Message Sessions III

27 03 2012

Dear Department of Home Affairs

You better send me my new ID soon. The fact that you misprinted my ID and never let me know about it doesn’t put you in my good books… not to mention the inconvenience of having to fill in the forms again and getting that annoying black ink all over my fingers for prints. You better not mess up again, or there’ll be hell to pay. Why can’t you just get your sh*t together?!

Fed up,

A hard-working tax payer (likely helping to pay your salary!)

– – –

Dear movie people who determined the release dates of films

I read THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy at the beginning of last year and have been eagerly anticipating the release of the first film since then. However, for some or other reason, it only starts showing in South Africa on the 13th of April!! Now I have to try and avoid reading people’s tweets, reviews, memes et cetera for the next two and a half weeks. I don’t know why the release dates for films as greatly anticipated as this one need to differ from country to country (read: for us not living in the US), but just know that you have really ticked me off. And then you wonder why so many people download pirated versions of films…


An annoyed filmgoer

– – –

Dear writers of dystopian novels

I love you. There’s no better way of putting it.

Warm regards,

An avid reader

– – –

Dear work/job

Thanks for not accumulating while I was away for the last week and a half. It’s nice to think that all the e-mails I came back to this morning were only general updates/admin and the like. Now if only we could arrange for a salary increase with the new contract I received this morning… I don’t particularly want to be jobless from the 1st of April, but I also feel all the hard work I put in is worth more than I’m getting. Don’t worry – I’m sure we’ll work something out. I think I’ll go crazy if I have to sit at home, unemployed, with nothing to do with my time… unless I start a little home bakery… or the whole book review blog idea picks up.


Obsessive-compulsive workaholic

– – –

Dear Significant Other

Thanks for the few ‘lunch dates’ while I was on leave, for helping me download books to read, for making me laugh when I felt bored/depressed/listless, for watching CONAN THE ADVENTURER with me (and enjoying it!)… and for just being you. Oh, and for reinstalling/fixing my laptop – you always know best *haha*

Oodles of love,

Me xxx

– – –

Dear Mr Awesplendmarkable

Thank you sooo much for sending me your latest novel a while ago – I read it in a day and LOVED it (I’ve told you that already but it’s worth repeating). If I were a publisher, I’d definitely snatch you up! Thanks also for being such a great friend and for letting me be one of the first people to immerse myself in (and comment on) your works of fiction. It’s much more fun than schools publishing. You ROCK!!


Your biggest fan… 😉

– – –

Dear life

Get yourself on track. I know I’ve been joking about having a mid-twenties crisis, what with the boredom and listlessness I endured while on leave, but that was probably to be expected after working hard for an extended period of time and then finding myself with no obligations and nothing to do. Let’s think about what we want to achieve in the year to come and take better care of ourselves (i.e. let the exercise regime & development of new interests begin!)

Tough love,


– – –

Dear narcissistic people

You may think you’re amazing now; you may get away with being rude and obnoxious all the time, throw tantrums to get want you want, and only contact others when you want something… This, however, will not always be the case. Just know: your day will come. That whole “do unto others” saying has been around for ages, and it holds a lot of truth. I am not someone who gets angry often, but I am really close to giving one or two people a piece of my mind. Your distorted view on the world (and everyone who isn’t as marvellous as you believe yourself to be) is going to come back to punch you hard in the face someday…

Definitely not sincerely yours,

Unimpressed & edgy

– – –

Dear coffee

Stop smelling so good. I just might give up all restraint and fall back into your aromatic (proverbial) arms… which, after 27 java-free months, likely wouldn’t be the best idea.


An ex-coffee drinker

– – –

Dear daily headaches

Stop torturing me! You just seem to be getting increasingly worse, and I deal with it, but we both know this isn’t normal.

Quit it,



Coffee and LOLcats

19 10 2011

Goooooood morning, blog readers!!!

