I’ll Admit (Part III)

30 06 2010

I’ll Admit:

* Now that Portugal have fallen out of the World Cup, I don’t see any reason to continue watching… except, perhaps, the finals – for curiosity’s sake.

* I own two DRAGONBALL Z action figures. I was young. Plus they were a gift.

* Speaking of DBZ, I always preferred Vegeta. And Gohan used to annoy the daylights out of me.

* Watching the same Scooby-Doo film night after night as a means of falling asleep has actually made me wonder if there really is a star/ constellation called Beetlejuice… (Note: of course there isn’t! It was merely a thought at 2 AM.)

* Going on a two hour mini road trip with my parents tomorrow is an exciting prospect, even though my dad will be working. Am I getting old or merely being sentimental that I enjoy their company so much?

* Owning a cat is absolutely terrific… even though she hogs the bed sometimes.

* If “celebrity is as celebrity does”, according to Gilderoy Lockhart in the 2nd HP film, I hope they aren’t setting up a measurable standard for the rest of us to live by. What makes them so newsworthy? Who cares that Kate Middleton is pregnant, and that it is a so-called scandal because she and Prince William just got engaged? They’ve been together for how long. Plus if they weren’t famous, it wouldn’t matter! This happens to ‘normal’/’regular’ people all the time.

* The best sleep is those two hours after my Significant Other has gotten up and the bed is all mine. Soon I won’t have that luxury anymore, though…

* Being a working woman scares me. What if I mess it up? What if I’m not cut out for the industry? What if I’m better off being a housewife?

* I haven’t watched the Twilight saga, and I have no intention of doing so in the foreseeable future.


What a weekend – happiness 1, depression 0

28 06 2010

I’ve been meaning to blog since Friday afternoon, yet somehow I haven’t been able to get around to it… I had plenty of time, granted, but with many an ‘activity’ lined up before me, by the end of the day I was too tired to type.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I believe that this was a good weekend. Sure, every other day of the week feels like the weekend to me, as well, and most weekends feel like any other weekend. Still, I believe that this was truly a lovely weekend. Friday was a definite highlight… but I’ll get to that later.

Saturday saw the 28th celebration of my parental pair’s fond exchange of nuptials day. Or, put differently, their 28th wedding anniversary. It was a simple, relaxed evening, though by no means lacking in enjoyment. My younger sister lost her temper and nearly made me cry; I sat in the kitchen staring out the window and eating two rolls, which I shouldn’t really do as white bread and such makes me nauseous and gives me indigestion since my operation; my clean hair – which I had washed that morning – got completely smoked up while standing outside by the fire… and I had a great time with my father outside, sharing stories and jokes, and with my entire family inside as we sat by the table, talking about all kinds of things (especially things not fit for ‘dinner table talk’, something we seem to lapse into quite comfortably all the time). Just your run of the mill get together – and boy, do I love my family.

Yesterday we had an afternoon braai (barbeque) at my second parental home – id est, we spent some time with my Significant Other’s family. As always, the conversation was cosy, the food was terrific, and we got to sit outside in the sunshine, simply having a slightly-lazy Sunday (my not-so-clean-anymore hair assaulted for a second time by copious amounts of smoke). Late in the afternoon my older sister and her husband came to pay us a visit at our apartment, as I promised to make her lasagne today if she brought me the ingredients. And the funniest thing happened: Smudgy actually went to have a lie-down on my sister’s lap! This is a sight so infrequent, I had to take a picture of it.

Liebe & Smudgy

My Significant Other and I spent the evening watching episodes one to twenty-three of THE BIG BANG THEORY, finishing the second series and thus causing me to have to keep up my end of the bargain I made with my S.O. – I promised that, once we finished the second season, we could start watching the entire DRAGONBALL Z series. Two hundred and seventy something episodes… what have I gotten myself into…

On a different note, Friday was superb. My Significant Other dropped me off at my parental home at lunch time, as my mother had extended an invitation to me to come over and watch Portugal’s third World Cup match against Brazil on the telly with them. Granted, we went a bit overboard as we got all kitted out for the ‘event’. I painted my toenails red and green, wore a red jersey, and opted for a light yellow shirt, as I didn’t have anything green to complete my ensemble. Luckily, my father was able to help here. He arrived at home at about 2 pm, two hours before the game, and produced a large Portugal flag, which we put in the living room, as well as a mini flag for each of us (my mum, younger sister, and myself). Furthermore, he and my mother bought us two siblings Portugal scarves. This was the overall effect:

Forca Portugal!

