Some Christmas blog entries

19 12 2011

Well hullo, dearest blog readers!

I hope that you’ve all got your bells jingling and the halls decked, because there are only 5 more ‘sleeps’ until we hit Christmas Eve!

Many people are already on holiday (lucky them), but if you’re like me and still working until the last (which, for me, is Friday), then you don’t have to feel ‘ashamed’ if you haven’t been experiencing the feel-good spirit that the festive season is supposed to evoke. It still doesn’t feel like Christmas is around the corner. All I can think about is work, work, work…

I do have my tree up, though – that should count for something!! 😉

Small but suitable for our apartment

There's even an edible candycane on the tree!

Smudgy's very own stocking

Let's jingle some bells!

Ooh, shiny...

I spent last night baking some Christmas cookies while watching THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, so I’m sure that counts as getting in to the spirit of things… right? Now all I need to really get me going is to watch my favourite ‘Christmas’ movie: DIE HARD!

I know lots of people search for Christmas-related blog entries around this time, which is why I decided to share a few of my old entries that I thought you’d enjoy. I’ll see if I can find time to be cynical and get my “bah humbug” on before the 25th 😉



* It’s Christmas time

* Christmas: Fall Out Boy style

* Call me Cookie

* “Oh I’m the happiest Christmas tree…”

* Christmas carols with a twist

* Garfield – the 12 courses of dinner

* Christmas with South Park

* Christmas carols with LOLcats

* The 12 days of Christmas: Pokémon style

* Cartoon Christmas specials I grew up with

* Christmas sing-along with Garfield

* Holiday cheer?


I Should…

1 02 2011

* …start blogging more. I’ve been home since the 14th of January. That’s nineteen days in total. So why haven’t I been blogging?!

* …be baking and experimenting. I love being in the kitchen. I like trying out new things, when the occasion seems ‘suitable’. So what can be better than being at home, unemployed, with lots of time on my hands and a bag of flour waiting in the cupboard? You tell me…

* …write reviews about the books I’ve read this year. I’m on my 17th book for the year, and it’s only the 1st of February! If I write reviews, I’ll be doing something worthwhile. And who knows? Maybe someone will find a use for my skills and employ me part-time.

* …buy the apartment flowers. I need to get a bit of life in here – and colour, and the sweet fragrance that comes along with them. At least it’s likely to put a smile on my face.

* …scrub the tiles more often. This won’t be a problem, as long as we get something better to do it with. Crawling on my hands and knees to scrub at the tiles vigorously (sometimes with an old toothbrush for corners) isn’t a very flattering look. Plus it’s not friendly to one’s back.

* …get up early and exercise. The exercise bit isn’t compulsory (though it won’t kill me). But being lazy and getting up at 10 AM – at least no later than that – on a weekday makes me feel guilty. As if I could be spending my time better.

* …arrange a day out with my sisters. I don’t know when was the last time the three of us just had coffee together (or tea for yours truly, at least, since I haven’t had coffee for almost fourteen months now). For the most part, we only see each other shortly when we’re at our parental home. The shame!!

* …slow down with the oats cookies. Oats are healthy – point for me. It aids digestion – point for me. But, it basically consists of eggs and margarine and (brown) sugar – point for unhealthy eating. And I cannot stop myself from eating at least three of them at a time – quite a few points for unhealthy eating. I’m going to get fat. Won’t that be a treat *sigh*

* …decide on an opening song for the first dance at our wedding. I think I know what song I want. Yet the question is, would a slow-dance song be acceptable? Because, at this point in time, I don’t want to talk to anyone about the wedding, and I don’t want to stress more by having to organize dancing lessons that will only be necessary for the two or three minutes that our opening dance lasts. It’s not worth it.

