Christmas kitties

21 12 2011

“It’s Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…”

…I think I started a blog with that line… (already) 😉

Still not filled up with that magical feeling that the Festive Season allegedly evokes? Cheer up with some kitties in Christmas hats, boxes, and sniffing about the tree – they sure seem to be enjoying themselves. What can I say: it’s a  (curiosity-)cat thing.

Now if only I had a Smudgy-sized Xmas hat for a picture taking session… *laugh*


Some Christmas blog entries

19 12 2011

Well hullo, dearest blog readers!

I hope that you’ve all got your bells jingling and the halls decked, because there are only 5 more ‘sleeps’ until we hit Christmas Eve!

Many people are already on holiday (lucky them), but if you’re like me and still working until the last (which, for me, is Friday), then you don’t have to feel ‘ashamed’ if you haven’t been experiencing the feel-good spirit that the festive season is supposed to evoke. It still doesn’t feel like Christmas is around the corner. All I can think about is work, work, work…

I do have my tree up, though – that should count for something!! 😉

Small but suitable for our apartment

There's even an edible candycane on the tree!

Smudgy's very own stocking

Let's jingle some bells!

Ooh, shiny...

I spent last night baking some Christmas cookies while watching THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, so I’m sure that counts as getting in to the spirit of things… right? Now all I need to really get me going is to watch my favourite ‘Christmas’ movie: DIE HARD!

I know lots of people search for Christmas-related blog entries around this time, which is why I decided to share a few of my old entries that I thought you’d enjoy. I’ll see if I can find time to be cynical and get my “bah humbug” on before the 25th 😉



* It’s Christmas time

* Christmas: Fall Out Boy style

* Call me Cookie

* “Oh I’m the happiest Christmas tree…”

* Christmas carols with a twist

* Garfield – the 12 courses of dinner

* Christmas with South Park

* Christmas carols with LOLcats

* The 12 days of Christmas: Pokémon style

* Cartoon Christmas specials I grew up with

* Christmas sing-along with Garfield

* Holiday cheer?

Holiday cheer?

5 12 2011

I’m not sure how festive this season will turn out to be…

We’re standing at the 5th of December, and I have yet to hear any Christmas music blaring in the shopping centres. The closest I’ve come to this was when my Significant Other and I were sitting in a restaurant last Thursday evening and a total of two (if even) Christmassy songs played softly in the background. The only thing going on in the shopping centres is absolute madness. This past weekend proved it, and I am glad that all my Christmas shopping is done… because if it was bad last weekend, it’s only going to get exponentially worse once schools close this coming Friday. Having the kiddies around the complex is going to be a reeeaaal treat for my Significant Other…

One of the local radio stations launched the Boney M Acclimatisation Program (BMAP) in November. Every other morning, they play a Boney M song, allowing people to get used to the so-called ‘brainwashing-waves’ (brainwashing + brainwaves, get it?)  in hopes to help them from spending all their money on gifts when their ears are assaulted by the festive tunes. Although this is cute and funny/ silly, I find it rather hard to swallow how people use aforementioned music as an excuse for their excessive shopping. ‘Oh, it wasn’t my fault – the Boney M music started playing, and it was like I lost control of my mental faculties. Really, I couldn’t help myself!!’ *roll eyes*

Okay, everybody, let's put more spendy frenzy into the chorus!

Great, so now everybody is against Christmas music… religious nuts, shoppers, my Significant Other… I started listening to some festive tunes yesterday, then felt ‘guilty’ because my S.O. doesn’t much care for it (even though I had my headphones on and he wasn’t there), so I turned it off.