Needless to say, we had a fantastic time watching the game, which ended in a tie. Tomorrow evening Portugal are playing against Spain, so my scarf and flag are close at hand, and I’m excited to watch the game 🙂 And yet, that wasn’t the pinnacle of my pleasure for the weekend. Naturally, when having a pleasant time, there has to be something to set it off. A catalyst, if you will. For me, it was checking my cell phone at 11 AM…

…only to discover that I had been awarded an internship… at Oxford University Press, no less! Oh joy, oh rapture, oh happy, happy day! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on the verge of doing little Snoopy dances (although I’m still waiting for balloons, streamers, and a cake emblazoned with the word ‘Congratulations’ in nyummy frosting).

Oh, dictionaries, how I dost love thee...

*i has a happee*

It’s ironic, actually. Here I am, having searched and applied for many positions tirelessly over the last eight months, feeling disheartened, and then having doubts about applying for an internship (and the publishing industry in general), and then boom! – life surprises you.

I’ll just have to keep up my good grammar, and leave the LOLspeak to the kittehs in my inbox.

NEVER trust car dealers

24 06 2010

I’m not someone who get angry very easily, but at the moment I am downright p*ssed off.

And I feel that I have a right to that.

My Significant Other took his car in for a service last Tuesday. Upon purchasing the vehicle (at Hyundai), a service and maintenance plan was included with the overall cost, and they told him that the car was supposed to go in for its first check-up after 105 000 km.

Yes, this is where the first screw-up comes in.

When he arrived at the place where the service was performed, they informed him that his car was actually supposed to have come in after 100 000 km. My S.O. phoned the dealership, but apparently they were in ‘meetings’, et cetera, so he had to pay the R 2 300 for the service himself, otherwise he couldn’t get his car back. The dealership said they would pay him the money back.

Ha. Ha. Ha…

He phoned them on Thursday – they said they’d get back to him on Friday. No word from them on Friday. He phoned them on Saturday – they told him that the only person who could authorize the payback of the money was on leave until Monday. Does anything happen Monday? Not really, now. Just empty promises. Now we’re on Thursday already, and the money has yet to be paid into his account.

But wait, it gets even better.

The regional manager of Drive Plan or whatever they’re called was supposed to phone my S.O. yesterday already… because, in fact, his maintenance/service plan isn’t even on their records!! They messed up completely, and now that he had to phone them today, he’s told that his service plan isn’t even registered…

…and he’s already paid for it.

Now there are two options. Either they reimburse his service plan, and then he has to take out a new one anyway, so he doesn’t get any money. Or they can pay him back the money he had to pay for the service, yet I’m not quite sure how that works, because he’s busy on the phone now and I’m not quite sure what’s going on. Either way, they made a right royal huge messy screw-up of it, and now he’s going to be at a loss.

And he doesn’t really care (!!!)

He has copies of his plan (valued at approximately R 18 500), all the signed documents, et cetera, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter, if they’re so lax that they don’t even contact him, but he has to phone around because of their mistakes.

I know one should cut your losses and move on… It doesn’t help abate my anger any, that’s for sure… But I suppose I should just smile and turn the other cheek.

And then people wonder why I don’t drive or own a car.

Mid-week LOLcats time

23 06 2010

As a special treat, here are some LOLcats to brighten up your Wednesday! At least the working week has reached the halfway mark. So keep your chins up, dear readers, and remember to LOL often 🙂

My sentiment exactly...

Kitty overloads on understanding.

Basement Cat trains evil minion.

Wear garlic to bed (around your neck).


...I don't have a scale in my apartment...

"World domination will be ours!"

Lapse in protocol judgement.

"Throw them out. Now."

Imaginary basketball - kitty plays commentator.

...you and me both, kitty...

Sarcasm. Cats specialize in it.

He's got a point, you know.


I just hope MY interview went well today... *sigh*

It makes us 'hoomans' smile, at least 🙂

Scattered Brainings VII

22 06 2010

* Yesterday afternoon, at some point, I paid a visit to my blog and noticed that my blog has had 2012 views thus far (well, by now the count has increased). It made me feel eerie, sort of apocalyptical. Just hope things don’t turn out like the film did, because the ending was pretty… I dunno… not really what I expected. Luckily the Cape of Good Hope is close by, so I’m sorted.