* …spoil myself with something. Coming from someone who’s worried about finances all the time, this seems ironic. But I cannot help it – my three-year relationship anniversary with my Significant Other is coming up, plus two of our friends are having their birthday party on a wine farm in Stellenbosch. I ‘need’ to buy myself a pretty dress. At least I’m not like your average female who foams at the mouth and drops their IQ level significantly when it comes to shoes. My ‘guilty’ pleasure is books. And if I’m reading, at least I’m exercising my brain… right?!

* …stop worrying so much. About money. About not being able to find a job. About eating too many cookies (though this needs to stop!!)

* …go watch the latest Disney (Princess) film, TANGLED. I’ve been waiting for it to come out for months here in SA, and now a lot of people I know have already seen it! :-/

* …finish this blog post so I can continue reading. I’m on book two of THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy. More than halfway, in fact. And I’m loving it!! When I started reading the series, being only a few pages in, it reminded me of Richard Bachman/ Stephen King’s THE LONG WALK and THE RUNNING MAN. At the rate that I’m reading – and some days I don’t read at all – I’m sure to reach my target of 100 books for the year.

Dread (also known as ‘tagging’)

30 12 2010

I have made a fatal flaw, an error in judgement, a whatever-else-you-can-call-it, which will now consume my waking moments until I cannot take it anymore.

It is time…

…to create tags for ALL my blog posts!! :-O

I don’t know why I was stupid enough to not do it from the very beginning. If I include this entry, I have now tagged 35 of my blog posts (November + December 2010)… and there are 182 more to go.

The optimist is saying that at least that’s 16% of the entries that I don’t have to deal with, which is better than the full 100% of un-tagged-ness.

Gods, how I’d love to strangle Little Miss Optimism…

…yet it probably isn’t recommended to strangle a part of yourself, so I’ll just sit and stew about it for a while, then I’ll be fine.

What have you left long overdue that is proving to be a proverbial pain in the neck?

A Year Ago

30 11 2010

A year ago…

…I was getting into the Christmas spirit, in my own way, blogging about songs and the commercial season and how I love the fact that my genes are those of the love-to-bake variety.


…I think the only reason I ‘appreciate’ the season to be jolly is because I’ll be getting a week off from work since our company is closing. Nothing like a job (and no more long university holidays) to put things into ‘perspective’. But that doesn’t change my view on the commercial nature of it all.

A year ago…

…my younger sister was annoying me due to her habits: re-watching films like HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE; blaring her music; having an attitude – all those kinds of things.


…I may not be at home anymore, and for most of the year she isn’t either, yet her attitude seems to have become worse (short tempered, mean, at times self-centred and only focused on the me). She might be rude to me at times and lose her cool, but she’s still my little sister, and I love her. I just don’t want to get into a fight with her.

A year ago…

…I was worried about going to the gynaecologist and hearing what he/ she had to say. I was expecting the worst. How could I not, when at that point I had suffered from 7 years of daily headaches?


…my head is still a ‘mess’. The headaches are still pretty bad, a lot of the time borderline migraines, and now it’s time for the next step: tests at the neurologist’s office. How fun.

A year ago…

…I had my eyes tested and got new lenses. I had to wear my glasses more frequently, but it was still all right.


…though one usually has to go for an eye test every second year, I am strongly contemplating going again. I have to wear my glasses for most of the day. I don’t know if the lenses are strong enough anymore, and when I wear them for a substantial time, my headache worsens. Plus I’m greatly inclined to get contact lenses, as well. After all, I can’t look like a nerd on my wedding day, can I?

A year ago…

…(or a little bit less than a year) I decided to have my hair cut. After much shock and unhappiness at my very short hair, I simply had to accept it.


…I’m still not happy that it was cut shorter than I had asked and paid for. Still, I think it’s okay, since it gives my hair a chance to grow out again and be healthy.

A year ago…

…I had finished my second degree (Cum Laude), attended the ceremony, and found myself unemployed.


…despite failed attempts and sitting at home for eight months, I am happy with where I find myself (though uncertainty has a way of creeping in sometimes). I have been at Oxford University Press for four and a half months. The internship is going well, they are impressed with my work, and it seems like I shall be missed come mid-January. Ironically, I find myself in the same position I was last year: having to look for a job… and not having any luck.

