It’s good to be home

26 05 2011

After spending over 12 hours on an aeroplane, with absolutely no sleep to be had (and feeling in need of a shower/ looong bath and some rest), we made it safely back home on Sunday. Not that I didn’t enjoy our time in Scotland, but coming home after two weeks just felt so… I don’t know… so right.

What can I say? I missed Smudgy a lot. I even cried one evening when I thought about her.

I'm not sure who was more excited - me or Smudgy

It made me very sad to think that mommy’s poor little kitty cat had to be closed up in the apartment all day, only getting some attention when my older sister went to feed her at night. At least my younger sister stayed over for three days, which meant that she was able to play outside, sleep on the bed knowing someone else is actually there, and get lots of love and affection.

She was so happy to see us when we arrived at the apartment that she now constantly checks up on us, just to make sure that we’re here!!

Not that I’m complaining, of course. Although I hated leaving her behind, it’s nice that she’s a bit more lovable now that we’re back. The fact that I only start working again next Wednesday is an added bonus – giving me more time to love, cuddle and play with my special little ‘furbaby’.

One thing I’m not looking forward to, however, is sifting through the hundreds (or thousands, rather, and that’s no exaggeration!) of photos in order to decide which I should post on Facebook.

Just work with me Facebook, okay? What do you say?!




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