* Any event is merely a money making-scheme/ opportunity for businesses. The FIFA World Cup, for example, is pretty lucrative for the country, what with tourists coming in, local products being sold, ticket prices bringing in bundles of moolah, et cetera. But that isn’t the only way money is coming into the country. We the fans, here in our own country, also buy flags and supporter’s shirts and scarves and whatever else. Grocery stores are laden with goodies that soccer fans can purchase, silly things that sometimes cost a pretty penny. Case in point (regarding goodies), look at these strawberry flavoured sour chews, fashioned to look like the Italian flag:

Buy me... buy me... spend spend spend!

* Although I’ve been slightly disheartened regarding my unsuccessful attempts at getting into the publishing industry, all hope does not seem to be lost. That internship I felt iffy about might just bear fruit. I’m going for a second interview tomorrow morning, this time at a certain publishing house, talking things over with one of their members/ representatives. And you know what? I’m actually pretty excited. If all goes well, I’ll tell you where I had the interview. It’d be a dream come true to work there – even if I’m only an intern.

* I watched the final Bafana Bafana game today while making lasagne. It’s not that I was disinterested. I can multitask, so glancing over from the kitchen and listening to the commentators as I chopped and spiced and prepared the meal served to be no problem. Sad that we’re the first host country who doesn’t qualify for the next round, yet I’m not going to lie and tell you that I expected we would. Nice try, though, boys. We’re all proud of you.

* Speaking of the lasagne, it came out perfectly… and it tasted absolutely delicious. Still, for some reason I have yet to ascertain, I see to have slight indigestion.

Do you think Garfield would approve?

* We’ve started allowing Smudgy to go outside, since we had her fixed a while back. She’s pretty scared to venture far from the front door, her tiny body shaking as I pick her up after an ‘excursion’, but I know it’s for her own good, even if mommy wants to protect her.

* The kids in our security complex can become rather annoying what with it being the school holidays and all. Still, it was wonderful watching their little faces light up as they saw Smudgy for the first time today. I ended up holding Smudgy so that everyone could pet her, giggling and chatty, bursting at the seams with happiness that children are predisposed to. Now we have a fan club… I won’t be surprised if they come knocking or wait about outside to see Smudgy again.

* Tried to find the first book in the DARK TOWER series yesterday while at the mall. Sad to say that I couldn’t find it. I’m sure if I go to other bookshops I’m bound to locate and secure my copy. Merely wish I had it so I can start reading the seven volumes immediately.

* So. THE BIG BANG THEORY. Hmm. Not sure what to make of it (the series, naturally). It’s great, and all, but it’s definitely not HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Sheldon annoys the living daylights out of me. Leonard is sweet, though. And Rajesh is pretty awesome. A lot of cringe-worthy moments in the series… no, wait, scratch that: sometimes, most of an episode is pretty awkward. But it gives me something to watch, so I’ll watch the last two episodes of the first series and see whether or not I decided to progress to the next two seasons.

* Oh how I would love to be able to stand right next to the field at a Portugal soccer match. Better than being in the stands, and being where the action is *sigh* In the meantime, I’ll settle for watching their match against Brazil this coming Friday from my cosy spot on the couch. Going to be a game to remember.

* My jar of peanut butter lasted two weeks instead of its usual one week lifespan. Good for me.

Portugal – eu te amo!

21 06 2010

What a wonderful day for Portugal supporters across the globe.

I started my day off by spending some time with my mum in the mall, where she took this picture of me with Zakumi, the official FIFA mascot for this year’s World Cup.

Me with Zakumi! Isn't he awesome?!

Then it was time for us to head home to watch the 12:30 match between Portugal and Korea (DPR) – as an avid Portugal supporter, there was no way I could miss the match. Besides, my mum had her little Portuguese flag out on the table, so it helped to ‘brighten up’ the atmosphere and get me in the mood for what I hoped would be a great soccer match.

And I certainly wasn’t left disappointed.

Although I don’t care much for Christiano Ronaldo, I’ll admit that he is a phenomenal player. Throughout the whole match he was exuberant, running about like there was no tomorrow, passing the ball and defending like a true soccer star should. He was even able to laugh off the two or three goals he missed, which given the circumstances – not progressing any further in the tournament – must be quite a difficult feet.

Now a lot of people say that it was an ‘easy’ win for Portugal since Korea isn’t such a great team. I, on the other hand, believe that the Koreans played a good match today – Portugal was merely better. It was their pure energy combined with that of the crowd, who were mostly Portugal supporters. How I wish I could have been in Dias Tavern today among those Portuguese, feeling the glow of victory and savouring each moment as Portugal scored three goals in a record seven minutes (!!!)