A year ago…

…I moved in with my Significant Other and his brother. We were hoping that I would have a job by January, which is partially the reason why I moved in: so I could drive to work with the two brothers and save my father the trouble.


…we are still staying there. My Significant Other’s brother moved out in March. We got a cat at the end of January. My Significant Other does drive me to work… and yet, ironically, since mid-April, he has been working from home.

A year ago…

…I was reading Stephen King’s latest offering, UNDER THE DOME.


…I have already purchased and completed my reading of the now-latest King book (FULL DARK, NO STARS). Guess I’ll just have to wait for the next one *sigh*

During the course of a year…

…we had the best of times and the worst of times. Relationships blossomed and broke apart. Families lost loved ones. New acquaintances were made. We’ve had to take the good with the bad. Working out budgets. Planning and attending weddings. Laughing and crying. Getting angry at the b*stards who broke into my parental home and being extremely excited about the new Harry Potter film and Stephen King book. It was a year probably much like any other year, but through everything, it was a good year, and we have much to be happy about and thankful for. May your year ahead, dear readers, be a good year – and even if, sometimes (or many times), it feels pretty awful… there will always be something to make you smile again 🙂

[Okay, enough of the sentimental happy crappy – someone hand me a murder mystery to read…]


25 10 2010

Sometimes I wish I had kept my blog anonymous.

A lot of my readers (most of them, I’m sure, since but few of the people I know actually put in the effort to read my blog) don’t know me personally, which means that it would be all right for me to have rant every now and then or voice my opinion about a certain fact without it having a back-lashing effect on me… Because, if the possibility arises that possibly, maybe, perhaps, not-too-sure-but-it-could-happen-that, probably someone I refer to in a blog post, or someone who could relate to a certain topic where I don’t necessarily refer to anyone (yet the inference is there), that person will obviously take offense.

Keep your friends close, and your ‘enemies’ closer, right?

I don’t want to be the enemy.

So yes, there are many days where I wish I could just speak my mind. I’d like to be able to say why that person whose mouth I was afraid I would have to duct-tape at my wedding is no longer in the picture (glad this person is no longer a factor, though, ‘good riddance’), what I think about getting engaged at a very young age (here some people might be ready to bite my head off), how I don’t understand how people can treat a member of their own family like an aside when someone else is in the picture – the list goes on and on.

It would be so much easier to say what’s on my mind and to blog about things that I know other people can relate to and appreciate without stepping on any toes. Having to ‘censor’ and edit your own notions so that it is deemed fitting ‘just in case’ is utterly sucky.

What’s the title of that one Fall Out Boy song? “Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.”

Yip, I could definitely do with some of that…

…but I guess I’ll just have to sit brooding in my own little corner until the feeling passes (and believe me, I think that’s going to take a lot of stamina). Chances are all the thoughts will just be logged into a memory file and put away until something occurs to extract it from my memory banks.

Keeping quiet isn’t always all bad, though. Because, in the immortal words of a different Fall Out Boy song (my favourite on their third album): “the truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you”…

I should have my mouth removed, so I don't say anything... though that won't stop my fingers from typing

Canadians and clowns and jeans – oh my!

11 10 2010

Although I’m flattered that people read my blog, sometimes I feel a bit… what’s the word I’m looking for? … disconcerted (?) by the search terms entered when looking up my ramblings.

After all, it’s the way in which people view you and what you’re writing about, isn’t it? And sometimes a few key words can paint an odd picture of the self as projected by others.

So, how do my readers see me? (And why, if they’re going to keep searching for it with the same term/s, why don’t they just bookmark my blog?) It would seem that I am best known – or searched for – using the terms “South Park Canadians/ Canadians South Park” or “Canadians”. Other popular search terms include Pennywise the Clown/ IT clown and Stephen King, my whole little Mona Lisa shpeel, and – wait for it – manbearpig (!!!)