Then there’s the little matter of Christmas trees. I wrapped all our gifts yesterday (hurray for me!) and will be putting up our little tree this evening, which is a step in the festive direction for our domicile. I’m not sure the same can be said for my parental home. It’s the first year since forever – probably since my older sister was little, which makes it 27 years ago – that my parentals will have a fake Christmas tree. Although it’s nice to have a real tree, it just becomes more and more expensive every year, and if you add all of that up over the years, it’s a lot of money! With a fake tree – nice and tall to fit into their living room with the high ceiling – you save money in the long run, plus you help to save some trees. All that’s good and well, but the reason I don’t think that things are all tinsel and baubles and happy sparkling lights, is the fact that my younger sister Addy refuses to decorate the fake tree… which she calls ‘that thing’ with great antagonism.

My work here is done...

Oh, and did I mention how I was looking forward to the release of the latest edition of the Sarie Kos (Sarie Food) magazine, only to find nothing Christmassy about it? *shakes head* Perhaps I should have some of those ‘Christmas’ truffles I bought to make myself feel better.

I could always spread some of the holiday cheer around the office by baking some cookies! My Significant Other bought me some more cookies cutters over the weekend, so now I have a Christmas tree, snowman and reindeer I can use! Since I’ll be working until the 23rd of December (and I think others will, as well), I’m sure we’ll be needing those sweet treats to boost our morale.

Plus point: summer hasn’t been very summery over here thus far (yesterday’s 37 degrees Celsius excluded), so I’m hoping for a cool Christmas. It’ll sure beat unbearable heat and help fight off sluggishness and irritability (not the best combination for happy faces and feelings of harmony)…

So, how do you feel about Christmas 2011?

Christmas is a-comin’…

28 11 2011

Good morning, blog readers

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I spent some time with my family, baked some goodies (chocolate cake, cupcakes & cookies!), and had to help my Significant Other move our entire bedroom around because he bought a second air-conditioner (this included making cupboard space by unpacking, repacking and sorting what I would or wouldn’t need/ use anymore).

So the ‘countdown’ to Christmas has begun. Truth be told, I have yet to hear any Christmas music playing in the shopping centres or grocery stores. Some people say that they have heard the carols playing and angel choirs a-singin’, but I’m not sure how much of it we’ll be hearing this year. There’s been a movement to have Christmas music banned/ toned-down since people find it offensive (or use it as an excuse why they’re spending so much). I think it’s quite sad… I myself am not religious, but neither is all Christmas music, and Christmas isn’t just about religion. It’s a time for family and friends, a time to be together and be grateful, to show what others mean to us and just have a nice, relaxing, feel-good time. It’s the one time of year that you ‘have’ to do aforementioned (though we should be aiming for this throughout the entire year).

My Significant Other isn’t a big fan of Christmas music, anyway, so I foresee many evenings and weekends of me sitting with my headphones on 😉 At least he doesn’t mind a Christmas tree in the apartment.

Speaking of the festive/ holiday season, I’m halfway with my shopping. I’ve bought Christmas gifts for my two sisters, my Significant Other and my mother-in-law, plus a birthday gift for my mum. That just leaves Christmas gifts for my parents and my sister’s husband, and a birthday gift for my older sister. Perhaps I should try to find something for Smudgy, as well… *laugh*

There’s the gift of giving and the rapture of receiving, but the most important thing of the festive season is being together and showing that we care. Like Garfield says:

“Christmas: It’s not the giving, it’s not the getting – it’s the loving.”

Have a great Monday!

Busy times

25 11 2011

Good morning you happy little campers you!

It’s hard to believe that it’s Fried-day again… and in one month’s time, it’ll be Christmas! 😀

Things are pretty busy here at work, and up until the end of February/ beginning of March, their only going to get exponentially busier! It’s exciting to see a book through from the planning stage right until the end, but the deadline we’re working with is crazy (nature of the industry). On the plus side, it’s allowing me to build on my efficiency and prove to the company what an asset I am *hint-hint* Still, after long days and weeks of juggling 20 different things and having to put up with the Department of Education’s undecidedness, it’s enough to spur on the madness (I was going to say it’ll drive you mad, but we’re all mad here). You know there’s no hope for you when you send your line manager an e-mail saying “We should all put on our thinking CAPS (yes, pun intended) about this”… CAPS being the new curriculum document that is in a limbo state of Final-final-final-final-final (but not actually yet final) version *sigh*

Ah, Business Cat, I know how you feel...

