I’d like to…

Have you ever taken the time to sit down and think of some of the things you’d like to do?

There are many things I’d like to do… and I know for a fact that I’ll probably end up never doing a great portion of them. But even though I don’t expect to ever do all of these things (and I won’t break down sobbing with regret if I don’t), I think it’ll be fun to see how much of what I’m going to list I can actually ‘accomplish’. By the time I turn 30 or 40, I might not want to do some of these things anymore, or – most likely – new things will be added to the list.

All of that said, I think it’s good/ healthy to take a step back, think of the things you wish you had time for, and then go ahead and make time for them – even if you only do a few, at least it’s something you’re doing for yourself, something you can say you’ve done…

In essence, things you’d like to do (ah, yes, and there I go being repetitive again…)

I hope it doesn’t look like I’ve put an enormous amount of thought into this – I merely had some free time and work and decided, hey, what the heck, why don’t I go ahead and make that list and see where the road takes me? Some things might seem outrageous/ idealistic, and some merely mundane, yet that’s what life is: a mix of excitement, boredom, the best of the best, the humdrum, insanity, and everything in between.

So here’s a list of 50 things “I’d like to…” do. I’ll be sure to place what I’ve done thus far in bold. Anything that’s a work-in-progress will be italicized. Happy doing!!

1. Get a university degree

2. Read all Jane Austen’s novels

3. Work in the publishing industry

4. Have my short stories/ poetry (self-) published

5. Write a book

6. Have my very own cat

7. Go overseas a few times

8. See many castles…

9. …and sleep in one!

10. Own every Stephen King book (preferably printed copies)

11. Get married

12. Learn how to make a soufflé

13. Stop drinking coffee

14. Go out for High Tea

15. Stay in a fancy hotel

16. Spend an afternoon at a spa

17. Own a house [moved in 29 November 2012!]

18. Be treated like a princess (i.e. spoilt) for an entire day

19. Help out at an animal shelter (let me wash, feed and play with you, kitties!!)

20. Go to a few museums

21. Get a henna tattoo

22. Stop worrying for an ENTIRE day

23. Knit a scarf… or something

24. Build something (puzzles don’t count!)

25. Have an awesome chocolate cake + cheesecake recipe

26. Learn how to make a mosaic

27. Eat something I’ve grown

28. Climb a mountain

29. Go on a short (weekend) cruise

30. Try the following foods: sushi, eggs benedict, tofu, pierogi, haggis, gumbo, baklava, tuna steak, Thai green curry

31. Send my parents on a weekend getaway

32. Go in search of the Loch Ness Monster 😉

33. Own one item of designer clothing – preferably a nice dress

34. Market my talents: bake and sell cookies, cakes, muffins, and cupcakes

35. Take dancing lessons – perhaps the tango/ waltz/ salsa dancing

36. Read the top 100 novels of all time – BBC list

37. Have an impressive library/ reading room in my house one day

38. Go to the opera/ ballet

39. Own a Mini Cooper S…

40. …but, first, learn how to drive and get my licence

41. Do 10 – 20 minutes of exercise every day

42. Fly in a hot air balloon

43. See, touch and walk in ‘real’ snow

44. Learn how to play my favourite song on the piano

45. See the Mona Lisa – the Louvre, Paris

46. Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture

47. Attend a masquerade ball

48. Ride a gondola in Venice

49. Play video games once a week (nothing like hitting and killing people to get rid of stress…)

50. Make someone else a scrapbook


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