Lead me not into temptation…

29 10 2010

You all know how the rest of this sentiment goes:

I’ve been feeling really icky lately. My head aches every day, my eyes are constantly tired – all in all, I’m just not feeling well, especially post-op (and the laparoscopy was nearly 6 months ago already).

Now that it is Spring, I want to ‘detox’ my system by taking better care of myself. On the whole I make pretty healthy food, but eating too much pasta and bread and things loaded with sugar (like cookies) isn’t good for you. I’ve noticed lately that eating to blocks of chocolate is fine, yet eating a whole Bar One or Tempo, say (not that they are that large, but still),  makes me feel slightly nauseous and increases the already-not-so-happy headache vibe I’ve got going for me every day.

I feel like I’ve been eating too much lately, and not fitting into your new clothes (not more than a month old) is highly depressing.

So for the last few days, as an iron boost, I have been bringing raisins to work. I drink a lot of water (I always do, so that’s a good habit). I’ve decreased my intake of carbohydrates, and I am again on a pretty great multivitamin – a Sportron product called Ultragard Forté.

And come the weekend, we’ll be going on an outing to buy ‘friendly’ foodies for my well-being, including fruits and veggies.

The only unfortunate thing is that our refrigerator seems to hate me.

No matter how much I turn up the temperature, i.e. how warm I make it, it still manages to freeze everything. Even food placed in containers gather ice on the inside. Mushrooms become as hard as rocks… not to mention the tomatoes, as well, which then become super-mushy once they defrost. On Sunday the whole thing decided to defrost, then re-freeze, start to defrost again, and then while I was cleaning everything up and hacking chunks of ice out of the d*mn freezer, what happens? It decides to freeze again *sigh* Just can’t win, can I?

i need one of these for the kitchen cupboards as well...

It’s time to follow a ‘diet’ (please not: not GO on a diet) that suits my situation. The foods they suggest endometriosis suffers should and shouldn’t eat is scarily similar to things I believe aren’t very good for my system right now. Besides, what’s so bad about wanting to live healthily? It’s not like I’m going to suddenly cut out everything that is supposedly ‘bad’ for you. Anything can be fine to eat, as long as it’s done in moderation. Oh, and exercise – time for crunches and pushes again…

So for my mum’s birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and any other special occasion between now and my wedding on the 7th of May, please – don’t lead me into temptation.

It’s hard enough to ‘fight off’ when you can do the leading there yourself.

Bad calories… duz not (shud not) wantz…


Happy Christmas… no, Merry Halloween… wait —

28 10 2010

I’m not so sure which one it is anymore!

It’s pretty much the ‘season’ where things are a bit mixed up when you go to grocery stores or shopping centres. At the end of (even mid–) September/ beginning of October, many stores already started packing out Christmas chocolates and decorations and trees and all things ho-ho-happy.

Bring pumpkins, dancing – dangling – skeletons and warty witches’ noses into the mix, and the result brings about a pretty bizarre display window or aisle .

It’s Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas, and a bubble-bubble-toil-and-trouble cauldron full of tinsel entwined messiness. A morphing of two ‘holidays’ that in no way whatsoever (not really, I believe) relate to one another.

So what’s a girl to do?

For a few years now, my mum has treated the ‘kiddies’ in her Grade 7 class to goodie bags with treats for Halloween – just as a joke. It’s a way for her to put a smile on their faces and ‘indulge’ them (and herself) at least a bit since we here in South Africa don’t go about tricking or treating or costumed or whatever on the night when ghosties and ghoulies run amuck on their horned feetsies.

Puts me in the mood to watch that Garfield Halloween special… and I’ll admit, I still remember many of the words to the various songs.

I remember during my first year at university, I actually dressed up as a cat and went to write my History exam that way. I’ve told you about this, right? Yes, I believe so… in any case, I always smile to myself, knowing that even though we fall out of the ‘sphere’ of Halloween and all its accompaniments (i.e. that we don’t, for a fact, celebrate it), stores are making a killing. Ah, consumerism, you ol’ beauty! People help line the various stores’ pockets by literally buying into this so-called holiday, dressing up and holding Halloween parties (in a lot of cases, when it comes to non-kiddies, to drink and be merry).

