Ai can has brains? *om nom nom*

31 10 2011

Happy (or should that be miserable?) Halloween, everyone!!

I hope your cauldrons are bubbling and that spirits are high despite the fact that it’s Monday. I was at the office just before eight this morning… only to find 10 e-mails from my manager waiting for me (not to mention the 5 or 6 other e-mails). Quite a horrifying start to Halloween 😉 [Can hardly believe it’s already 2:20PM…]

We went to a Halloween party on Saturday, which means that I spent quite an amount of time baking and decorating cupcakes, plus coming up with some ‘finger food’ *maniacal laughter* I, of course, decided to dress up as a cat (didn’t turn out so ‘lame’ after all), and my Significant Other went as… a zombie!! Don’t I have the greatest ideas?

He was perfect for the role, anyway; no different than usual!!!

Here are a few pics:

The 'little monsters' cupcakes I baked for the occasion. Each one had a different face!

Like the fingers? I hacked them off myself...

Basement kitteh says: "Ai can has yor soulz?"

Yes, of course I had a tail

"Braaaiiins!" My Significant Other's 'costume' turned out REALLY well

Brains done; now for some finger food...

Have a frightful, fear-filled time!


Almost Meowloween

28 10 2011

Good morning, blog readers

I hope you’ve all been having a good week 🙂

It’s the weekend before Halloween (note: shops have had Christmas decorations out since the end of September), and although we don’t really ‘celebrate’ it here in South Africa (the trick-or-treat part, that is – lots of people hold Halloween parties), I’ve wanted to post some Meowloween LOLcats all week long. Work, however, had other plans for me…

But now it’s Friday/ Fried-day, and I don’t want to put off getting everybody in the spirit (yes, that’s intentional) of things.

I myself will be dressing up as a black cat for a Meowloween Halloween party we are attending tomorrow night (though all I want to do is get some rest 😦 At least my costume is Caturday approved!!) My Significant Other thinks that my costume idea is ‘boring’ *throws small hissy-fit* but I have the ears, tail, and attire/ cosmetics to put my ‘costume’ together. He can worry about finding himself a costume (perhaps a mafia boss/ vampire/ zombie? – zombie would be AWESOME!) while I try to come up with some creepy cookies & cupcakes.

So here, for your end-of-the-week pleasure, I present to you: kittehs ‘n pumpkins!

Kicking the habit (and taking up new ones)

21 10 2011

So yesterday (last night, actually) was interesting.

I had a particularly nasty headache. All I wanted to do was get home ASAP after work (check) and have a lie down (that’s a negative) before driving to a restaurant in Blouberg for a friend’s birthday.

Once we arrived there, my Significant Other insisted that we should each have a cocktail. I managed to make it through two-thirds of my pineapple & blueberry daiquiri before we went home (almost three hours with one drink/ beverage).

The only thing the girls seemed to be able to talk about, was gym (the closest I get to this is doing 15 minutes on our elliptical trainer every night) and dieting (said person already being thin and taking headache medication that has weight loss as a side effect)…

…so I ended up ordering a salad (lettuce, red cabbage, a few green beens and slivers of baby marrow & cucumber, about 2 or 3 halved cocktail tomatoes, and a minimal amount of chicken strips)…

…and exercising for 10 minutes when I got home.

I exercise my BRAIN by reading a lot - does that count?!

To top things off, when we parked the car in the garage, my Significant Other leaned over, kissed me (as is tradition), and told me that he wanted to tell me something upstairs. Fair enough – I though he was just going to be all cutesy and say that he loves me. But no: when we were in the apartment, he started this odd little speech about how’s he’s been thinking about something over the last few days and that he’s made a decision, et cetera – enough to make my heart start pounding with anxiety and to feel a heavy weight dropping in my stomach (ah, nausea, you sure have great timing).

And what did he end up telling me?

That he only had one cigarette left (he took it out of the packet and showed me)… and that, after that, he was going to quit smoking!!!

Apparently I didn’t look/ seem as overjoyed as I was ‘supposed’ to. I don’t have a problem with him smoking. I am glad that he made this decision for himself and will thus support him, but if he starts smoking again, so what? It won’t be the end of the world. (Though it’ll be tough when we go visit his parentals, because pretty much his entire family smokes.)

Since he’s decided to kick the habit, I think it’ll be a good idea for him (or us, actually) to start taking up a few new ones. For one thing, he can start using the elliptical trainer again. We could even get weights, and/ or do those exercises his physiotherapist gave him long ago (which he thinks is boring… so I’ll have to work out a rewards system *laugh*) It’s also a good thing that summer is coming, because that means more fruit and salads 🙂

I’m just hoping that this ‘new’ lifestyle will include plenty of sleep!!

Have a great Friday/ Fried-day, everyone.

Readers unite!

20 10 2011

I am so incredibly excited.

Why, you ask?

Because we’ve started a book club on Facebook!!