After their third goal, there was no stopping them. Ronaldo finally managed to score his own goal, the last one of the match, and Portugal came out victorious with a staggering win of seven goals against zero.

Waving my flag 😉

I am waiting in utter anticipation for Friday’s game, since Portugal will be up against Brazil, who are currently leading in their division with six points (Portugal has four). I may not have Portuguese blood in me (or at least, I don’t think I do), and I may not speak the language (luckily not a pre-requisite), and yet I love them as if they were my own team. It’s not that I’m not proud of my country or my team. It’s just an aspect of the ‘environment’ I grew up in.

I hope to go out for a decent Portuguese meal at Dias Tavern soon, and to look into uncle Dan’s familiar, friendly face, and hug him tightly, knowing that – in a way – I am home.

Cheque, please – I need to get out of here!

20 06 2010

Going out to lunch with family is always an ‘exciting’ thing. It’s a time to kick back, relax, talk about all kinds of things, and just have a nice meal that you didn’t have to prepare yourself… Not that I mind preparing food or having home cooking instead, yet the odd occasion that we do go to a restaurant is lovely.

As today is/was Father’s Day, my future mother-in-law had booked us a table at a quaint Portuguese place two weeks in advance. Fair enough, since days like today are great money making opportunities for many places. I wish I could say that the restaurant was lovely… but lying has never been one of my traits. So let’s just be blunt about it:

"Adega" is a Portuguese wine term meaning ‘a wine cellar or wine estate’.

Apparently, the menu for today was a buffet – they phoned my mother-in-law to confirm our booking and relate this bit of news… yesterday… still, arrangements were made, and we were allowed to order from the a la carte menu. Our first waitress was bad, as in really pathetic. She would take one drink order, then just disappear, bringing things in drips and drabs, and sometimes not even bothering with us and forgetting that we had ordered anything. My tea was cold, and my Significant Other’s cappuccino was cold. There were no rolls on the table, because they (allegedly) hadn’t finished baking them… Now, if you know that you’re restaurant is going to be jam-packed with customers from eleven/ twelve o’ clock and onwards, how can things be so muddled up and unprepared (not to mention highly unprofessional)?

After speaking with the manageress, we were given a new waitress, who surpassed the first one by far. And yet things still felt to be lacking. My Significant Other’s starter was cold. We waited 50 minutes (a bit more, actually) since placing our orders for the main course before it started arriving one plate at a time. My Significant Other paid R100 for a handful of chips and a square piece of fish, which – to me, at least – didn’t taste all that great. The food was basically tepid. And I was utterly disgusted with the espetada they served my mother-in-law. I don’t mean to be snooty, but my mum was the manageress of a Portuguese tavern, so I know what real Portuguese food looks like – and that by G*d was not an espetada. I was expecting to see succulent rump steak braaied on a skewer, with the lovely sauce plate at the bottom, and a Portuguese roll or two to dip in the sauce. No such luck, it would seem. They brought a short skewer with four dry hunks of meat on it, and a bit of green pepper and onion wedged in between. I almost became livid.

My father-in-law ordered a lovely selection of seafood – a platter, you see – that was supposed to include mussels… but of course they messed that up, too. By the time everyone had finished their main course, it was half past three. We had been there for three and a half hours, had all right service (bordering on horrible), received cold beverages that were supposed to be warm, received warm beverages that were supposed to be cold (like my S.O. Coke, which by the way came with an awfully filthy glass that I forbade him to use, much like the other glasses at the table), ate lukewarm/tepid/mild to cold plates of food that were supposed to be served hot… and after that amount of time, I had had enough.

We didn’t stay for desert or coffee, as we had to skedaddle off to my parental home. And to be utterly frank, I am sooo glad we left. When you go to a restaurant that serves ridiculously high-priced dishes, you at least expect value for your money. That said, I didn’t order myself anything (upon noticing the prices), and ate from my S.O.’s plate instead.

After that whole ordeal I had an exquisite plate of home-cooked food my mum had prepared: chicken, green beans, baby potatoes, gem squash… I decided to skip the corn and sweet carrots, but all in all? Far better than a restaurant meal. Any day.

Although things didn’t go as planned with the Portuguese place, I still feel grateful that I was able to spend time with both my families, and wish that we’ll have memory-making meals like this in all the years to come.

Besides, if the restaurant wasn’t so pathetic, what would I have blogged about right now?

Happy Father’s Day, and have a good week everyone 🙂

After seeing this Lamborghini, I'm sure my Significant Other will be happy for quite some time.