Cat Explorer

18 10 2011

Good morning, and welcome to another Productive Day!

I’ve been at work since 07:45, since my brother-in-law’s girlfriend is now driving with us to work. It’s actually a good thing, because my Significant Other seems to get up easier, plus it gives me time to enjoy my tea and take a breather before starting the working day.

So, here for your amusement is Cat Explorer (if you’ve ever seen a cat in action, you’ll know how true this is! They always seem to be pawing something…)

Have a terrific day, dearest blog readers 🙂


Ah, Tuesday, my old friend…

2 08 2011

…you sure know how to keep a girl busy!

Once again I sat working through lunch time, taking up various tasks simultaneously, going hither and thither to check that things are being sorted out – and I’m surprised to find that it’s 4:30 PM.

And so, good friend, I think it’s time we dub you Productive Day…

Not that I’m not produtive on all the other days of the week (you ought to know that I always am!), but it does feel at times that other people are more responsive once they’ve gotten over their Moody, Melancholy Monday.

Now be a dear and tell Hump-Day to help guide what’s usually a rollercoaster of a week (every week) smoothly towards the weekend.

I <3 Simon’s Cat

23 02 2011

You’ve all heard of Simon’s Cat… right? I hope so!

If you’ve watched the videos and seen some of the pictures/ cartoon strips  that Simon Tofield has done, you’ll smile knowingly about the antics his cat gets up to, only to end up asking for food (that’s how the videos end, mostly). And if you’re a cat person, you’ll be nodding in agreement, understanding what Simon has drawn 150%

That said, I was delighted to learn that the great Master Tofield now does a Simon’s Cat strip for the Daily Mirror (this started on Monday, 21 February, so luckily we’re only three days in and you haven’t missed much). As such, I’ll be sharing today’s comic with you, since it reminds me a lot about my cat Smudgy. Not so much the ending, although it does happen at times, but the fact that she’s always very excited when it comes to food…

She meows me awake every morning before 6AM, after all.

Choose your own Garfield

3 02 2011

Earlier this morning, I was looking for some Garfield comic strips online to send to my older sister Libby. We’ve both loved Garfield for the longest of times, and it has become a bit of a custom for one of us to send the other Today’sComic from the official Garfield website. But every now and again, I like to send her more than just the link to a page – I like to send her the pictures as an attachment, so that she can simply open the e-mail and have a good chuckle.

During my ‘quest’ this morning to find strips that match our current situation (weather condition being that of intense heat), I stumbled upon a website called Square Root of Minus Garfield – “a webcomic devoted to parodies and mash-ups of the popular comic strip Garfield, by Jim Davis”.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is a comic that reminds one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books. Now you get to choose how the comic strips ends!! And, I might add, each of these endings was created and published by Jim Davis (click –> HERE <– and go to the bottom of the page, where they provide the links to the comics as originally created in 1983).

My cat hasn’t been hiding in the plants, not yet at least, but I’m sure she could pick up some witty remarks from Garfield 🙂

Cheer up! with Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes

14 10 2010

I’ve been having horrible headaches since Saturday, with the big ‘M’ arriving this morning: Migraine. One so bad that I’m not even at work… If only it were as easy to fix as the Garfield solution below:

If that doesn’t work, perhaps I should try it Calvin & Hobbes style:

Either way, I think I should book those tests the neurologist suggested, no matter how much it’s going to cost – because, quite frankly, nearly 8 years of having a headache every. single. day. … is enough to consider decapitation.

Project ‘management’ according to Calvin

13 10 2010

Although I love Calvin‘s reasoning (and come on, who doesn’t, he’s a clever little guy!), my obsessive compulsive streak rarely allows me to leave things to last-minute panic… which is why, with three months of the internship down and only three more months to go, I already have a blue A4 lever-arch file filled with information for the research project I have to do. Go figure.

Why I haven’t been blogging…

15 09 2010

There’s no really good reason why I haven’t been blogging this week… though of course I can think of a few (yes, they’re inconsequential).

I spent Monday in a day-long commissioning meeting, a nine to four timespan of listening to proposals and not really knowing what’s going on (though it was interesting, getting a look at that part of the industry). Upon getting home I was feeling more than a little bit brain-dead, so blogging was out of the question. I didn’t think my readers would be interested in my day’s activities, anyway.

Maybe I should try to lead a more interesting life…

I did, however, take the time to continue reading ON WRITING, a book on the craft by Stephen King, which is the last book I needed to complete my collection (yes, I feel pretty smug about that). I ended up doing some writing on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, which left me feeling pretty good. The writer’s block is starting to fade… and if it keeps me from blogging for an evening or two, I guess I’m all right with that.

Meeting, reading and writing. Those are three reasons.

Working, cooking, sleeping and playing with my cat are trivial matters, thus I won’t count them among my reasons-for-not-blogging. But there is one particular reason that stands out above all the rest, and it’s starting to become a mild obsession.

I fell in love with a web comic.

Lately I stumbled upon a link for the webcomic XKCD – I’ve heard of it before, of course, and seen some of the pics, but I never bothered to check out there sight… until recently… and now it’s taking up most of my time. Well, ‘most’ is probably an overstatement – but the fact of the matter is, when I get home from work and check my e-mails (along everyone’s Facebook statuses of the entire day), I open up XKCD and start reading random comics until I have to prepare supper… then again when my Significant Other is playing Starcraft II… and perhaps one or two more before I go to bed. You’d think that by now I’ve been through all of them, yet I do other things while reading the comics, too (like going on Facebook, reading blogs, playing with my cat, etc. etc.)

XKCD is “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language” – most stuff of which I get (even though the math is a bit over my head, I still manage to find it humorous).

I’ve found a comic that describes my Significant Other:

One that has to do with LOLcats:

And one that depicts what I’d like to do with smart alecs who don’t know how to use language:

So forgive me, dear readers, for not blogging on Monday or Tuesday (or as frequently as I would like for the last few weeks). Another reason I am more hesitant to mention for not blogging is that I don’t know what to blog about (or, at least, what you would like me to blog about). Whenever I have a good idea for one, I’m usually busy and don’t have a scrap of paper closeby to jot it down.

But I’ll try to be more diligent this week. I just hope that my blog ideas don’t get mixed up in my short story draft – things could get pretty interesting from there…