“I’m getting married in the morning…”

6 05 2011

“…ding-dong, the bells are gonna’ chime!!”

Okay, so I’m only getting married in the afternoon (4PM, to be exact), and nobody has to get me to the church since I’m getting dressed and married at the venue – but you get the general idea.

I am getting marrried TOMORROW!!! One of life’s great occurences 🙂

We did a bit of driving around this afternoon, ensuring that everything for the tables was at the venue, that my Significant Other had a white shirt to wear tomorrow (his previous one mysteriously shrunk in the wash… or not so mysteriously – I’ve learned not to take my clothes in to the laundromat ‘we’ use), and that the last few things that needed to be done – practically nothing – were, in fact, done.

I’ve even already packed all our stuff for our flight on Sunday, so kudos to myself for taking away some post-wedding day ‘tension’/ worrying.

One thing that still remains to be done, however, is the following:

My Significant Other still needs to write his vows.

You see, it was his bright idea to tell our marriage officer (yes, he is a pastor) that we would write our own vows. He even had me a bit worried a few weeks ago when he told me that he had already thought about what he would say, when I myself hadn’t.

Yet now here we are, the evening before the wedding, with my vows having been written on Tuesday already (I was at home, sick, so I had some time… not that it’s very long), while he keeps telling me every now and then that he still has to write his. This is accompanied by a slight look of distress… or perhaps it could be nausea. I’m not sure.

It’s 8PM on the Friday before my wedding – 20 hours before the ceremony begins and I start my life as a Mrs.

And you know what’s worth looking forward to later in the evening (although, yes, the whole OMG-I’m-getting-married thing is one of the most exciting things that’ll happen in your life and thus you’ll be looking forward to the event in its entirety)?

A few simple words, whose origins have been attributed to our dear old friend Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat cake!”

[And love and marriage and eternal happiness and ‘starting’ our life together and all that other happy crappy, of course…]




2 responses

6 05 2011
Craig Smith

Hope all goes well and you have a lovely wedding and honeymoon 🙂

6 05 2011

hip hip

have a wonderful day!

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