And then, right on the heels of that, we’ll be back to singing our carols and pretending to be all good-natured and gosh-darned hoooly – holy, for those who prefer the un-drawn out version – because we’re rejoicing in the miracle of the birth of a saviour. Oh, we have to be good and only be nice and giving this one time of year, to spend spend spend and empty our pockets… but we’re filling our hearts with joy… right? Right?!

Ah, cynicism, there you are again. Or are you Scrooge? Probably doesn’t matter, either way.

It’s such a shame that holidays are so highly overrated. You’d think that people would learn by now that, although giving and receiving gifts is great, not to mention having big feast-like meals but once a year, this is only symbolic. Why can’t we care anytime of the year? Why can’t we make an effort to invite people over for meals to show that we care and are thankful to know them? Why don’t we give small gifts at any time of the year?

Maybe I should stick my head in the trick-or-treat bag I don’t have yet and hide my face until this whole hullabaloo is over.

‘Bah humbug’, anyone?

I’ve always preferred the mint ones…

(What would happen if we brought Chanukah into the mix…? Someone call SOUTH PARK!!)

Feeling Nostalgic

26 10 2010

It’s that time of year again.

Well… not really… but it’s always a good opening line, so why not use it?

I miss Stellenbosch. Not that I’m unhappy with where I currently find myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘job’ (read: internship, although ‘employer’ – OUP – is more accurate), and I am treated so well and praised so highly, I’m afraid that if I pinch myself, it’ll all be gone – *poof* – just like that.

But still I miss it. I miss getting up early on a Sunday morning and walking down deserted, quiet Victoria Street, watching the rustle of the leaves no matter what the season, and that sense of eerie calm that only seems to exist on a Sunday.

I miss listening to the hundreds of birds chirping as you walk from the residence past Wilgenhof’s tennis courts and across Victoria Street on your way to class. The occasional squirrel, sometimes even in the tree right outside my 4th year res room window. English seminars and creative writing classes. Cups of coffee and big splashy rain puddles. Post-essay/ assignment relief, feeling sleepy while reading articles for our theory class, and being way ahead with research and deadlines.

Yes, back then, I still drank coffee.

It’s been almost 11 months since my last cuppa.

All this comes back to me every time we go to pick my sister up from or drop her off at her (no longer ‘my’, not really) residence. It’s absolutely scary to think that a year has passed since I was last there for my own academic purposes rather than that of my first year sister. She started with her final exams yesterday, and by the 17th of November, she will have finished with the first year of her four year course.

My little sister, through her first year of university.

It’s almost hard to believe…

Perhaps that’s why I feel slightly nostalgic – not for my student days, so much, although I wouldn’t mind to have had the luxury of doing my Masters, but just the beauty and rhythm and vibrancy and much-ness of Stellenbosch.

Two of the girls I studied with have already gotten married. A third one is set to tie the knot this coming Saturday. After that, I’m next. Four of us got engaged last year, and I’m wondering how the rest of the group are doing. Some are doing their Masters, others are pursuing different courses (academic or no), and one is even overseas, studying at the esteemed York after being accepted there.

And me? I’m working at a publishing house where people (over-)value my work, even if it took me 8 months of sitting at home doing nothing to get here…

Yet once, just once more, I’d like to walk across the Rooi Plein with my hazelnut coffee and huge cookie from DCM, listening to the birds chirp and watching the squirrels gambolling (yes, I am now attributing the action to squirrels instead of kittens, but it’s close enough) as I smell the sweet leaf-scattered air of my once-upon-a-not-so-long-ago campus.

That’s not too much to ask… is it?

That explains it…

25 10 2010

So that’s why cats sleep practically all day long – they need to build up their physical and mental strength. Plotting murder is hard work, you know.

It also explains why kittens are so hyperactive and ‘playful’ – you might think that biting and scratching you is cute, yet it’s a kitten’s way of testing the waters of vulnerability (the human’s mind and flesh, in this case).


25 10 2010

Sometimes I wish I had kept my blog anonymous.

