Book spine poetry: Attempt 1

20 06 2012

Something for all book lovers to enjoy and engage with:

I recently discovered the ‘art’ that is book spine poetry. It is described as an “emerging form of expression” that became popular during April, aka National Book Month (not sure if it’s limited to America or not… as if you need an excuse to read books… but at least it encourages both adults & children to delve into the wonderful world of books).

What I like about this is the fact that you don’t have to create something out of nothing. You can look at the titles of books that are available to you, and use them to make something new – the authors of said titles indirectly ‘inspiring’ and aiding you in a journey of self-expression.

I know, I know, how cheesy does that sound?

Since I am an avid reader who still loves physical books (i.e. hardcopies), I find book spine poetry as another way to engage with the beloved books on my pretty-full-already shelves. It makes creation tangible – literally holding and weighing what you are about to make in your own hands. (Yes, again, super cheesy.)

That said, I’ll bite the proverbial bullet and share my first attempt at one of these poems. I took the photo at the beginning of the month already – just shows you how lazy I’ve been with posting things on my blog. (Note: the poem is a bit long. Perhaps I should opt for something shorter next time. Blame it on my enthusiasm for working with books.)

It’s such a pity that most of the books I’ve read over the last two years have been e-books – it would have been nice to have them on my actual shelves for later use. At least they’d help diversify things and add more flavour against all my prescribed books from when I was at university.

It’s not the best photo ever, so I’ll type out the actual ‘poem’ underneath it for easy reading. Next time, I think I’ll try using only Stephen King titles. Now that will be fun!

Diary of a bad year


Bleak house

Catching fire

Just after sunset


The whole truth

and the chamber of secrets

Twisted echoes



The husband

The lover

Out the door




Our tragic universe


Things fall apart

Under the dome


Addy’s Rock of Ages 21st

26 04 2012

Morning blog readers!

And how are we all this morning? Hmmm??

I have a substantial headache, but other than that, I suppose I cannot complain. Tomorrow is a public holiday here in South Africa, as is next Tuesday (we’re probably one of the countries with the most public holidays – it’s ridiculous). So, if you take into account that I’ve put in leave for Monday, I’ll be having a 5-day weekend! 😀

I’ve taken on some freelance work and will be working over the long weekend, but (1) at least it’ll help me in the experience department, and (2) it’s extra money in my pocket, which is always nice.

We had my sister’s 21st birthday party last Saturday. Theme: Rock of Ages. Dress code: 50s to 80s attire. With that taken into account, I thought it only fitting to bake some rainbow cupcakes for the 60s/70s. I nearly ‘lost it’ when the birthday cake came out too moist (hate hate hate our oven!), and it made crumbs that got stuck in the icing, and I couldn’t get it to look a bit more professional… yet, overall, I think it turned out pretty well. I’ll share some photos below:

Addy's 21st birthday cake! I even made the 'd' in her name look like a musical note

Here's the origami piano I made 🙂

Thought the edible guitars would add a nice rockin' touch. Note: they're store-bought

Detail on cake: hearts & black 'beading'

Cupcake toppers... rainbow cupcakes...

...equals pretty (awesome) treats!!!

Some of the (80s) decorations in the hall

Feelin' the 50s/60s vibe with this sweet ride

For the birthday girl, who's a music student

This was placed in the foyer

And finally, here she is: the birthday girl! ❤

I give you… origami!

23 04 2012

Morning blog readers

It’s another Monday (the vicious cycle continues…)

Things are quiet at work since we’re still waiting on the submission results… which I’m stressing about… naturally… I’ve been feeling a mixture of restless, irritated, defeated, listless, sick and other icky things for the last week. In a bid to help myself feel serene/keep calm/beat the boredom, I’ve decided to indulge in a bit of silliness (or creativity, however you want to see it) and start making origami!

The idea took root while I was busy browsing the web for ideas on what to do for our first wedding anniversary, which is precisely two weeks from now. Since the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, I thought origami would be a good way to go because it’s something I can make myself and will be appreciated, even if it is discarded at a later date… that is, if I don’t end up hoarding it… My initial thought was to make an origami carnation (or pansy), since that’s allegedly the flower associated with a first wedding anniversary (who comes up with this stuff?), but decided to start off with my favourite flower first: a lily. You can see for yourself where things went from there (photos to follow below).

I’m still not sure what I’ll be getting/making my Significant Other for the occasion, but at least (1) I have a few ideas, and (2) I have a new hobby to help eat up the endless blank hours at work…

…though I’m not sure if it’s helping to calm me down or, instead, getting on my nerves when I fail to get the reverse outside fold right for the how many-eth time. *sigh* I do worry about my sanity.

Not perfect, but at least you can see it's a lily... right?

Starting with the basics: an easy origami heart

Just had to make a kitty, of course - look how happy he is!

If I ever had to own a dog, I'd want a Scottish Terrier. This is probably the closest I'll ever get

Origami bat

Origami whale

After I made the piano (structure), I cut out a piece of paper, drew on the keys, coloured them in, and then stuck it on top. Not bad, huh? This was on top of my sister's birthday cake 🙂

Origami samurai hat

Kitty is a samurai! ❤

Wish I had used coloured paper for this lotus blossom

Origami lantern

Origami pinwheel

You arrange the party - I'll bring the hats

And finally: a little crown

Easy cupcake recipe

12 09 2011

Here’s the recipe I promised you when I blogged about those Rainbow Cupcakes last week.

Just remember that after you’ve mixed up your batter, you need to divide it into bowls, add the food colouring, and then place a spoonful of each into the paper cups.

Have fun!

Easy Cupcake Recipe


225g self-raising flour

225g castor sugar

225g soft margarine/ butter

5ml (1 teaspoon) baking powder

4 eggs

45ml (3 tablespoons) water [or 3 tablespoons of the juice and grated peel of one orange/ lemon]


Set the oven on 180 degrees Celsius.

Place all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk together until the batter is smooth – it should have a light yellow colour to it.

Spoon about a dessertspoon’s worth of batter into each paper cup.

Place the paper cups on a baking tray or in a muffin/ cupcake pan, then bake for about 15 minutes or until the cupcakes are golden brown.

Go ahead – eat a rainbow

5 09 2011

Friday evening – it might have been just after eleven – I was in the mood to bake something. My mother-in-law would be celebrating her birthday the next day, and I wanted to come up with something special. Something out of the ordinary…

…which is how I ended up making rainbow cupcakes!!! 😀

I’ve always wanted to try it, and though I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, I was determined to be creative. I simply used my regular old cupcake recipe, divided the batter between four bowls, then added food colouring. I then went on to place a spoonful of each colour into the cookie cups: first blue, then yellow, then green, and finally red.

The result?

Well, see for yourselves. All in all, I think it came out pretty awesome! I promise I’ll share the recipe soon.

[My younger sister Addy has already placed an order for her 21st birthday next year. But I think I should try and work on it a bit more – there’s only so much one can do with an oven that doesn’t even heat properly…]

After dividing the batter into 4 bowls, I mixed in the food colouring

Tada! Hmm, nothing like the smell of cupcakes after midnight...

Fresh, colourful and delicious

Icing made with icing sugar and lemon juice

An explosion of brightness

And the pattern on the cookie cup looks just as nice

Delivering some happiness + sprinkles to my mum and sisters

Just look at that - Nyan cat would be pleased 😉 Haz a happee - eat teh rainbows!!