I hope that each and every one of you will have a wonderful, caffeine-rich (even if only by looking at the pictures I’m adding below), get-up-and-go Wednesday. At least we’re halfway through the working week! 🙂

I myself am not a coffee drinker, haven’t had a cup for nearly two years, but I do still love the way it smells. Fresh, strong, black coffee… aaaaah *sigh*

I know what you’re thinking: “you don’t drink coffee? What madness is this??” Yeah, I get that a lot. Drinking tea probably seems very ‘boring’…

So: almost two years without coffee. Doesn’t feel like much of a ‘loss’. Two years ago around this time, I had just gotten engaged, was busy working on my final assignment for my Honours degree, would move in with my Significant Other and his brother just after my graduation… oh, and that I’d have my hair cut short for the first time in a bazillion years. What excitement. It’s hard to believe how much has happened since then, and how truly long ago that feels. C’est la vie.

Okay, enough rambling. Enjoy the LOLcat pics, have some tea/ coffee/ water/ whatever you need to keep you going (it’s important to stay hydrated!), and make the most of the day.

Warm weather + feeling tired = falling asleep?! [Sorry, Stephen King!!]

9 12 2010

I hate warm weather.

As in reeeaaalllly abhor it. Who can survive when it’s 34 degrees Celsius outside?! (Warmer, even, as the temperature seemed to stagnate after midday rather than decrease as it ought to.)

Warm weather makes me nauseous. It makes me feel woozy and disoriented. And it’s a real bitch-kitty when it comes to headaches. It’s not enough that my headaches have been worsening of their own accord – now the sun and humidity and whatever else are contributing, as well.

Oh, and did I mention how sluggish heat can make one? But I suppose you already knew that…

I found out last Friday (after about two days of pain, and a delay in my that-time-of-the-month, which has yet to start) that I have bladder infection. Not the best way to start a weekend. Plus, for some reason unbeknown to yours truly, it made me feel incredibly tired. I know that it can cause you to dehydrate if you don’t drink enough water and makes you feel generally ‘icky’ and stuff like that, but tiring me so immensely that my eyes hurt (as if I hadn’t slept for a few days)? That feels a little bizarre to me.

The antibiotics might have had a role to play, I suspect…

In any case, yesterday was warm. Really warm. Unbearably warm, if you come out of a cool office and walk straight into a heat wave, then commence to make a pasta dish with mushroom sauce, in front of the stove where it only gets hotter and hotter. Not even changing into short shorts and having my hair up in a clip could help.

When it started to cool down a little, I decided that, instead of reading a book, which felt impossible since the heat made me fidgety, I would lie down on the cool sheets with the windows open and the lights off, then listen to the audio book of Stephen King’s THE COLORADO KID.

I have never listened to an audio book version of anything… but this is Stephen King we’re talking about, so the story was sure to enthral me, right?

Hmm… if I remember correctly, it didn’t seem to go that way…

I fell asleep.

Despite the heat, despite the pounding headache, despite knowing in the back of my mind that if I fell asleep while it was so warm I would wake up feeling worse later on, I still managed not to focus on what was being said, only catching snippets of the reading, and promptly became dead to the world.

At least it was already ten in the PM… I think.

Upon waking up at 4AM, realizing what time it is and that it was still pretty dark out, I felt slightly ‘disgusted’ with myself for lapsing into the land of nod. I mean, it was an audio book by Stephen King!! I hadn’t had time to listen to it yet, but since my Significant Other will be working late until about the 15th or 16th, it seemed like a great opportunity to give it a go.

My future father-in-law even let me know that the television series HAVEN is based on THE COLORADO KID.

Guess I’ll just have to give it a go again tonight… and not fall asleep. Here I am, a great Stephen King fan, owning basically all of his works, and I still manage to nod off amid the rich reading of one of his works. It’s enough to put me to shame…

After a year of abstinence (give or take a week – the 18th of December, to be precise), I think it might be time to start drinking coffee again.

My sentiments exactly

I think I’ve found my pick-me-up

16 11 2010

Okay, so I’ve been feeling a bit ‘off’ lately. Hard to miss or not know, since I’ve been blogging about it. The fact that the weather was unbearably warm yesterday and will continue to escalate isn’t helping my head much, since I seem to be adverse to summer… in as much as one can be said to be, given that the heat gives me extreme headaches/ migraines, makes me feel constantly nauseous and causes light-headedness or dizziness no matter what or how much I eat.

Still, as I often tell myself (and it’s true, really), things aren’t all bad, and they can always be worse.

But now, things are about to get better… much, much better.

