Cat Explorer

18 10 2011

Good morning, and welcome to another Productive Day!

I’ve been at work since 07:45, since my brother-in-law’s girlfriend is now driving with us to work. It’s actually a good thing, because my Significant Other seems to get up easier, plus it gives me time to enjoy my tea and take a breather before starting the working day.

So, here for your amusement is Cat Explorer (if you’ve ever seen a cat in action, you’ll know how true this is! They always seem to be pawing something…)

Have a terrific day, dearest blog readers 🙂


“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”

4 10 2011

Edgar Allan Poe, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

As mentioned in a previous blog entry, I sometimes tend to have a love-hate relationship with my job as Project Manager. On the one hand, I’m learning new things and developing my skills (I’m always told how d*mn efficient and ‘energetic’ I am)… while, on the other hand, I have to deal with things that aren’t really my responsibility – tedious things that are a muddle of delays and confusion due to other people’s incompetence. I’m all for helping out where I can (and ‘assisting’ with things really means that you’ll end up doing everything yourself and be held liable for other people’s mistakes/ delays, etc. ), but when does it end? When can you say, “Okay, that’s it, I’ve had enough – I don’t care anymore. It’s Not. My. Problem.”?

Again: the joys of being a Project Manager.

Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away...

It’s really enough to drive me insane… except that I have to try and keep a clear head, thinking things through and coming up with solutions – thus it’s the sanity that starts to feel strange and out of place, since it’s quite difficult to gain order and clarity out of ‘chaos’.

I suppose you have to be a little insane to work in this industry. I’ve never really been ‘normal’ anyway (are any of us? Ha-ha). Working with crazy deadlines, unreasonable people, stupid computers that act up on you, and feeling that even your best attempts are futile?

Yip, this industry is a veritable insane asylum. And the only way to ‘escape’ is to find alternative employment…

…not that I believe there’s any cure. If you have an editorially inclined mind, you’ll be applying it to everything. Even other people’s Facebook and Twitter updates!

[The only time appalling grammar is acceptable is when it comes to all those cute LOLcat pictures 😉 ]

LOLcat yearbook

27 09 2011

To quote those loveable LOLcats, it feels like “I cannot brain today – I have the dumb”. But I suppose a person’s just got to push through and keep on working. It is Productive Day, after all!

That’s why I’m going to leave you with a picture from the LOLcat ‘yearbook’. It seems appropriate, since the third school term will be ending on Friday, and then it won’t be long until everyone in Matric (aka Grade 12, the last schoolyear).

One good thing about the school holidays (other than the fact that hard-working teachers will be getting a well-deserved, if short, break): less traffic. Hurray!! 😉

Dining in Scotland (3)

23 08 2011

Life. Love. Scotland. How I wish I could go back already *sigh*

I initially intended to do the Dining in Scotland ‘series’ on Mondays, since I managed to do it for the first two ‘episodes’ anyway (halfway there!), yet things don’t always work out as planned.

Mundayn/ Mondayn (because Monday = mundane) came and went so quickly, by the time I had a look at the hour-minute-second tickers on my watch, it was already ten after five in the PM. And when you get home, there are so many other things to do (while also thinking about work), that the evening goes by just as quickly.

So here were are at Productive-Day (aka Tuesday). I’ve been nice and busy, but at least there are still a few minutes of our designated lunch hour (1 – 2) left and I can share more of the great… and not-so-great… food we had while traveling abroad for the first time.

Third stop on our honeymoon: Inverness!

[I was hoping to spot the Loch Ness Monster, but unfortunately it wasn’t ‘Nessie weather’.]

Arts (the Ramada Jarvis' restaurant): The Club -- sandwich

Arts: The Club (2)

Arts: broccoli soup

Arts: bacon bap -- soft roll

The Corner Grill: sirloin steak

The Corner Grill: half pound homemade cheese burger

Johnny Foxes Pub & Restaurant: crumbed mushrooms

Johnny Foxes: classic fish & chips -- very oily, according to my Significant Other

Johnny Foxes: ovenbaked lasagne -- oily, disgusting... and there was something that looked like a small chunk of raw chicken, as well :-/

Ah, Tuesday, my old friend…

2 08 2011

…you sure know how to keep a girl busy!

Once again I sat working through lunch time, taking up various tasks simultaneously, going hither and thither to check that things are being sorted out – and I’m surprised to find that it’s 4:30 PM.

And so, good friend, I think it’s time we dub you Productive Day…

Not that I’m not produtive on all the other days of the week (you ought to know that I always am!), but it does feel at times that other people are more responsive once they’ve gotten over their Moody, Melancholy Monday.

Now be a dear and tell Hump-Day to help guide what’s usually a rollercoaster of a week (every week) smoothly towards the weekend.