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I’ll be sharing a few pictures of what has been keeping me busy/ amusing me during the last two weeks. My Significant Other has already tried to outright bribe me into letting us test drive a car (that he isn’t going to buy, according to him) tomorrow morning. I told him that he doesn’t need to bribe me, that we’re in a partnership… but perhaps I should let him sweat a bit. He’ll have to find something pretty darn good to coax me with 😉

Have a superb day and gloooorious weekend, dearest readers! I’ve already been commissioned to bake cookies & cake for our Monday meeting (i.e. work), so that’s a bit of ‘fun’ lined up for my Sunday.

This is a picture from one of our Foundation Phase (i.e. Gr 1 - 3) books. My Significant Other always says he wants a fat cat, which is why I couldn't resist sharing this picture with him

From an illustrated school dictionary. My S.O. complains that he's (getting) fat, which is why this pic's so funny to me. Here's hoping he doesn't become so rotund & 'grumpy'... Oh, wait, too late for the 'grumpies'!!

The new Stephen King novel (aaaah!!) - had to wait nearly a week before it was available in SA, but it was worth it

Look how happy I am! Long live Stephen King ❤

We went to visit my S.O.'s uncle & aunt, where we met their new kitty, La Scala. Cutie!

After weeks of sitting with a computer that would spontaneously freeze & switch off, they FINALLY got me a new one: box, screen, keyboard & mouse... The screen is bigger, plus it has Windows7 on. Nice

In times of stress, keep calm & eat a cupcake! I baked these myself

Dinosaur cake for my brother-in-law's birthday... & no, its name is NOT Barney

Smudgy and I have been having nice cuddly times/ moments of affection this week. Fills my heart with joy & love ❤

I've been watching a LOT of Nyan Cat videos on YouTube this week - sad, I know... Need to get myself this scarf!

I love surprises…

15 01 2011

…especially when you know that you’ll be receiving a package from across the waters and have been waiting for it for weeks and the gifts turn out to be unbelievably AwEsOmE! 😉

Mr Jack Daniels (yes, my friend all the way from Tennessee who I’ve known for almost ten years) sent me a package for Christmas. He posted it on the 3rd of December, and despite the fact that the post office allegedly notified me that I could come pick it up on the 6th of January already, I only received the second notification, which showed up on the 13th.

Yesterday, my younger sister and I went to the post office to collect said package… and boy, was I unprepared for what I found in it!

My wonderful ‘little sister’ (who is actually Mr JD’s younger sister) had a t-shirt made for me:

It’s slightly too big for me, and rather long (I’m still wearing my other shirt underneath!), yet it’s absolutely adorable ❤

You’ll never guess what Mr JD sent me, though…

My Inner Reader squealed upon opening the various numbered presents, which I had to open in the correct order. Can you guess what it is?

A Barnes&Noble NOOK ereader, along with a protective cover and ebooks gift card.

Yes, I was – and still am – extremely excited (to say the least).

The only problem is, when you go onto the B&N site, your billing address has to be in the United States… They are still ‘struggling’ to process my order as they are having an “issue” with my payment… and I still haven’t received the e-mail so I can download my purchase!! *sigh*

Oh well – at least the gift was exceptionally thoughtful. Thank you sooo much, Mr Jack Daniels – I owe you big time!!

And so we get presents :-D

27 12 2010

Happy day-after-Boxing-Day-which-is-a-public-holiday-since-Boxing-Day-fell-on-a-Sunday, everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones from the 24th to 26th (sorry for my absence from my blog for two days) – I just hope you’re still able to move after all the festive meals. All I know is that I don’t want to see food until New Years Eve…

…since we’re going to Lagoon Beach Hotel with my future parentals-in-law.

We spent Christmas Eve with my parentals. Want to see the pile of presents under the tree for seven people?

