Ai can has brains? *om nom nom*

31 10 2011

Happy (or should that be miserable?) Halloween, everyone!!

I hope your cauldrons are bubbling and that spirits are high despite the fact that it’s Monday. I was at the office just before eight this morning… only to find 10 e-mails from my manager waiting for me (not to mention the 5 or 6 other e-mails). Quite a horrifying start to Halloween 😉 [Can hardly believe it’s already 2:20PM…]

We went to a Halloween party on Saturday, which means that I spent quite an amount of time baking and decorating cupcakes, plus coming up with some ‘finger food’ *maniacal laughter* I, of course, decided to dress up as a cat (didn’t turn out so ‘lame’ after all), and my Significant Other went as… a zombie!! Don’t I have the greatest ideas?

He was perfect for the role, anyway; no different than usual!!!

Here are a few pics:

The 'little monsters' cupcakes I baked for the occasion. Each one had a different face!

Like the fingers? I hacked them off myself...

Basement kitteh says: "Ai can has yor soulz?"

Yes, of course I had a tail

"Braaaiiins!" My Significant Other's 'costume' turned out REALLY well

Brains done; now for some finger food...

Have a frightful, fear-filled time!


Almost Meowloween

28 10 2011

Good morning, blog readers

I hope you’ve all been having a good week 🙂

It’s the weekend before Halloween (note: shops have had Christmas decorations out since the end of September), and although we don’t really ‘celebrate’ it here in South Africa (the trick-or-treat part, that is – lots of people hold Halloween parties), I’ve wanted to post some Meowloween LOLcats all week long. Work, however, had other plans for me…

But now it’s Friday/ Fried-day, and I don’t want to put off getting everybody in the spirit (yes, that’s intentional) of things.

I myself will be dressing up as a black cat for a Meowloween Halloween party we are attending tomorrow night (though all I want to do is get some rest 😦 At least my costume is Caturday approved!!) My Significant Other thinks that my costume idea is ‘boring’ *throws small hissy-fit* but I have the ears, tail, and attire/ cosmetics to put my ‘costume’ together. He can worry about finding himself a costume (perhaps a mafia boss/ vampire/ zombie? – zombie would be AWESOME!) while I try to come up with some creepy cookies & cupcakes.

So here, for your end-of-the-week pleasure, I present to you: kittehs ‘n pumpkins!

Remember, Remember…

5 11 2010

Halloween is over, and Christmas is on its way, but today people have another reason to ‘celebrate’ – because, after all, people grab any possible opportunity they get to have a bit of fun.

And so today, a lot of people are in glad tidings over Guy Fawkes Day.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

But do they actually know what it means, how the rest of that little rhyme goes, or who Guy Fawkes was?

Probably not. Brush up on your history, people. Don’t be happy-go-lucky just because it’s ‘bonfire night’.

Guy Fawkes joined up with a group of English Catholics in 1604, coming up with the (probably-not-so-) famous (-amongs-a-lot-of-people) Gunpowder Plot. Basic gist: they were planning to assassinate King James (a Protestant). And how would this be done?

Why, by blowing up parliament of course.

[Something I’m sure a lot of us sometimes feel like doing…]

However, this glorious plot was not to reach completion, for on the eve of 26 October 1605, an anonymous letter was sent to Lord Monteagle, informing him that something was afoot. Of course, the conspirators were confident that this letter would be seen as a hoax, so they decided to continue with their plot anyway, planting barrels of gunpowder amongst the piles of coal and firewood in the cellar of the Parliament building.

After being discovered at the scene on – you guessed it – the 5th of November, undergoing torture and interrogation, and being trialled in January of 1606, Fawkes was to be hanged, drawn and quartered. He was able to jump from the gallows, but broke his neck in the process. Ironic, I suppose, but at least dying quickly is better than swinging by a rope and choking to death. Not that they let him be after he was dead – his corpse was still drawn and quartered (gruesome, huh?), and to top it all of, his body parts were distributed to various parts of the kingdom, serving as a sort of warning to other conspirators and traitors.

So, why are we supposed to remember the 5th of November?

According to Wikipedia, “[O]n 5 November 1605 Londoners were encouraged to celebrate the King’s escape from assassination by lighting bonfires, “always provided that ‘this testemonye of joy be careful done without any danger or disorder'”. An Act of Parliament designated each 5 November as a day of thanksgiving for “the joyful day of deliverance”, and remained in force until 1859”.

A crock of s*** (the whole ‘deliverance’ and thanksgiving thing), if you ask me, but at least there is the joke that Guy Fawkes was the only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions 😉

Now that I’ve given you a bit of a history lesson, feel free to light your bonfires, and shoot off rockets and crackers, and whatever else one does on Guy Fawkes night – because I don’t know how it’s ‘supposed’ to be celebrated. I only blog here.

Happy Christmas… no, Merry Halloween… wait —

28 10 2010

I’m not so sure which one it is anymore!

It’s pretty much the ‘season’ where things are a bit mixed up when you go to grocery stores or shopping centres. At the end of (even mid–) September/ beginning of October, many stores already started packing out Christmas chocolates and decorations and trees and all things ho-ho-happy.

Bring pumpkins, dancing – dangling – skeletons and warty witches’ noses into the mix, and the result brings about a pretty bizarre display window or aisle .

It’s Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas, and a bubble-bubble-toil-and-trouble cauldron full of tinsel entwined messiness. A morphing of two ‘holidays’ that in no way whatsoever (not really, I believe) relate to one another.

So what’s a girl to do?

For a few years now, my mum has treated the ‘kiddies’ in her Grade 7 class to goodie bags with treats for Halloween – just as a joke. It’s a way for her to put a smile on their faces and ‘indulge’ them (and herself) at least a bit since we here in South Africa don’t go about tricking or treating or costumed or whatever on the night when ghosties and ghoulies run amuck on their horned feetsies.

Puts me in the mood to watch that Garfield Halloween special… and I’ll admit, I still remember many of the words to the various songs.

I remember during my first year at university, I actually dressed up as a cat and went to write my History exam that way. I’ve told you about this, right? Yes, I believe so… in any case, I always smile to myself, knowing that even though we fall out of the ‘sphere’ of Halloween and all its accompaniments (i.e. that we don’t, for a fact, celebrate it), stores are making a killing. Ah, consumerism, you ol’ beauty! People help line the various stores’ pockets by literally buying into this so-called holiday, dressing up and holding Halloween parties (in a lot of cases, when it comes to non-kiddies, to drink and be merry).

And then, right on the heels of that, we’ll be back to singing our carols and pretending to be all good-natured and gosh-darned hoooly – holy, for those who prefer the un-drawn out version – because we’re rejoicing in the miracle of the birth of a saviour. Oh, we have to be good and only be nice and giving this one time of year, to spend spend spend and empty our pockets… but we’re filling our hearts with joy… right? Right?!

Ah, cynicism, there you are again. Or are you Scrooge? Probably doesn’t matter, either way.

It’s such a shame that holidays are so highly overrated. You’d think that people would learn by now that, although giving and receiving gifts is great, not to mention having big feast-like meals but once a year, this is only symbolic. Why can’t we care anytime of the year? Why can’t we make an effort to invite people over for meals to show that we care and are thankful to know them? Why don’t we give small gifts at any time of the year?

Maybe I should stick my head in the trick-or-treat bag I don’t have yet and hide my face until this whole hullabaloo is over.

‘Bah humbug’, anyone?

I’ve always preferred the mint ones…

(What would happen if we brought Chanukah into the mix…? Someone call SOUTH PARK!!)