Thankful for Family

1 09 2011

I am thankful for my family.

And you know why? Because they are always there for me. They support and love me, care for and listen to me, look out for and advise me, and – most importantly – they are people who live, love and laugh even when things are looking glum. How many people are still truly connected with their families? How many of them have lost touch or aren’t interested in building/ maintaining familial relationships?

I’m lucky. I am part of quite a big family: I have my mum and dad; four uncles; three aunts; one brother-in-law (i.e. my sister’s husband); and all the cousins (myself and my two sisters included, of course) come to a total of 17. Now that I’m married, I also have my Significant Other (I love you, Sweetheart!); my parentals-in-law; my four brothers-in-law (i.e. my husband’s brothers); and even more uncles, aunts and cousins. I even have a grandfather now!! 🙂

So here’s to a large family who enrich my life and who I love very much! I’ll be adding a few photos that were taken at our wedding, but before that, here are some quotations about family that I’d like to share with you.

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!” – Albert Einstein

“The family is a haven in a heartless world.” – attributed to Christopher Lasch

“An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship.” – Spanish Proverb

“To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” – Barbara Bush

“The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.” – Thomas Jefferson

“The family – that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.” – Dodie Smith

“If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable – each segment distinct.”  – Letty Cottin Pogrebin

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”  – Anthony Brandt

My beautiful sisters, Addy & Libby

The parentals. Aren't my mum & dad lovely?

My parentals-in-law (who truly see me as the daughter they never had)

All the parentals

My Significant Other (second from the right, aka the guy wearing the white shirt) with his father & three brothers

My dad with his two brothers. They're standing from oldest to youngest (left to right)

Have a cigar! -- love this photo 🙂

My Life, my Love, my EVERYTHING ❤


Picture Perfect

21 07 2011

I am not photogenic.

Or photographic… photographically inclined… not friends with the camera due to the manner in which it captures my physical appearance… how am I supposed to phrase it? *ponder*

I’m not saying that I’m ugly (though one would always like to be prettier). I don’t cause camera lenses to crack and accordingly blur or even distort photos that I’m on (though I’m not ruling out the possibility that this can happen outside of books, short stories and sci-fi films)… It’s just that the camera doesn’t seem to ‘love’ me.

Trust me, the feeling is mutual.

Okay, I don’t hate the camera. That’s not what I’m trying to say while busy being circumlocutory (yes, that’s a word – it pretty much means that I’m being verbose, i.e. rambling, skirting the issue).  It’s more a case of coincidental snapping. It’s as if the camera just knows in some weird, out-of-this-world manner that it has to snap away at specific moments in order to capture me (and a part of my soul…?!) when I’m pulling my face.

No foolies.

Think this can't happen? Think again... *dum dum duuuuuum* (dramatic reverb!)

[And, unfortunately, I cannot blame it on my genes. Meh.]

Note that this is not, of course, intentional on my part. It’s not like I derive any joy from pulling faces while having a camera pointed at me… unless, of course, the intention is to be silly and playful… *No I’m not being dramatic!!!*

In any case, let’s take an example:

Last night our wedding photographer came around to our apartment to bring us our photographs. The photos are stunning and he has an amazing eye for a shot, but of course, no photo album – and most certainly not when it comes to something as big, important and joyous as your very own wedding – would be complete without me making an arse of myself. I’ve never seen anyone who pulls their mouth as much as me: pouting, scowling, frowning, looking shocked/ in awe… and not because the photographer asked me to. It’s probably, unfortunately and unintentionally, the way I roll.

At least the photos will be memorable. Nothing like laughter (even when it’s at my own expense) to bring people together. So what if I’m not picture perfect? In their own way, the perfectness of the pictures lies in the fact that I’m an unwitting comedian! 😉

 Have a good Meh-day everyone!!!

[Aside: we’ll be receiving the disc with all of our photos tonight, so perhaps I’ll put up a few tonight or over the weekend to have you share in the laughter…]

Thanks, kitteh, I appreciate you laughing at me...

“I’m getting married in the morning…”

6 05 2011

“…ding-dong, the bells are gonna’ chime!!”

Okay, so I’m only getting married in the afternoon (4PM, to be exact), and nobody has to get me to the church since I’m getting dressed and married at the venue – but you get the general idea.

I am getting marrried TOMORROW!!! One of life’s great occurences 🙂

We did a bit of driving around this afternoon, ensuring that everything for the tables was at the venue, that my Significant Other had a white shirt to wear tomorrow (his previous one mysteriously shrunk in the wash… or not so mysteriously – I’ve learned not to take my clothes in to the laundromat ‘we’ use), and that the last few things that needed to be done – practically nothing – were, in fact, done.

I’ve even already packed all our stuff for our flight on Sunday, so kudos to myself for taking away some post-wedding day ‘tension’/ worrying.

One thing that still remains to be done, however, is the following:

My Significant Other still needs to write his vows.

You see, it was his bright idea to tell our marriage officer (yes, he is a pastor) that we would write our own vows. He even had me a bit worried a few weeks ago when he told me that he had already thought about what he would say, when I myself hadn’t.

