Happy birthday, Addy!

19 04 2012

So today is an exceptionally special day…

…since my younger sister, Addy, is turning 21 (!!!) *sniff*

Addy, you know that being someone’s sister isn’t always easy (especially in our case, amirite?!), but you have to admit that it’s a LOT of fun too 😉

There’s so much I can say to you on what is deemed a momentous occasion, but I also don’t want you to get ’embarrassed’ or overwhelmed by my sentimentality, so I thought I’d lighten the general mood by having Basement Cat join in the celebrations:

On a more serious & soppy note, I just want to let you know that I think

Sure, you’re at university and have to go to your classes et cetera, but I still hope that the day is filled with fun, laughter, happiness, mischief, treats (read: gifts, flowers, chocolate, CAKE) and everything that someone as superb as yourself deserves Every. Single. Day. !!

In conclusion, all that I really want to say it this: ai Lovez you, me twinzee! *biiiiiiiig hug* Sad that I’m not with you, but I’ll see you on Saturday. xxxx


Happy birthday, Libby!

6 01 2012

Another family birthday for the week: first my husband, and now my older sister!

Haaaaappy Biiiirthday, Libby *big hug*

As always, I wish that abundant happiness, prosperity, love, success, and all those other lovely sentiments will be bestowed upon you this year, and in all the years to come… Two more years, just two, then you’ll be 30 😀

But for now, just relax, enjoy the last bit of your leave before it’s back to work, and make the most of what is, after all, your Special Day. If we lived in the UK, I would definitely have bought you a Simon’s Cat cake!

Putting the happy in my day

8 11 2011

It’s heeeeeere!!

After months of anxious waiting, it has finally arrived: the latest Stephen King novel hits shelves today!

Since I find myself not situated in the US or UK, I’ve readied myself for the fact that I shall have to wait at least a day or two (or ten, with my luck) before I can lay my hands on one of these glorious tomes… but still, the excitement is there 🙂

Stephen King is always my pick-me-up. I have my Significant Other (aka The Husband), who is the light of my life, the wind in my sails, the blood and oxygen that keeps my heart pumping, and all those lovely clichés (all of which I truly mean! *love you Sweetheart*), but luckily he knows my devotion to the works of my favourite author as one of his ‘Dear Readers’.

As ‘fate’ would have it, I even wrote a blog post about this last year… almost a full year to the date, if you can believe that! At the time I had been feeling ‘off’ (check), suffering from my usual bout of bad headaches (check) and feeling nauseous/ light-headed/ dizzy/ listless (that is affirmative). Once again the famed Master Writer has come along to save the day – to make me forget about how icky I feel and helping me to escape into the wonderful world of words, what-if wishes and well-plotted suspense. At that occasion FULL DARK, NO STARS had just been released… and, now that I think of it, it was most likely also released on the 8th of November or thereabouts, since I had to wait just over a week before it was in stores here.

Next year March/ April (in time for my birthday, hurray!) we have THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE to look forward to for all you DARK TOWER fans, and closer to the end of the year – probably in November, if you ask me, why not stick with the trend? – we can expect DR SLEEP (the much anticipated follow-up to THE SHINING!) Oh mortality, how fleeting you are, that you already make me wish that death never goes a-knocking on Master King’s door…

Okay, weird little sort-of worshipping rant aside, the latest novel is called 11/22/63 and takes a look at the Kennedy assassination. It’s another wonderful ‘what if’: what if you could go back in time and stop those three shots from ringing out, stop death and confusion and all that was still to come, putting the world onto an alternate course of history? Well, fellow readers, we shall see…

Now if only I could get my Significant Other to phone the bookstore and find out when they’re expecting the much anticipated novels *hint-hint, grovel, blatant plea, sad kitty eyes*


UPDATE: How wonderful is my older sister Libby? After reading my blog entry, she phoned the book store and enquired as to when they expect to have the book in stock, to which they answered Friday. Thank you sooo much, sis! xxx

The three graces [call me Joy – I dare you]

19 08 2011

This morning, while looking for photos to use in my next blog post (which I may post today, thus making two posts in one day *astonished face*), I came upon this picture and immediately wanted to caption it ‘The three graces’:

The Three Graces: Addy (youngest, in yellow), Liz (yours truly) & Libby (oldest, in black) on my wedding day

 Being interested in mythology as I am (and in this instance, we’re dealing with the Greeks/ Romans), I remembered that the Graces were three goddesses that epitomized joy, charm and beauty. While both my sisters have lots of charm and beauty, and can probably spread joy wherever they go – though whether they feel joyful at times is questionable, I think it’s genetic – I’m not exactly sure where I’d fit in.