What an image to project to others…

Here, as a summary, are the amounts that the top searches comprise of; this is since I started my blog (13 March 2009) up until today:

1) South Park and/ or Canadians: 75

2) Pennywise, IT and Stephen King: 64

3) The Skinny on my Jeans/Genes, skinny jeans or jeans (in general): 62

4) Mona Lisa: 10

5) Manbearpig: 7

6) “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me” (etc.): 7

7) Heritage day: 4

Yip, those are pretty much the top searches thus far when people are scouting for my blog since it came into existence almost 19 months ago… Canadians and clowns and jeans, oh my! Please note that these are not the only search terms used to find my blog, but only those that stand out as ‘most prominent’… simply cannot believe that manbearpig is actually under the top five… But South Park and its Canadians trumping Stephen King, my all-time favourite author, someone whose writing has both inspired me and left me in awe?

The shame, the humiliation… the inner struggle to not start saying “eh” at the end of each sentence…

But that’s all right. At least it’s better than the one term, “he opened my jeans” – definitely not the type of blog a certain person was looking for! So thanks for searching about the skinny over here and reading up on what I have to say (and how my genes influence my life and thinking). I just hope that the creators of South Park don’t accept me as an honorary member of Canada and create a Canadian avatar for me in the show (or, worse, a Canadian clown wearing skinny jeans!). The slightest of slight possibilities, yet not one I’m going to neglect thinking about…

The internet sees and knows all.

Why I haven’t been blogging…

15 09 2010

There’s no really good reason why I haven’t been blogging this week… though of course I can think of a few (yes, they’re inconsequential).

I spent Monday in a day-long commissioning meeting, a nine to four timespan of listening to proposals and not really knowing what’s going on (though it was interesting, getting a look at that part of the industry). Upon getting home I was feeling more than a little bit brain-dead, so blogging was out of the question. I didn’t think my readers would be interested in my day’s activities, anyway.

Maybe I should try to lead a more interesting life…

I did, however, take the time to continue reading ON WRITING, a book on the craft by Stephen King, which is the last book I needed to complete my collection (yes, I feel pretty smug about that). I ended up doing some writing on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, which left me feeling pretty good. The writer’s block is starting to fade… and if it keeps me from blogging for an evening or two, I guess I’m all right with that.

Meeting, reading and writing. Those are three reasons.

Working, cooking, sleeping and playing with my cat are trivial matters, thus I won’t count them among my reasons-for-not-blogging. But there is one particular reason that stands out above all the rest, and it’s starting to become a mild obsession.

I fell in love with a web comic.

Lately I stumbled upon a link for the webcomic XKCD – I’ve heard of it before, of course, and seen some of the pics, but I never bothered to check out there sight… until recently… and now it’s taking up most of my time. Well, ‘most’ is probably an overstatement – but the fact of the matter is, when I get home from work and check my e-mails (along everyone’s Facebook statuses of the entire day), I open up XKCD and start reading random comics until I have to prepare supper… then again when my Significant Other is playing Starcraft II… and perhaps one or two more before I go to bed. You’d think that by now I’ve been through all of them, yet I do other things while reading the comics, too (like going on Facebook, reading blogs, playing with my cat, etc. etc.)

XKCD is “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language” – most stuff of which I get (even though the math is a bit over my head, I still manage to find it humorous).

I’ve found a comic that describes my Significant Other:

One that has to do with LOLcats:

And one that depicts what I’d like to do with smart alecs who don’t know how to use language:

So forgive me, dear readers, for not blogging on Monday or Tuesday (or as frequently as I would like for the last few weeks). Another reason I am more hesitant to mention for not blogging is that I don’t know what to blog about (or, at least, what you would like me to blog about). Whenever I have a good idea for one, I’m usually busy and don’t have a scrap of paper closeby to jot it down.

But I’ll try to be more diligent this week. I just hope that my blog ideas don’t get mixed up in my short story draft – things could get pretty interesting from there…