Pretty impressive, huh?

Are afternoon usually plays out as follows: arrive, talk to everyone, help with preparations in the kitchen, lay out everything on the table so it looks ‘attractive’ (it’s all about presentation with my dad), sit about a bit and watch the Garfield Xmas Special, eat, help clean up, hang about, then open gifts (and eventually bugger off ;-p )

For quite a few years now, my dad makes the most amazing finger foods – from cold cuts and chicken strips to ribs and mini frikadelle (meatballs). This year, however, he decided to try something new and ordered three platters, instead… platters with a selection of Chinese goodies! Spicy green beans, noodles, mini vegetable springrols, bite sized pieces of beef and chicken and ribs, triangle-shaped ‘pancakes’…

…and a whole platter full of sushi!!!

I’ve never eaten much sushi – I had a few pieces on my 21st and 22nd birthdays (this year I was at my parental home for dinner, hence no going out and ordering sushi) – thus it was quite a treat to be able to ‘indulge’, as it were. There was no raw fish in it, mind (mostly crab and avocado), but it was still tasty. My younger sister didn’t like it; she tried one piece, then spat it out because she thought the seaweed tasted funny.

In any case, let me not regale with the details of the meal – let me tell you about what was in store for yours truly under the tree. Talking about (and showing the) gifts is always fun.

From my parentals

My mum and dad bought me my own teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl complete with eight coffee/ tea cups. They also got me two sets of cutlery (which results in 8 teaspoons, 8 knives, 8 forks and 8 table spoons) and a big cookie/ sweetie jar in the form of a cupcake (aforementioned jar was filled with sweets). The joys of being part of a ‘we’: you usually get stuff for your kitchen/ home.

From Addy

Also from Addy

My younger sister, Addy, bought me a cute Spongebob t-shirt that read “Get yer nerd on”, as well as a set of teal-ish/ blue-ish earrings from Honey and two little signs with the words “Peace” and “Hope” on them respectively. The “Peace” one is now against our guest bathroom door, while “Hope” adorns my Significant Other’s ‘office’ (where my four bookcases are).

From my big sis

My older sister, Libby (let’s call her that, since people have mispronounced her name in the past), bought me the first two books of the Beauty Killer series by Chelsea Cain. I borrowed and read her copy of the second book, then bought myself the third book to read. Now I can finally read the first book! Since she owns the first two books, I bought her the third book for Christmas 🙂 She also got me a box of Occasions chocolates (luckily they only have 8 in).

Ironically, she got me the coffee flavoured ones… and I haven’t had a cup of coffee since 18 December 2009.

From my Significant Other

Since my Significant Other bought me a pearl necklace and pearl bracelet to go with my wedding dress, I told him not to get me anything else for Christmas… although, of course, as is evident from the photo above, he did. My first additional (or ‘actual’ gift, because he says that the pearls ‘don’t count’) gift was a cooling rack/ stand/ thingy for my laptop, which tends to overheat and shut off of its own accord for some inexplicable reason. And believe me, this is quite a nifty device – I cannot believe how cool my keys are! He also got me a gift card from Woolworth – so that ‘you can buy yourself some new clothes and nice things’.

Guess I’ll have to buy him something nice for his birthday instead of saying (as was my initial intention) that the Russell Hobbes coffee machine I bought was a conjoined Christmas-birthday gift (his birthday is on the 4th of January).

Mr Jack Daniels and his family (my Tennessee parentals, as it were) sent me something in the post… and I’m pretty curious to find out what it is. I’ve hounded my sister to watch the parental postbox for a slip of paper informing me that I need to go pick up a package at the post office. I just hope it arrives sometime this week (and that the Christmas cards I sent them have arrived, as well).

The greatest ‘present’ of them all is the fact that I got to spend time with both my sets of parentals (genetically and, soon, by marriage) and that we are all safe and happy, with love in our hearts and fond memories forever cherished.

So, did you get what you wanted for Christmas?