At this point, I’ll reiterate the title of this blog post: I think I’ve found my pick-me-up…

…and I have Stephen King to thank for it.

It’s difficult to curb my ‘enthusiasm’ at this point. The new Stephen King book FULL DARK, NO STARS is finally available here! You might have read me lamenting the fact that the release date was last Tuesday and it wasn’t available at my nearest Exclusive Books or CNA (my Significant Other made quite a few phone calls)… or you might not. I think I mentioned it in a blog post, though I cannot be too sure. I haven’t been blogging all too much lately, although I suppose I should – writing is said to be therapeutic, you know.

In any case, over the weekend (Sunday, this would be) my Significant Other ordered two books on the Exclusive Books website. Today he could go pick them up, and oh me, oh my, lo and behold – available there, for all the world to see and take in with sheer delight, is the paperback of King’s latest offering.

Normally, I would prefer obtaining one of his new books in hardcover, yet I was willing to forgo having to order and wait for it in favour of having it in my eager hands as soon as possible…

…or will I? I sincerely hope my Significant Other isn’t going to wrap it up and keep it for me as a Christmas gift. You probably can’t get anything more anti-climactic at now (of course you can, but in my case, this would be bad enough). And even if it were to be my Christmas gift, I would gladly read it now and bring it along to my parental home on the 24th of December, gushing over it and ranting about how wonderful it is (how can it not be?)

All I need now is big slice of cheesecake and – dare I say it? – some decent plunger coffee (it’s been 11 months since my last cuppa!) and I’m all set 🙂

Too bad my week is so busy: at my parental home tonight, hair and make-up trial tomorrow evening, pick my younger sister up in Stellenbosch on Thursday evening, and going to see the new HARRY POTTER film Friday evening.

I guess I just won’t be sleeping, then…

Feeling Nostalgic

26 10 2010

It’s that time of year again.

Well… not really… but it’s always a good opening line, so why not use it?

I miss Stellenbosch. Not that I’m unhappy with where I currently find myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘job’ (read: internship, although ‘employer’ – OUP – is more accurate), and I am treated so well and praised so highly, I’m afraid that if I pinch myself, it’ll all be gone – *poof* – just like that.

But still I miss it. I miss getting up early on a Sunday morning and walking down deserted, quiet Victoria Street, watching the rustle of the leaves no matter what the season, and that sense of eerie calm that only seems to exist on a Sunday.

I miss listening to the hundreds of birds chirping as you walk from the residence past Wilgenhof’s tennis courts and across Victoria Street on your way to class. The occasional squirrel, sometimes even in the tree right outside my 4th year res room window. English seminars and creative writing classes. Cups of coffee and big splashy rain puddles. Post-essay/ assignment relief, feeling sleepy while reading articles for our theory class, and being way ahead with research and deadlines.

Yes, back then, I still drank coffee.

It’s been almost 11 months since my last cuppa.

All this comes back to me every time we go to pick my sister up from or drop her off at her (no longer ‘my’, not really) residence. It’s absolutely scary to think that a year has passed since I was last there for my own academic purposes rather than that of my first year sister. She started with her final exams yesterday, and by the 17th of November, she will have finished with the first year of her four year course.

My little sister, through her first year of university.

It’s almost hard to believe…

Perhaps that’s why I feel slightly nostalgic – not for my student days, so much, although I wouldn’t mind to have had the luxury of doing my Masters, but just the beauty and rhythm and vibrancy and much-ness of Stellenbosch.

Two of the girls I studied with have already gotten married. A third one is set to tie the knot this coming Saturday. After that, I’m next. Four of us got engaged last year, and I’m wondering how the rest of the group are doing. Some are doing their Masters, others are pursuing different courses (academic or no), and one is even overseas, studying at the esteemed York after being accepted there.

And me? I’m working at a publishing house where people (over-)value my work, even if it took me 8 months of sitting at home doing nothing to get here…

Yet once, just once more, I’d like to walk across the Rooi Plein with my hazelnut coffee and huge cookie from DCM, listening to the birds chirp and watching the squirrels gambolling (yes, I am now attributing the action to squirrels instead of kittens, but it’s close enough) as I smell the sweet leaf-scattered air of my once-upon-a-not-so-long-ago campus.

That’s not too much to ask… is it?