Okay, I suppose you need me to back it up just a little bit. Here’s the backstory:

At the beginning of the year (January/ February), I read the HUNGER GAMES trilogy – which I loved, of course. As the year progressed, I went on to read a lot of other books – and I mean a lot – but kept wondering how the film adaptation of the first book would turn out. I wasn’t all too happy to see who they cast for some of the parts, since they didn’t fit the descriptions in the book (don’t you just hate it when they choose someone who doesn’t even have the right hair colour?), but when I saw some pictures from the work-in-progress on IMDB, I started to think that perhaps they could pull it off. It’s amazing what a dye job, haircut and make-up can do…

Anyway, back to my story. I shared a link to the IMDB page with photos on my Facebook, and then a friend that went to university with me started chatting to me about the series and books in general. From that point on (probably at the start of September) we’ve been sharing and recommending books we enjoyed. She told me about the CHAOS WALKING trilogy, which I enjoyed just as much as the HUNGER GAMES (didn’t really like the ending, though), so I told her about the MAZE RUNNER trilogy – the final book came out a few days ago, making my timing for reading them perfect 🙂

You’ll note that all the aforementioned trilogies are dystopian novels (see my blog entry about it here), yet do not despair: we’ve shared other recommendations, as well. If you’re into light reads that include mystery and baking, you can try the Hannah Swensen Mysteries series by Joanne Fluke. If you still want a bit of mystery/ a ‘detective story’ and bring in the newspaper industry – and cats, don’t forget cats! – you can turn your attention to The Cat Who… series. My friend, Ms. Booklover, has introduced me to the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher – a cross between detective stories and wizards. To quote Wikipedia (and yes, I am going to do it, even though it isn’t always a reliable source), the series is pretty much “Dirty Harry Potter”… get it? Dirty Harry + Harry Potter (a hard-core detective and plenty of wizardry)? Ah, forget it.

Okay, one  more recommendation, then I’ll shut my trap. If any of you liked THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, I’d give THE WASP FACTORY by Iain M. Banks a read. It’s odd, interesting, destructive… Not everyone’s cup of tea. I won’t take offense if you read a few pages and then discard it. As long as you’re reading and engaging with the wonderful world of words, it makes me extremely happy. I’ve always have a great fondness for books, which is why I am glad to be sharing the experience with others… and to be able to do that. Not a lot of people have or make time for reading; others simply say that they don’t like to read *tsk-tsk* Where would we be without literacy? Without imagination, some form of escape?

If you love to read, feel free to post books you enjoyed in the comments section (which should be at the bottom of this blog entry). You can also share books you have started – perhaps a few times – and just cannot seem to finish/ get ‘into’. I’m always looking for new books to read…

Yip, pretty excited about sharing book recommendations with friends. Pretty darn much.

Readers unite!!! 😀

[PS: Do I even have to say that I recommend each and every work by the literary master writer Stephen King? No, I didn’t think so.]

Coffee and LOLcats

19 10 2011

Goooooood morning, blog readers!!!

I hope that each and every one of you will have a wonderful, caffeine-rich (even if only by looking at the pictures I’m adding below), get-up-and-go Wednesday. At least we’re halfway through the working week! 🙂

I myself am not a coffee drinker, haven’t had a cup for nearly two years, but I do still love the way it smells. Fresh, strong, black coffee… aaaaah *sigh*

I know what you’re thinking: “you don’t drink coffee? What madness is this??” Yeah, I get that a lot. Drinking tea probably seems very ‘boring’…

So: almost two years without coffee. Doesn’t feel like much of a ‘loss’. Two years ago around this time, I had just gotten engaged, was busy working on my final assignment for my Honours degree, would move in with my Significant Other and his brother just after my graduation… oh, and that I’d have my hair cut short for the first time in a bazillion years. What excitement. It’s hard to believe how much has happened since then, and how truly long ago that feels. C’est la vie.

Okay, enough rambling. Enjoy the LOLcat pics, have some tea/ coffee/ water/ whatever you need to keep you going (it’s important to stay hydrated!), and make the most of the day.

Cat Explorer

18 10 2011

Good morning, and welcome to another Productive Day!

I’ve been at work since 07:45, since my brother-in-law’s girlfriend is now driving with us to work. It’s actually a good thing, because my Significant Other seems to get up easier, plus it gives me time to enjoy my tea and take a breather before starting the working day.

So, here for your amusement is Cat Explorer (if you’ve ever seen a cat in action, you’ll know how true this is! They always seem to be pawing something…)

Have a terrific day, dearest blog readers 🙂

National Bosses Day

14 10 2011

Good morning, dearest blog readers

Today is National Bosses Day here in South Africa.

I know working for ‘The Man’ (or woman) isn’t always easy, but know that a boss also has difficult decisions to make and, consequently, has a lot on his/ her plate. Besides, it’s not as if all of us have completely horrible bosses… right? Right?!

My ‘boss’, aka my manager (the person I report to directly) is really nice; so is our Publishing Manager (who is my manager’s ‘boss’). I’m lucky to be working for such a great company 🙂

Even if you don’t feel very enthusiastic about your boss, I think some adknowledgement is in order. That’s why I sent my boss/ manager an e-mail this morning, thanking her for all her encouragement, support, the way she manages things, your positive attitude (schools publishing is very challenging + ever-changing!) and the wonderful way she works with everyone.

You all might think that I’m trying to play suck-up, and that’s fine. I appreciate my ‘boss’, our Publishing Manager, my colleagues (yes, even Betty Bright *laugh*) and all the freelancers we work with…

…though, I’ll admit,  a little less so when things are crazy/ delayed/ causing me great frustration 😉

Have an amazing Friday, everyone!!!