Yet now here we are, the evening before the wedding, with my vows having been written on Tuesday already (I was at home, sick, so I had some time… not that it’s very long), while he keeps telling me every now and then that he still has to write his. This is accompanied by a slight look of distress… or perhaps it could be nausea. I’m not sure.

It’s 8PM on the Friday before my wedding – 20 hours before the ceremony begins and I start my life as a Mrs.

And you know what’s worth looking forward to later in the evening (although, yes, the whole OMG-I’m-getting-married thing is one of the most exciting things that’ll happen in your life and thus you’ll be looking forward to the event in its entirety)?

A few simple words, whose origins have been attributed to our dear old friend Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat cake!”

[And love and marriage and eternal happiness and ‘starting’ our life together and all that other happy crappy, of course…]

This I DON’T need…

3 05 2011

I think I might have the flu… amongst other things.

I constantly feel like I’m burning up (this started Sunday evening) – not only in an I’m-running-a-fever kind of way, but my entire body. My hands are swollen. My nose is getting stuffy and my throat is a bit sore. I have a headache that’s bordering on a migraine (no surprise there). I just feel overall weird and ‘out of it’. I think I need some good old fashioned TLC…

I felt so absolutely guilty, mortified, and whatever else when I had to e-mail work this morning to tell them I’m sick. This after they were kind enough to give me a job for three-and-a-half weeks, trusting me and my skills to help them through a time where things need to be done professionally, albeit it quite rushed as well. And here I am, at home on my third-last day with them (for now, at least), feeling like something the cat dragged in after roughing it up outside. Luckily I’m a fast and efficient worker, so I’ll be making sure that everything that needs to be done is actually done before I leave on Thursday at 5PM.

To top off my general not-feeling-well-ness, Mother Nature also hasn’t been treating me well. In fact, I think she hates me. I’ve had so many ‘problems’ because of my messed-up ovaries (which might be genetic or not), I simply cannot stay ahead. Just when I thought things were getting back on track, I got a bladder infection in December, which messed things up all over again.

I was really hoping to start my that-time-of-the-month on Friday or Saturday, thus ensuring that it’s over and done with before the wedding, yet it was not to be. If I’m lucky, I might start today… not that it would matter, because I’m still going to have it on the Big Day.

How I hate being a woman sometimes.

I’ve had Corenza C, Nurofen Plus, some toast with oxo, and I’m about to make myself some green tea. I was considering a warm bath, but that just might make my current state of burning-up even more unbearable. Perhaps some exercise later will help… and sleep. Sleep would be nice.

Not to jinx it… but, what else could go wrong?

[Weather gods, you better make sure we have pretty darn good conditions on Saturday!!]

Nervous? Me??

2 05 2011

Surely you would jest…

Although, yes, it is a bit ‘scary’ to think that the wedding (read: mine!) is only 5 days away.

Someone get me a brown paper bag, stat!!

Everybody keeps telling me that I’m going to be a beautiful bride – I just hope they’re right. Mother Nature seems to hate me, so it looks like my that-time-of-the-month will start just before the big day.

Oh (un)lucky, (un)lucky me… [But hey, that’s life.]

I think I’ll only start feeling ‘nervous’ or ‘stressed’ after my last working day for the week, which is Thursday. Come 5PM, the countdown – by the hour – will begin, and I just might start dehydrating or something more severe. Either way, I’ll simply take things a day at the time.

After all, it’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life; what is there to stress about? *really nervous laughter*

This just might be the ticket to staying calm... (and 'out of it')

Message Sessions II

27 04 2011

Dear weather

You know I love the rain – the cold bite to the air, the steady dripping rhythm against the windows, snuggling up under a blanket or in front of the heater with a good book… But, if you’re taking requests, I’d really like you to take mine as a top priority: please, don’t rain on the 7th of May. You can drown us with as much rain as you want until next Thursday, ease up for the weekend, and start pouring down to your heart’s content again come Sunday evening/ Monday. What do you say?


My wedding trumps my love of rain


Mother Nature

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve understood you at many times in my life, since you’ve chosen to put me through hell plenty of times. However, if you’re willing to be a sport, and grant your earthly daughter a wish, let it be this: make my ‘that time of the month’ start this coming Friday or Saturday, pretty please?! You only get married once, after all (that’s how the saying goes), and I can do without cramps and bloating and everything that comes along with the red sea.


Messed up ovaries


Dear wedding dress & shoes

I just want to fit into you nicely, without feeling like I’m suffocating – that’s not too much to ask, right, dress? And shoes, you know I’m not a fan of high heels, yet it would fall in nicely with the whole team spirit thing if you keep me up and about without making me look like an idiot. Play nice, all right?


Slightly nervous bride (who should probably start cutting calories)


Dear wedding vows

Please write yourselves (or should it be ‘self’?)!!!


