will enjoy it as well (you’ll probably end up nodding your heads knowingly).


…to pretend you’re on a photo shoot when you blowdry your hair

…if there are more things on the door of your fridge than inside it

…if your whole wheat cracker tin is filled with Lindt chocolate balls [if only *sigh*]

…to kick him really hard when he snores, then pretend to be asleep

…to buy the jumbo-sized box of condoms. You have a goal. The goal is the expiry date. Go!

…to ask for a surprise party

…to count housecleaning as a workout. Scrub and squat, sweep and sweat, dust and dance – done! [so glad to hear that; guess I’ll skip the gym and stay a happy little housecleaner]

…to be all about cuddling after sex, but build a pillow wall between your bodies for the actual sleeping part

…to sometimes quote movies to get your point across [quite effective… even if, sometimes, you’re the only one who gets it. At least you appreciate your wit!]

…to wear long pants to avoid shaving your legs

…to have no idea what’s going on in Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives or 24 [because I know that I don’t]

…to not understand how teenage pop stars can sing about being in love [you’re all of 14 – get over yourself]

…to tell him his stubble is rugged and sexy – even though kissing him gives you a rash

…to have no interest in the latest cell phones. You don’t want world domination. SMSing will do [someone explain this to my Significant Other; I don’t want a touch screen or android phone]

…to have all your favourite Disney classic theme songs on your iPod. Nothing like A Whole New World to life your spirits!

…to wish you lived in the 18th century just so you could wear elaborate silk gowns and corsets [yes please]

…to devour the entire slab of chocolate. And still want more

…to insist on sending SMSes with the correct spelling and grammar. ‘L8R’ is not a word in the English dictionary! [Amen to that! What can I say? I’m a language purist]

…to roll your eyes when your friends post the millionth photo of their new baby on Facebook – but to have a whole album dedicated to your cat [and I do]

…to believe that a hot bath and a cup of tea can solve any problem [it doesn’t hurt, after all]

…to occasionally need to sing the alphabet in your head and count on your fingers



30 09 2010

…it’s that way.

Told you...

Or this (read: my) way, since I find myself in that state of fuzzy feelings that induces smiling and positive thoughts that are enough to make the corners of a pessimist’s mouth twitch (whether in almost succumbing to my infectious charm or bestowing upon me a mocking, scowling expression filled with disdain, you be the judge of that).

To quote Mort Rainey from SECRET WINDOW: “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on the verge of doing Snoopy dances”.

Such a happy little head!

So what has got me all smiley and cheery, you ask? If I wanted to act all philosophical, I could simply answer ‘life’. The sun is shining, the weather is nice, the sunsets are amazing, I have a wonderful family and better-than-I-could-have-hoped-for Significant Other, my cat provides me with oodles of joy, I have a job I’m enjoying, we have an apartment to live in… in general, many good things in life people don’t take notice of often enough that make it grand. I myself am prone to occasional bout of doubt, depression, low self-esteem, worrying/ stressing and just feeling ‘off’, as if nothing is right… but, honestly, in my life, the great things far outweigh those that make me head on a mini downwards spiral now and again.

So yes, people, I haz a happee…

”]…for a very, very good reason: looks like we’re going to be able to go to Scotland for our honeymoon!! (Let the Lily-and-Marshall-ness continue!) Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen… Castles, culture, food, museums… two weeks in Spring time, with maximum temperatures reaching about 18 degrees Celsius. Yip, Scotland is my kind of place…


To ‘celebrate’ the fact that I’ve  been working with a travel agent for a while (a pretty d*mn efficient one, what a wonderful woman) and that we’re going overseas, as well as for the lesser fact that my Significant Other had received his salary, we had take-out last night: pizza. I usually make my own pizzas at the apartment, yet my S.O. (a) was in the mood for large, thick base pizzas, and (b) wanted to save me the trouble of preparing a meal since I worked non-stop yesterday, not even taking a break at lunch time.

