It’s Been A Looong Time

21 09 2009

Finally, I am blogging again.

I thought that a blog would be useful to help me unleash my creative side… then again… have I had it on a leash? Well, even if I have or haven’t, it has been pretty docile up until now. I would feed it – nothing. I would stroke it’s furry little head – nothing. I would bribe it, coax it, lavish it with attention, and even play to its every whim – and still, nothing. Up until now… up until now… Another thing: if it’s unleashed, what kind of animal does convention suppose it to be? Usually dogs are leashed (while I am at the end of my tether), so unleashing it reminds me a lot of that short story “Vendetta” – anybody read that? I’d like to think of my imagination as a cat. Okay, so most people don’t have their cat on a leash, although it is known to happen… Still, I like to think of myself as the curiosity cat, where satisfaction always brings me back from that alleged death… And yet, Stephen King writes: “Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought him back. But, my friends, while curiosity is a proveable fact, satisfaction is more of a rumor”… Can the (female) writer thus ever be satisfied?

It’s frustrating when you are an aspiring writer, only to come up with jack. Everyday occurences are fascinating and stimulating enough to draw inspiration from, yet most days my energy feels drained, its life-blood funneled carefully while I’m not looking – the vampires have become more subtle and tricky. These vampires don’t try to charm you; instead, they seem to be blase and non-commital – “don’t need your blood, sveetheart. You just keep on vorking avay like jew alvays do… oh, and vile ve are at eet, how about some more vurk? Eez just a leetle bit more, jew can do eet… and ve give jew more, and more, ve vant you to reach ze full potential ve feel jew have… no, no, zees vill not do, jew must do it again, and zees time, take eento account” blahblah et cetera et cetera… Obtaining an honours degree sure is hard work, although I have been coping reasonably well. It’s not every student who goes to the orientation meeting with their large research essay proposal already plotted out, with a specific supervisor in mind.

Imagination Luckily, my imagination and I have had a little chat… in as much it is possible to talk to  a cat. He uses his own feline form of dialect. I talk, and he tilts his head quizically, either ‘voicing’ his opinion by a meow, licking, or (generally) looking down and then back up again so as to confuse me. The writing has been going quite well – that cat is sure scratching the hell out of the idea tree. Better the tree than my bed or laptop…

Hopefully, my blog entries will increase to at least one entry every second day. University can be a real bleep bleep exclamation marks and so on, but as long as I can write, I’ll be able to bang the doldrums.

Come on, pretty kitty, we have work to do…

[Let this be your scratching post – my imagination needs a good scratch, and together, we can post many a great things on this blog, you and I… And even if we don’t, I’ll fix up a batch of lasagne.]