Bee with an itch

3 11 2011

I’m still in a foul mood, though for other reasons than yesterday… or was it the day before that? No, wait, it was on Tuesday (though I wouldn’t put it past this odious state to carry through until the weekend).

Whatever the case may be, it’s Meh-day, so perhaps my disposition is merely keeping pace.

Before I came to work this morning, I noticed that a friend of mine (a witty/ funny/ sarcastic, i.e. swell, guy) tweeted the following:

“So November 3rd is both Housewife Day and International Sandwich Day. Coincidence? I think n– *is stabbed by the closest woman*”

This immediately made me think of the following picture:

To keep the proverbial good times rolling (sarcastic face), I’ve decided to share my mood with you visually. Hope you enjoy the pictures below and have an amazing splendid good moderately okay bearable Meh-day.

[PS: My older sister, Libby, says that we must be having a psychic connection or something this week, since my mood mirrors hers. Perhaps it is genetic!]

[PPS: Betty Bright brought me a budvase brimming with lavender this morning. So far it hasn’t calmed me, though I am in a state of tranquil, composed antagonism.]


Keep calm…

13 10 2011

It’s Meh-day again, everyone!

And you all know what that means: it’s one day closer to Friday (Fried-day) and the weekend – happiness all around 🙂

So amid the stress, frustration, slight panic and lacklustre wanting-to-give-up feelings you might (read: probably will) be dealing with today at work/ home/ school/ where ever, let’s all just try to keep calm and make the best of it.

Here are a few ‘Keep Calm’ posters (I grouped everything together into one image) to brighten up your day… and bring in a bit of humour/ silliness!!

I can has cheezburger – FAIL

6 10 2011

Sometimes it’s funny how things turn out.

On Thursday, 22 September (i.e. two weeks ago), I decided to spoil my Significant Other and take him out for supper – why? Perhaps to show some appreciation; maybe simply to have a nice meal away from home. I prefer the answer: just because (yeah – because I can!! *laugh*) You don’t always need a reason to do something nice for someone else 🙂

We decided to go to Cattle Baron, which is practically just around the corner from where we stay. Their stuffed mushrooms are getting ever smaller, and the waiters have a tendency to seat you directly under the air-conditioning in the smoking section (then disappear for extended periods of time), yet the conversation is enjoyable and the food usually nice.

My Significant Other ordered a steak, which looked juicy and tasted great (I’ll take his word for it). Against my better judgement, I decided to order a ‘Louisiana burger’ – that’s a beef burger with bacon and cheese. This was extraordinary in itself, since I (a) am not fond of red meat, and (b) hardly ever eat hamburgers. In short, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

The burger on my plate wasn’t much to look at. The bun looked like it had been sawed open and wasn’t very soft. The beef patty was tasteless.  They plopped a small piece of bacon on top of a smidgen of melted cheese… said cheese not even as much as one of those vacuumed packed slices you can purchase in grocery stores. The only way I was able to add some flavour to the d*mn thing was by putting some mushroom sauce on top of it (which my Significant Other ordered to go with his steak).

I shouldn’t be surprised. The place is a steakhouse, after all, not a burger joint. Yet given the usual standard of their food, I was hoping for something far more edible. Epic cheeseburger FAIL 😦

I wonder if LOLcats ever feel disappointed when, after asking for and dreaming about cheezburgers, they finally take that first bite and the cheezburger doesn’t live up to the built-up expectations.

Next time, kitties, we’ll go to Spur for their cheddarmelt burgers – then you can haz teh cheezburgers, and plenty of happeez!!

Branding on the place mats

A carafe of rosé, to share

My one and only 🙂

Stuffed mushrooms

The steak my Significant Other ordered

My Louisiana 'burger'...

Smudgy the cat loves… (Part 1)

5 10 2011

Smudgy really seems to take after her human mommy – she LOVES books.

Perhaps not in the same way that I love them, since kitties cannot read, but it’s the thought that counts.

Ever since she was a tiny 7-week-old fur baby, she’s been fascinated with books. Hardcover, paperback, magazines, recipe books, e-books (on my NOOK)… none of these are too good for her to have a sniff (or gnaw!) at. Probably ties in with the whole curiosity cat thing.

And, of course, she does love sleeping on my bookshelves (her being a cat and all). I’ll even admit to feeling sleep tugging at my eyelids and making them droop while immersed in my reading late at night – just shows you the kind of example I’m setting for Smudgy *laugh*

Or, perhaps, she’s the one setting the example for me…?