(Unfortunately, I had change with me today and decided to ‘continue’ the celebratory mood by purchasing the last Tempo at our vending machine. Headache + chocolate = recipe for disaster… still trying to decide whether or not it was worth it…)

At least it'll give me energy! (...right?)

To further boost my mood, when I had a meeting with my mentor this morning, she asked me what my plans are for next year, then started singing my praises and said she hopes I consider applying for available positions here (even if it’s not in her department, though she’d preferably like to keep me there).

Here I am: living and loving it up, even though there is much to do, things to worry about, and only a certain amount of time before things start looking bleak again. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy myself…

…and if I can’t help you to feel the same, maybe we should find an alternative:

Alternative to inducing happiness.

Big sisters and goodie bags

17 09 2010

Don’t you just love big sisters?

Even if you don’t have one, the connotations link to such a person is wonderful. You have someone who is loving, caring and nurturing (like a second mom), someone you can look up to, a person you can usually talk to about anything – you can even run crying, if you want to – and someone you would love to be like someday (helping you with your homework, watching TV with you, playing games and standing up for you? Who could ask for someone better?!)

My older sister is the best. We’ve had many a hissing, spitting cat-fight, ones that left me in tears and never wanting to speak to her ever again – but here I am now, aged 23 (and almost a half), being able to put things that irk me aside and even being her maid of honour at her wedding in April. I’m the one she comes to for advice, I’m the one she e-mails every morning and to shoot the (proverbial) sh*t with… and if you do want to mope and gripe about something, why not with someone who shares your genes?

There are times when we get into the most random e-mail conversations. Like Wednesday, for example, when we – as typical females, I suppose – talked about what goodies we like: sweeties, cookies, chocolate and crisps/ chips. Needless to say, this is accompanied with the I’m-not-supposed-to-it-that-since-it-has-so-many-kilojoules-and-I-already-feel/look-so-fat dialogue, but still, one can do worse than talking about these things and reminiscing on old times… Like giving in to indulgence and purchasing the treats you like/crave/want/need.

So last night, while I was sitting on my bed and reading through some research I’ve done for my  mini-thesis, my older sister sends me a text message to ask if I’m at the apartment, since she herself was on the way home and wanted to pop in to say hullo. Happy that she wanted to come over, I promised to make her a cup of coffee/tea… and upon her arrival, I was handed this:

A goodie bag. The types she made me while I was still at university and needed a few ‘pick-me-ups’ to snack on while studying/ doing assignments. God, how I loved having biscotti with my coffee… now I don’t even drink coffee anymore… Perhaps I should take up the habit again, though I’m not sure how my body will respond after 9 months of coffee-abstinance…

And now I suppose you’re wondering about the contents of the bag, hmm?

So, sooo many treats! It’s like Halloween (not that we celebrate it here), only early – plus I didn’t even have to go trick-or-treatin’ for the spoils! Lays lightly salted crisps/chips, Jolly Jammers (cookies), Wilson’s toffees, Sparkles, Maynards soft fruity chews, jelly tots and two KitKats – one a regular, the other the new KitKat Dark. I felt so spoilt… and I’m loving it!! 😉 The only thing I need to worry about now is my waistline – this is no time to over-indulge, especially since too much of a good thing is bad for you (and a lot of sugar is actually unhealthy)… plus I need to fit into a wedding dress in just under eight months.

Thus I would like to thank my older sister (I know you’re reading this!) for the e-mails, the support, the love – and the treats, of course. You’re pretty awesome, sis, and I love you very much 🙂

Guess now it’s my turn to treat her – screw her diet. If it goes for me, it goes for her, too! (Speaking of which, I really need to start exercising… yet that is something I still dread doing at a gym. Gym mat and weights for the apartment, anyone?)

And if my older sisters is training and, consequentially, on a diet, I’ll just have to put together a goodie bag for my younger sister – this big sis has yet to deliver!! (Does a tin full of home-baked cookies count?…)