Trust me, I’m hangin’…

16 01 2012

Happy Mondayn, everyone!

Here’s hoping that each of you will have a good week and be able to hang in there… even when it feels like life/ work (etc.) is ready to take a liberal chunk out of your rump…


Christmas is a-comin’…

28 11 2011

Good morning, blog readers

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I spent some time with my family, baked some goodies (chocolate cake, cupcakes & cookies!), and had to help my Significant Other move our entire bedroom around because he bought a second air-conditioner (this included making cupboard space by unpacking, repacking and sorting what I would or wouldn’t need/ use anymore).

So the ‘countdown’ to Christmas has begun. Truth be told, I have yet to hear any Christmas music playing in the shopping centres or grocery stores. Some people say that they have heard the carols playing and angel choirs a-singin’, but I’m not sure how much of it we’ll be hearing this year. There’s been a movement to have Christmas music banned/ toned-down since people find it offensive (or use it as an excuse why they’re spending so much). I think it’s quite sad… I myself am not religious, but neither is all Christmas music, and Christmas isn’t just about religion. It’s a time for family and friends, a time to be together and be grateful, to show what others mean to us and just have a nice, relaxing, feel-good time. It’s the one time of year that you ‘have’ to do aforementioned (though we should be aiming for this throughout the entire year).

My Significant Other isn’t a big fan of Christmas music, anyway, so I foresee many evenings and weekends of me sitting with my headphones on 😉 At least he doesn’t mind a Christmas tree in the apartment.

Speaking of the festive/ holiday season, I’m halfway with my shopping. I’ve bought Christmas gifts for my two sisters, my Significant Other and my mother-in-law, plus a birthday gift for my mum. That just leaves Christmas gifts for my parents and my sister’s husband, and a birthday gift for my older sister. Perhaps I should try to find something for Smudgy, as well… *laugh*

There’s the gift of giving and the rapture of receiving, but the most important thing of the festive season is being together and showing that we care. Like Garfield says:

“Christmas: It’s not the giving, it’s not the getting – it’s the loving.”

Have a great Monday!

Ai can has brains? *om nom nom*

31 10 2011

Happy (or should that be miserable?) Halloween, everyone!!

I hope your cauldrons are bubbling and that spirits are high despite the fact that it’s Monday. I was at the office just before eight this morning… only to find 10 e-mails from my manager waiting for me (not to mention the 5 or 6 other e-mails). Quite a horrifying start to Halloween 😉 [Can hardly believe it’s already 2:20PM…]

We went to a Halloween party on Saturday, which means that I spent quite an amount of time baking and decorating cupcakes, plus coming up with some ‘finger food’ *maniacal laughter* I, of course, decided to dress up as a cat (didn’t turn out so ‘lame’ after all), and my Significant Other went as… a zombie!! Don’t I have the greatest ideas?

He was perfect for the role, anyway; no different than usual!!!

Here are a few pics:

The 'little monsters' cupcakes I baked for the occasion. Each one had a different face!

Like the fingers? I hacked them off myself...

Basement kitteh says: "Ai can has yor soulz?"

Yes, of course I had a tail

"Braaaiiins!" My Significant Other's 'costume' turned out REALLY well

Brains done; now for some finger food...

Have a frightful, fear-filled time!

Good morning, Monday

10 10 2011

Good morning, blog readers.

It’s another Monday – hurray!! *gag*

Oh, come on – it’s not so bad. I know most of you probably aren’t too fond of the sluggish get-up-and-go that accompanies the first morning of the week, what with having to go to work or school or anywhere else that is mandatory/ necessary and thus not ‘fun’… but it gets you one step closer to the weekend, so cheer up a little bit, will ‘ya? 😉

I’ll admit that I myself am not feeling all too chipper on this chilly October morning. I woke up feeling worse than usual, with a ghastly headache that has stuck with me since Friday and doesn’t seem to want to go away. Then there’s tiredness, a slight fever, and feeling sick in general. Oh, and sleep – a definite lack in quality, I-feel-rested sleep. My idea of a good night’s rest isn’t waking up in a cold sweat a few times and then being completely awake at 6 AM over the weekend.

I’m not one to take a sick day, though. The only time I won’t come to work (due to illness) is when I’m flat in bed with a migraine – unable to move without feeling nauseous, feeling like my head wants to explode and being incapable to stand even the slightest bit of daylight (even the glow from light bulbs can count as a no-no).

Let’s face it: I’m a workaholic. I cannot even not think of work or keep myself from checking my e-mails when I have a day or two off…

To all of you, I wish a very happy Monday – here’s hoping things go as smoothly as possible… and that you don’t want to kill anyone… and that you have enough coffee/ cigarettes/ painkillers to get you through the day!!

I think I just might follow Smudgy’s example and get in a few Zzz’s at my desk when it’s time for our designated lunch hour.

Dining in Scotland (3)

23 08 2011

Life. Love. Scotland. How I wish I could go back already *sigh*

I initially intended to do the Dining in Scotland ‘series’ on Mondays, since I managed to do it for the first two ‘episodes’ anyway (halfway there!), yet things don’t always work out as planned.

Mundayn/ Mondayn (because Monday = mundane) came and went so quickly, by the time I had a look at the hour-minute-second tickers on my watch, it was already ten after five in the PM. And when you get home, there are so many other things to do (while also thinking about work), that the evening goes by just as quickly.

So here were are at Productive-Day (aka Tuesday). I’ve been nice and busy, but at least there are still a few minutes of our designated lunch hour (1 – 2) left and I can share more of the great… and not-so-great… food we had while traveling abroad for the first time.

Third stop on our honeymoon: Inverness!

[I was hoping to spot the Loch Ness Monster, but unfortunately it wasn’t ‘Nessie weather’.]

Arts (the Ramada Jarvis' restaurant): The Club -- sandwich

Arts: The Club (2)

Arts: broccoli soup

Arts: bacon bap -- soft roll

The Corner Grill: sirloin steak

The Corner Grill: half pound homemade cheese burger

Johnny Foxes Pub & Restaurant: crumbed mushrooms

Johnny Foxes: classic fish & chips -- very oily, according to my Significant Other

Johnny Foxes: ovenbaked lasagne -- oily, disgusting... and there was something that looked like a small chunk of raw chicken, as well :-/