Either way, books play an important role in both our lives, forming part of our personalities and bringing us closer together *awww*

We might not share genes or the same species, but she’s my little fur baby, part of our little family, and I wouldn’t have her any other way…

Here are a few photos of Smudgy ‘enjoying’ some books.

Have a happy Meh-day/ Whensday, everyone!

Filling in a sudo-x-word. She was sooo tiny!!

Delving into poetry and Shakespeare at an early age

Helping me fill in a number crossword

Selecting a book she can sink her teeth into... literally!

Proud kitty protecting 'her' Stephen King collection. She's really into horror/ mystery/ suspense (i.e. all things King)

Breathing in that 'real' book smell

Immersed in the magical world of Harry Potter

Smudgy gets tired while reading "The cat who turned on and off" - seems fitting

Smudgy in one of my bookcases (bottom shelf) - she's quite partial to napping in front of Chelsea Cain & Dan Brown novels

Sleeping on the middle row of a different bookcase. She's working her way to the top 😉

Another Whensday

24 08 2011

Happy Hump-Day, everyone!

Or, as I also like to call it, Whensday. Because, yes, let’s have that old joke: when’s this day ever going to end?! 😉

It’s 4:45 in the PM over here in South Africa, so my working day is almost over. Tomorrow it’s on to Meh-Day and, cue the cheering, Fried-day and the weekend!!

Eat (nope). Pray (sure, for things to be over). Love (that’s debatable).

18 08 2011

Or, in my case: Work. Work. Work Sleep. (Who needs to eat anyway?!)

I finally have time to breathe blog again. Breathing is, of course, fundamental to my very existence as a human being who needs oxygen (among other things) in order to survive and keep up a heartbeat, but you know what I mean.

I have been really busy at work… as in extremely, excruciatingly busy. It’s a good thing that I’m such an efficient, industrious and diligent slave robot worker-bee/drone person, otherwise I might not have survived.

And the hard work is just beginning!

I suppose I’d be fine with the workload (a) if I learned not to say yes when asked if I have time to ‘assist’ with something, and (b) if people were more certain about what they want and don’t give me things to do less than a day – no, half a day – before everything needs to be ready to handed over. Unfortunately (a) goes against my inbred sense of ‘duty’/ responsibility to help out where I can, even if it means taking everything upon myself, which is why I’m most likely to always say yes. I can make time. Who needs to have relaxing evenings at home? It’s a weekday and thus a workday.

Point (b) cannot be helped. You learn to live with and manage such things as they arise. That’s life. Case in point: I had a handover (two, actually) scheduled for this morning at 09:30. Yesterday at around 5PM I was still receiving info to use, which is why I spent another two hours working at home to get the job done – this after working for 9 hours straight, not taking lunch… and not having single thing to eat all day.

Like I said, who needs to eat anyway?! [I eventually ended up having a slice of toast with peanut butter *hmm* just before midnight.] [I suppose food is also fundamental to my still functioning – I must make a note of that…]

But hey, I’m happy. I have a great job. I’m praised for the work I do. I’m building up skills and knowledge with every passing minute, and I know that it will be valuable for any future working endeavours I have. Even if I get a little obsessive-compulsive, it’s still all good. It’s in my genes (not sure my family will like me saying that…)

Here’s to another Meh-day, which has been a bit quieter than the rest of the week, and hopefully to some well-deserved sleep this weekend.

Yes, I actually do love my job. Is that so mental troubling disturbed wrong?

Mind if I join you?

Cyoot kittehs are here to take the ‘meh’ out of your day

11 08 2011

Another morning, another Meh-day.

I don’t know why the weeks are going by so quickly. I’m not going to complain, since the fact that it is already Thursday Meh-day proves to me that I’ve been keeping busy at work (although, yes, Tuesday was a public holiday). It’s just a pity that, when the working week feels so ‘short’ because it went by quickly, weekends feel even shorter :-/

Let’s make the most of today and lift the mood a bit with some cyoot kittehs, shall we? Before you know it, it’ll be 5PM on Friday and you can all start to relax a bit.

Happy Meh-day, everyone!

Basement kitteh approvez of yur soxes

Me laaavezz you ❤

Who ordered teh boxful of cyoot?

Ai haz a thursteez

A basketz, fur me?

Playin outdoorz is hard wurk

I'z goin boarding, brb

Wake me wen itz Caturday