Time is running out


Dear OUP

I love you – I most sincerely do. It would be amazing if I could continue working for such an amazing publishing house after the wedding. Just remember that I appreciate the chance(s) I have been giving, and that I feel honoured to have my name connected to such a renowned company.

With appreciation,

Intern editor turned short-term project manager turned…?


Dear Smudgy

Mommy just wants to say that she loves you J You’re probably liking the fact that your collar has been MIA for quite some time, since you’ve now become a little ninja who can follow me far more stealthily… though I know that you always follow me wherever I go.


Your human mommy


Dear eyes

What the heck is going on?! At first I thought it might be the contact lenses that are irritating you, but now it seems that you feel dry, itchy, irritable and whatever else most of the time – especially you, left eye. Knock it off; it’s time we see eye to eye (no pun intended… no, wait, I did – I so totally did).


Why the hell won’t this go away


Dear cat lovers

You need/ ought to read The Blog of Otis, which springs forth from The Cult of Otis website. The blog is written by Otis, a cat who now lives in the Promised Land with his human parents (who he refers to as the ‘Guardians of Otis’) and his two brothers, Oliver and Henry. Not only is it pretty good writing for a cat, but the photos are absolutely adorable. Go learn more about his life and his day to day activities.

So sayeth a human ‘follower’ of Otis


Dear absolutely awesome writer friend (you know who you are)

YOU rule!!!


Your #1 fan 😉


Dear Rick Riordan

I don’t care whether or not people don’t like your books, and that those who haven’t read them but only saw the movie judge you (though I myself am not very pleased with the actors chosen for the film, or how the film turned out, for that matter!), I want to tell you that I sincerely love the PERCY JACKSON series. I’ve always been interested in Greek & Roman mythology, thus it’s ‘fun’ for me to see how you’ve played around with things while adding your own personal touch (I also try to guess by description who certain characters and monsters are). I cannot wait to finish the last book, which I am currently reading.

May the gods be with you,

The Lady Hera [it’s a nickname that sort of stuck… though perhaps I’d like to be more like Athena…]

Message Sessions I

7 03 2011

Dear Hypocrite

You may have deeply hurt my feelings by attacking my personality while acting caring (in your drunkenness) and telling me that the people there weren’t my friends – but I don’t think I’m the one with the problem. I was at the birthday party because I wanted to be there, not because I was doing anyone a favour. Just remember that you’re the one who said that nobody there was your friend (you even listed a few names) and then turned around to go gossip with them.


Odd one out yet proud of it


Dear Smudgy

Thank you for being so cute lately. Everyone thinks you’re gorgeous and full of personality. Plus you actually seem to love me and allow me to pick you up and hold you for more than a few seconds, which is far better than being ignored or bossed around. Just one request: could you ease up just the teensiest bit with the meowing?


Your human mommy


Dear visa office

I’m glad that the appointment this morning wasn’t as gruelling as I imagined (think big room with little furniture and a harsh interrogative style). You made things go both smoothly and quickly… So please see to it that our applications are accepted… Pretty please? I really really really want to go to Scotland – and making someone’s dream come true is the right thing to do… Right?

Fingers crossed

Castle enthusiast


Dear stress [also known as OCD]

You’re always there, no matter how subtle or obtrusive and bursting at the seams. However, you’re not doing too much damage at this point to my nervous system, and I’d like us to stay on a good footing, so could you do me a favour and keep it that way? I assure you that there’ll be plenty of time in the not-too-distant future (like directly after the honeymoon) to get me all worked up about things like finding a job, debt, and many more excruciating aspects.


Someone who wonders if she should start drinking coffee again


Dearest Significant Other

I love you. You are absolutely wonderful – we’ve been together for more than three years, and in two months’ time we’ll be married (give or take a few hours). I must warn you, though, that as it was your idea to write our own vows, something which you are now placing entirely upon me since you’re ‘not good with words’ and ‘not a writer like me’, I just might take a friend of mine’s advice and put in a vow that you have to do all the housework or something to that extent. You do realize that you’re giving me carte blanch, right? How’s this: “To have many chores to do and to hold all the household responsibilities (&blame!!)”

Just kidding,

Your adoring almost-wife ❤


Dear weight

All I ask of you is to drop with two or three (maybe four) kilograms in order for everything to be hunky dory when it comes to my wedding dress – is that so much to ask?!

Watching you,

Less nom nom nom-ing


Dear Libby and Addy

If I had a choice (and I know that I don’t and never will have one), I wouldn’t have chosen two others sisters, because out of all the girls/ women on earth, you’re the ones I’d rather be stuck in the middle with (if you catch my no-I’m-not-the-youngest-I’m-actually-the-second-out-of-three-daughters drift… what a mouthful!)





Since I’m actually a book-in-my-hand lover, kudos to you for giving me the ‘real book’ experience. Now I just need people to send me some Barnes & Noble gift cards so I can buy more books (*hint-hint*)… I don’t want to spend the money on my Significant Other’s credit card. That’d simply make me feel like I’m taking advantage of him. You’re (t)E-rrific!

Reading in earnest,

Slightly ‘converted’ book lover