Happy 4th of July!

4 07 2012

Hullo there, blog readers

I just thought I’d take the time to wish all the Americans out there a happy Independence Day … but only because it gives me another opportunity to post a picture of a very cute kitty! *squee* 🙂

Also: a very happy birthday to Mr Jack Daniels! Here’s to a better year ahead for you.


Cyoot kittehs are here to take the ‘meh’ out of your day

11 08 2011

Another morning, another Meh-day.

I don’t know why the weeks are going by so quickly. I’m not going to complain, since the fact that it is already Thursday Meh-day proves to me that I’ve been keeping busy at work (although, yes, Tuesday was a public holiday). It’s just a pity that, when the working week feels so ‘short’ because it went by quickly, weekends feel even shorter :-/

Let’s make the most of today and lift the mood a bit with some cyoot kittehs, shall we? Before you know it, it’ll be 5PM on Friday and you can all start to relax a bit.

Happy Meh-day, everyone!

Basement kitteh approvez of yur soxes

Me laaavezz you ❤

Who ordered teh boxful of cyoot?

Ai haz a thursteez

A basketz, fur me?

Playin outdoorz is hard wurk

I'z goin boarding, brb

Wake me wen itz Caturday