This being the case, I decided to go use good old Google to divine which goddess/ sister was which.

It turns out that these three, from youngest to oldest, were Aglaia/ Aglaea (“Splendor” or “Radiance”, “the one who harvests”); Euphrosyne (“Mirth” or “Joy”, literally “the one who brings joy”); and Thalia (“Good Cheer” or “Flowering”, “the one who blossoms”).

And yes, incidentally, we are standing from youngest to oldest in the photo above.

If you look at the meanings further, you’ll discover that Aglaia – the youngest – was named thus for her beauty and goodness. I think that suits my younger sister.

Thalia – the oldest – was named for her continuous/ everlasting freshness… which might be suited to my older sister Libby. She may be tired at times, but she rarely allows herself to be defeated, and after a gym session she’s all guns blazing and raring to go. Of course, the Graces were also goddesses of “cheerful amusement”, which refers to “the characteristics of loveliness”, and that definitely suits Libby. “Freshness”, after all, can also refer to beauty, and both my sisters are lovely.

Although, after reading the PERCY JACKSON books and encountering their depiction of Thalia (stubborn, a go-getter, very no-nonsense), I think that suits my older sister far better!! 😉

And then there’s the middle sister, Euphrosyne. The one who brings joy. The one who’s supposed to be cheerful. Me. *exasperated look* Sure, if you like your mirth with a shot of sarcasm or silly humour (which I suppose could be seen as merriment).

That said, I think that maybe there could be a small hint of truth in that. I like making people happy/ joyful by doing special things for them, and I put in a lot of effort. I’ve become semi-‘famous’ for the hugs I give… which, maybe, isn’t so bad, though it is peculiar to be known for something like that. I just think that out of all things you could attribute to someone, ‘joy’ most likely wouldn’t be mentioned when it comes to me.

But hey, I could be wrong – if I’m able to put a smile on someone’s face, to lighten their load, to provide assistance/ listen/ help out where I can, and to bake a chocolate cake/ cookies/ cheesecake that is eagerly devoured (*nom nom nom*), then I’m definitely spreading some joy.

Just don’t bother me tomorrow morning – I could really use some sleep, and if you disturb me, I might not be all sparkly rainbows and sunshine… Or I’ll find a way to mirth you to death. Whatever that means.

Sleep – I need it

28 07 2011

Think you’ve been having a rough few days?

I started cooking, cleaning & entertaining people once I arrived home from work last Friday (this lasted until Sunday evening). Monday and Tuesday I had all-day training, after which I had to sit in traffic and check my work e-mails. And yesterday, I not only had a pretty full and productive day, but I also spent an hour and a half working when I got home…

…only to have the meeting/ briefing session for the task I had completed moved to a different time-slot… an hour and a half later(!!)

It’s not that I’m particularly lacking in the sleep department. Since Sunday evening, I’ve been getting into bed between 10 & 11 PM, then getting up at 6/ 7 AM. We’re talking about at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep here. Sure, I wake up a few times or decide to give up on sleep an hour before I actually have to get up, yet in general, I’ve been getting a little bit more sleep than usual.

And, yes, I’m craving more.

My strange genetics are probably screwing me over right now. Usually I’d like to blame what’s going on with me on my genes, though I seriously doubt my sleeping habits have much to do with the twisting, looping string that is my genetic coding. Ditto on the extreme headaches I’ve come to live with, since none of my family members suffer from daily headaches. A headache or migraine now and again, sure, but Every. Single. Day. (for 8 years running)?! Not likely.

Then of course there’s my messed up reproductive system, which also cannot be blamed on genetics as far as I am aware of, since my mother/ aunts/ cousins don’t suffer the same fate I do (nor did any grandmothers or great-grandmothers). I must admit, however, that it is very strange and even coincidental that all three my mother’s daughters have problems when it comes to their female bits. I’ve had traces of endometriosis removed and my ovaries have polycystic tendencies (these are but two of the problems that I am aware of); my older sister has had cysts removed twice; and my younger sister has too much testosterone and some such stuff.

I think somebody put me on my Sleep Cycle/ Mode. The clock isn’t ticking by the minutes I have left to be fertile and have children, but is rather being muffled by the metaphorical snores of my sleep-needing body.

And because of this, I feel so incredibly tired, ill and over just about everything that I would like nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep for as long as I possibly can.

This just proves to me that I should have been a cat.

Somebody find me a sunspot and a comfy pillow, stat!! ‘coz I’m getting tired of constantly feeling tired… 😦

Today is really feeling like Meh-day, all right…