A lot of my readers (most of them, I’m sure, since but few of the people I know actually put in the effort to read my blog) don’t know me personally, which means that it would be all right for me to have rant every now and then or voice my opinion about a certain fact without it having a back-lashing effect on me… Because, if the possibility arises that possibly, maybe, perhaps, not-too-sure-but-it-could-happen-that, probably someone I refer to in a blog post, or someone who could relate to a certain topic where I don’t necessarily refer to anyone (yet the inference is there), that person will obviously take offense.

Keep your friends close, and your ‘enemies’ closer, right?

I don’t want to be the enemy.

So yes, there are many days where I wish I could just speak my mind. I’d like to be able to say why that person whose mouth I was afraid I would have to duct-tape at my wedding is no longer in the picture (glad this person is no longer a factor, though, ‘good riddance’), what I think about getting engaged at a very young age (here some people might be ready to bite my head off), how I don’t understand how people can treat a member of their own family like an aside when someone else is in the picture – the list goes on and on.

It would be so much easier to say what’s on my mind and to blog about things that I know other people can relate to and appreciate without stepping on any toes. Having to ‘censor’ and edit your own notions so that it is deemed fitting ‘just in case’ is utterly sucky.

What’s the title of that one Fall Out Boy song? “Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.”

Yip, I could definitely do with some of that…

…but I guess I’ll just have to sit brooding in my own little corner until the feeling passes (and believe me, I think that’s going to take a lot of stamina). Chances are all the thoughts will just be logged into a memory file and put away until something occurs to extract it from my memory banks.

Keeping quiet isn’t always all bad, though. Because, in the immortal words of a different Fall Out Boy song (my favourite on their third album): “the truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you”…

I should have my mouth removed, so I don't say anything... though that won't stop my fingers from typing

Hey, it’s OK…

20 10 2010

Courtesy of the GLAMOUR magazines I have under the small table in our bedroom (December 2009 to June 2010), here are some of my favourites I thought I’d share – just the ticket to brighten up your mid-working week Wednesday. Although the magazine aims this section at women, I hope my male readers will enjoy it as well (you’ll probably end up nodding your heads knowingly).


…to pretend you’re on a photo shoot when you blowdry your hair

…if there are more things on the door of your fridge than inside it

…if your whole wheat cracker tin is filled with Lindt chocolate balls [if only *sigh*]

…to kick him really hard when he snores, then pretend to be asleep

…to buy the jumbo-sized box of condoms. You have a goal. The goal is the expiry date. Go!

…to ask for a surprise party

…to count housecleaning as a workout. Scrub and squat, sweep and sweat, dust and dance – done! [so glad to hear that; guess I’ll skip the gym and stay a happy little housecleaner]

…to be all about cuddling after sex, but build a pillow wall between your bodies for the actual sleeping part

…to sometimes quote movies to get your point across [quite effective… even if, sometimes, you’re the only one who gets it. At least you appreciate your wit!]

…to wear long pants to avoid shaving your legs

…to have no idea what’s going on in Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives or 24 [because I know that I don’t]

…to not understand how teenage pop stars can sing about being in love [you’re all of 14 – get over yourself]

…to tell him his stubble is rugged and sexy – even though kissing him gives you a rash

…to have no interest in the latest cell phones. You don’t want world domination. SMSing will do [someone explain this to my Significant Other; I don’t want a touch screen or android phone]

…to have all your favourite Disney classic theme songs on your iPod. Nothing like A Whole New World to life your spirits!

…to wish you lived in the 18th century just so you could wear elaborate silk gowns and corsets [yes please]

…to devour the entire slab of chocolate. And still want more

…to insist on sending SMSes with the correct spelling and grammar. ‘L8R’ is not a word in the English dictionary! [Amen to that! What can I say? I’m a language purist]

…to roll your eyes when your friends post the millionth photo of their new baby on Facebook – but to have a whole album dedicated to your cat [and I do]

…to believe that a hot bath and a cup of tea can solve any problem [it doesn’t hurt, after all]

…to occasionally need to sing the alphabet in your head and count on your fingers

When cats exercise, you know…

19 10 2010

(Gotta love these comics that pop up on ‘Cheezburger Central’ every now and again!)